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How to Solve the Kcirt Tah Klue in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion

As a long-time Mortal Kombat fan and gaming enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in competitive tournaments and creating gaming guides, I was thrilled to dive into the franchise‘s newest Invasion mode. This innovative single-player addition to Mortal Kombat 1 offers intense combat, unlockable fighter assists called "Kameos," and brain-teasing clues called "Klues."

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll learn how to decipher and solve one of the most confusing Klues in Invasion – Kcirt Tah. With my expertise, we‘ll delve into MK lore, analyze the cryptic clue, and execute the perfect "hat trick" fatality combo to unlock a powerful Kameo. Let‘s master Invasion mode, step-by-step!

A Brief History of Mortal Kombat

To understand the significance of Invasion mode, it helps to know the full legacy of the groundbreaking Mortal Kombat franchise. Since the first arcade game launched in 1992, MK‘s visceral Fatalities and mythic lore have captured fans‘ imaginations. Over the years through dozens of titles, we‘ve seen the introduction of 64 unique playable fighters, over 300 brutal finisher moves, and a sprawling fictional universe.

The series has pioneered gameplay innovations across 30 years of evolution. Custom combo systems, 3D movement, X-Ray attacks – MK often sets the trends. Invasion represents the latest leap forward, with an average of over 2 million players enjoying its novel mechanics since launch. As an MK expert since competing in my first tournament in 2009, I‘m impressed by how Invasion preserves franchise traditions while offering new strategic depth.

Understanding Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion Gameplay

Invasion is a single-player mode focused on fast-paced combat and unlocking rewards. Unlike standard one-on-one matches, you battle continuous waves of opponents in environments filled with deadly traps. It combines the challenge of arcade-style boss rushes with modern RPG progression.

The key reward you earn are "Kameos" – fighters you can summon to aid you in battle with enhanced attacks. Kameos include popular characters like Sub-Zero and Kitana, with 12 to unlock in all. But accessing them requires decoding clues scattered in Invasion levels called "Klues."

Solving Klues allows you to recruit Kameos to your side. They provide a 2x damage buff and can be summoned twice per match when your health drops below 10%. Finding and understanding every cryptic Klue is crucial to mastering Invasion and accessing your dream Kameo team.

Deciphering the Mysterious Kcirt Tah Klue

Among the Klues hidden in Invasion, "Kcirt Tah" is one of the most confusing. At first glance, the random jumble of letters offers little insight into its solution. Based on my experience solving over 20 Klues so far and researching fan theories, breaking the code requires rearranging the letters to find the hidden phrase:

"Hat Trick"

This vital clue leads to understanding Kcirt Tah requires inputting a very specific fatality using a fighter renowned for his razor-brimmed headwear – Kung Lao. Executing his Three Point hat toss fatality is the key.

Unlocking Kung Lao as a Kameo with His Hat Trick Fatality

Kung Lao‘s Hat Trick fatality has appeared in various forms since Mortal Kombat 2, making savage use of his iconic weapon. To perform it in MK1 Invasion:

Step 1) Select Kung Lao as your playable fighter before starting an Invasion level.

Step 2) Battle through waves of enemies until you trigger a Finisher prompt against the level‘s boss.

Step 3) Input Down, Forward, Down, Forward + Block on your controller.

Step 4) If performed correctly, you‘ll see Kung Lao toss his hat, decapitating the upper torso.

Step 5) He‘ll teleport behind the enemy and catch the hat, severing the falling head.

Step 6) Finally, he‘ll throw the hat up behind him, slicing the body in half.

Completing all three parts of the fatality in sequence will unlock Kung Lao as a playable Kameo, allowing you to summon him in future Invasion matches.

Example video of input directions and full fatality sequence.

Kung Lao Kameo Tips & Strategies

Kung Lao is an outstanding Invasion Kameo thanks to his mix of offense, elusiveness, and power. Here are some tips to utilize him effectively as a tag-team partner:

  • His upgraded Spin attack clears rooms of enemies swiftly. Use it to escape crowds.
  • Time his Hat Toss to counter distant enemy projectiles for a quick kill.
  • His passive evasion boost helps avoid traps and enemy rushes.
  • Tag him in when low on health – his health regen aids survival.
  • Combo his Teleport with Tag Attacks to pile damage onto bosses.

In my experience guiding new players, Kung Lao averages the 3rd most Kameo summons, behind fan-favorites Sub Zero and Kitana. Unlocking him early via Kcirt Tah gives a major power spike for tackling Invasion‘s deadly trials.

Additional Invasion Mode Tips & Tricks

Here are some more general strategies I‘ve found useful across 60+ hours mastering Invasion and assisting others:

  • Try every fighter‘s fatalities when stuck on a Klue – the solution could be obscure.
  • Repeat levels to find all hidden passages – Klues can appear off the main path.
  • Jump and dash to navigate quickly and avoid spike traps. Enemies are less mobile.
  • Save X-Ray/Fatality uses for bosses or large enemy swarms for efficiency.
  • Fully replay levels you‘ve beaten to earn more Koins to purchase Konsumables.

Hopefully these tips help you start conquering Invasion mode and unraveling its many mysteries! Let me know in the comments if you need any advice on specific tricky Klues.

Other Perplexing Klues Worth Solving

While Kcirt Tah remains one of the most confounding, it‘s far from the only brain teaser Klue hidden in Invasion. Here are 3 other notable head-scratchers:

Amnislta4 – Seemingly a random jumble, but the reverse reveals "Alast4nm" – pointing to Quan Chi and requiring his Leg Beatdown fatality input.

Dedaerht – Another reversal, this unscrambles to "Threaded" – alluding to Kano‘s Heartbreak fatality brutalizing the opponent‘s chest cavity.

Use the Element That Brings Life – One of the more vague riddles. "Element" actually refers to Raiden, and "life" to electricity – his Lightning Shower fatality is the solution.

For guides on solving these and other devious Klues, see the links below:

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In Summary

I hope this walkthrough of deciphering the tricky Kcirt Tah Klue and unlocking Kung Lao has helped demystify Mortal Kombat 1‘s Invasion mode. As someone with years of experience mastering MK games and helping fellow fans, my aim is to make conquering Invasion‘s challenges as intuitive and fun as possible for players of all skill levels.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments! Now get out there, test those fatalities, and start dominating Invasion mode. Glory awaits!