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Judas Location in Tower of Fantasy: A Comprehensive Guide to Farming This Challenging Boss

Tower of Fantasy‘s vast open world is brimming with formidable bosses to track down and defeat. One of the most sought-after is Judas, a powerful field boss carrying rare and valuable loot. However, pinpointing Judas‘ exact location can be tricky for new players.

In this extensive guide, I‘ll share everything you need to know about finding Judas and strategies to farm him efficiently based on my extensive expertise in Tower of Fantasy.

Who is Judas?

Before we dive into Judas‘ location, let‘s briefly cover who this boss is and why defeating him is worthwhile:

Judas is a large, imposing humanoid boss clad in distinctive dark armor. According to Tower of Fantasy lore, Judas was once a kind scientist who was corrupted in unethical experiments. Now he wanders Astra as a hostile, sledgehammer-wielding monster.

While Judas is classified as a mid-tier B-rank boss, he hits brutally hard. Players will want to approach Judas prepared with upgraded weapons and matrices. That said, veteran players shouldn‘t underestimate this boss either.

Taking down Judas rewards you with achievement points, EXP, and valuable materials for upgrading your equipment. Judas also has a slim chance to drop rare materials like Judas‘ Bone Fragments, which are highly coveted.

Now let‘s dive into where you can find this lucrative boss.

Pinpointing Judas‘ Exact Location in Astra

Judas spawns in a fixed location in southwest Astra, near some abandoned ruins and shelters. Specifically, Judas lurks at the coordinates -1033.4, -98.0.

This places Judas just southwest of Loen Dock. He can be found resting dormant on the ground in front of a small metal shack amidst the ruins. But Judas will spring to life and attack any player who wanders too close.

Here are some tips to reach Judas efficiently:

  • Unlock Loen Dock‘s warp point to fast travel near Judas‘ domain.

  • Approach cautiously from the west, moving down the slope. This avoids prematurely aggroing Judas.

  • Ride mounts or use stamina foods to traverse the terrain quickly.

  • Bring a long-range weapon like a sniper rifle to initiate the fight safely from a distance.

Refer to this map showing Judas‘ precise location:

Map of Judas Location in Tower of Fantasy

Judas‘ location southwest of Loen Dock

With this reference, you can now reliably locate Judas whenever you wish to attempt defeating him.

Strategies and Tips for Defeating Judas

Judas is no pushover. Based on my experience farming this boss, here are some tips and strategies to overcome Judas:

  • Come prepared with upgraded weapons and matrices. Judas hits hard, so don‘t skimp on gear.

  • Max out your skill hotbars. You‘ll need your full moveset against this challenging foe.

  • Learn Judas‘ attack animations. Many of Judas‘ deadly slams and swings are telegraphed through subtle movements.

  • Keep moving. Never stand still. Strafe and reposition frequently to evade Judas‘ punishing AOE attacks.

  • Target the head. Judas‘ head takes extra damage when hit. Aim for it when he is staggered.

  • Break his armor. Destroy the breakable plates on Judas‘ shoulders and knees to inflict increased damage and briefly stun him.

  • Co-op if you‘re struggling. Playing co-op makes the fight much easier through shared damage and combined firepower.

Follow these tips, and you‘ll eventually overcome Judas‘ formidable defenses. Expect a tough fight, but the rewards are well worth it.

Farming Judas for Rare Loot Drops

What makes defeating Judas so worthwhile are the rare materials he occasionally drops. Judas has a chance to drop the following:

  • Judas‘ Bone Fragments
  • Judas‘ Shackles

These rare materials are required to upgrade certain weapons and matrices to higher tiers. Judas‘ Bone Fragments, in particular, are highly coveted by end-game players.

Here are the estimated drop rates for Judas‘ materials based on crowd-sourced data:

Material Estimated Drop Rate
Judas‘ Bone Fragments 1.5%
Judas‘ Shackles 3.4%

As you can see, the rates are quite low. You may have to defeat Judas dozens of times before he relinquishes his rarest loot. Some dedicated players report farming him for hours to collect enough Bone Fragments for their gear.

While frustrating, keep at it and eventually Judas will reward your persistence. Good luck in getting those coveted drops!

Final Tips for Farming Judas

To sum up key tips for farming Judas efficiently:

  • Use Loen Dock warp point to quickly access Judas‘ location

  • Bring a ranged weapon to initiate safely from a distance

  • Use weapons with high burst damage to defeat him quicker

  • Play co-op to defeat Judas faster and farm him with others

  • Equip drop rate bonuses from food or matrices to slightly boost your odds

  • Be patient and persistent, Judas‘ rare drops are worth the effort

With this guide, you now have everything you need to reliably locate Judas and farm this profitable boss. The fight requires skill, but his lucrative loot makes it worthwhile. Soon you‘ll have the rare upgrade materials to push your builds to new heights. Happy hunting!