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iPad Sound Not Working? Here’s The Real Fix!

The minor problems in life often surprise us the most, like your iPad sound not working. When you're too busy enjoying your music and e-reading, there is nothing better than getting to the end of a brilliant book or a favourite song only to find that no sound comes out of your iPad.

It could be due to various reasons, from a virus that has corrupted your iPads control panel to an issue with your software. Before you rush out and buy a new iPad, it may be worth trying some troubleshooting techniques to see if you single-handedly can fix the problem yourself! Read on for more information.

Why Is My Sound Not Working on My iPad?

Here are some of the most common issues that can cause an iPad to have sound problems:

  • Your Volume is turned down too low
  • You're using headphones or external speakers
  • Your mute switch is enabled
  • Your Bluetooth settings need to be adjusted
  • Your speaker or headphone jack is dirty (or broken)

Follow these steps to fix no sound on the iPad:

1. Check Your iPad Sound Settings

Your iPad may have no sound because you're using the wrong side switch. This setting is essential when you rotate your screen or silence your device. Try these simple fixes before you give up on your tablet and shell out for a repair or replacement.

  • Check that your Sound is turned On: Make sure the switch above the volume buttons is red/orange (depending on your iPad model). If it's set to white, tap it once, so it turns red/orange, and then test your Sound.
  • Adjust Your Volume: Sometimes, the volume can be so low that it's turned down without us realizing it. Try adjusting the volume of both regular apps and videos by using the volume buttons on the side of your device. If this doesn't work, move on to the next steps!

Ipad Bluetooth setting overview

  • Check Your Bluetooth Settings: If you have paired Bluetooth headphones or speakers with your iPad, audio may play through them instead of the built-in speakers. To make sure that's not the case, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center and tap the Bluetooth icon.

2. Reset Your Network Settings

Resetting your network settings will not remove any data from your device. Follow the steps below to reset your network settings:

Step 1: Tap on Settings

Step 2: Tap on General

Step 3: Tap on Reset

Network General settings

Step 4: Tap on Reset Network Settings and confirm the action by entering your passcode.

Reset Network Settings

3. Force Restart Your iPad

Force Restart Your iPad

The first thing you should do is force restart your iPad on some older models, or if you're on iOS 10.2 or earlier, Press and Hold both the Home Button and Power Button until the Apple logo appears on the screen (about 10 seconds).

For iPad with Face ID or newer models with no Home button, like the 2018 iPad Pro models and later, Press and quickly release the Volume up button, then press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

On some models, you would need to press and hold down the Top (or Side) button and one of the volume buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo appear on your screen.

4. Clean Your iPad Charging Port and Headphone Jack

Clean Your iPad Charging Port and Headphone Jack

If the Sound is not working, it can be because of the dirt or dust accumulated in the headphone jack or charging port of your iPad. You can use a toothpick to remove any dirt from the port. Just insert it into the harbor and move it around gently. Also, blow compressed air into the jack to remove debris inside it.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust from your charging port and headphone jack. It will help you clean the port thoroughly and restore its functionality.

5. Turn Mono Audio On And Off

Mono Audio is a feature that can help people who are hard of hearing when listening to audio from an iPhone or iPad. It combines the left and proper channels of stereo audio into one channel, so you get the same volume in each ear.

Here's how to turn it on and off:

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap General -> Accessibility.

Step 3: Under the Hearing section, tap on Mono Audio.

Audio & Visual in iPad

Step 4: Tap the switch next to Mono Audio to turn it on or off.

Mono Audio

6. Try Unplugging/Disconnecting Your Headphones

Try Unplugging-Disconnecting Your Headphones

It's possible that the iPads Sound isn't working because you've accidentally plugged headphones or another accessory into the audio jack, or maybe a child did. Look at the port on the bottom of your iPad and make sure nothing is in it.

If something was in there, take it out. Also, check for any lint or debris connecting with whatever accessory you want to plug into it. If anything is blocking the port, clean it out with a toothpick.

If you found nothing in the port, but disconnecting and reconnecting your headphones did work, make sure always to disconnect them when they're not in use.

Final Thoughts

No matter how frustrating the iPad sound is not working, you can't throw it away. Or maybe your device is still under warranty. Contacting Apple Support will be the best choice to fix the problem. But before contacting Apple, try the methods above, and you might find a solution for your situation.