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12 Best Korean Onlyfans in 2024 [Make You Crazy]

Korea offers a lot, from kimchi to K-pop to K-dramas, showcasing its influence on Western pop culture and cuisine. But did you also know that when it comes to OnlyFans, Korean girls excel at pleasing their audience? This top 12 list demonstrates the abundance of variety, introducing some of the finest Korean OnlyFans creators.

OnlyFans is a leading platform that provides content creators with a unique space to share exclusive content with their followers for a fee. This platform allows users to build a global following, ushering in a new online expression and entrepreneurship era.

Korea, located in southern Asia, is known for its distinct culture and people. Korean pop culture, including kimchi, K-pop, and K-dramas, has gained popularity worldwide, extending to Korean OnlyFans accounts. These accounts capitalize on OnlyFans' revolutionary approach to content consumption, particularly in the adult entertainment sector.

Korean OnlyFans models leverage this platform to connect with their fanbases and earn income. However, South Korean culture has a complex relationship with pornography due to traditional and modern viewpoints. Historically, women in South Korea faced marginalization and discrimination, contributing to societal attitudes towards pornography.

While producing porn is illegal in South Korea, Korean OnlyFans models offer an alternative for fans seeking Korean beauty. Despite restrictions on full nudity, creators retain control over their content, empowering them in the content creation process. OnlyFans provides a direct avenue for Koreans and fans worldwide to access adult content created by individuals of Korean heritage. By bypassing traditional production channels, creators have greater autonomy and ownership over their work.

This article explores the top 12 Korean content creators on OnlyFans, showcasing their popularity and appeal to fans worldwide.

Best Korean OnlyFans

Name Onlyfans account homepage
lucy OnlyFans
Jeong yoojoo OnlyFans
Kimberly Yang OnlyFans
Tymwits OnlyFans
Elle Lee OnlyFans
Asian Jayinne OnlyFans
CJ Miles OnlyFans
Atlas OnlyFans
Kimmy OnlyFans
Haru OnlyFans
Dani OnlyFans
DaeunHoney OnlyFans

1. Lucy


Lucy is a beautiful model on OnlyFans in Korea who creates irresistible content that captivates instantly. With her breathtaking photographs and delightful personality, she keeps subscribers hooked. Though she does not get naked, her posts are so persuasive that you will be satisfied even without seeing her naked. Lucy's seductive yet sweet demeanor and her daily availability for chat allow followers to get to know her intimately.

She has over 1000 posts and 200K+ likes, providing daily content that is charming and alluring without going overboard. Lucy's channel stands out as one of the best on the web, offering exclusive photos and videos posted daily. Plus, she responds to every message, making interaction with her even more enticing.

Key stats:

  • 1k pics
  • $25/month subscription

2. Jeong Yoojoo

Jeong Yoojoo

Jeong Yoojoo is a classy model who resides in Seoul, South Korea. Beyond her Instagram persona, she reveals her true self on her OnlyFans Korean account. Petite with long wavy hair and an adorable smile, Jeong is known for her saucy content. While she gets dirty, she maintains her class, ensuring even her filthiest shoots are pristine. Subscribers can access her exclusive behind-the-scenes content for $15.99.

As a top Korean OnlyFans model and fashion model, she offers an exclusive glimpse into her life on Instagram. With awe-inspiring photographs and a captivating presence, Jeong leads subscribers on adventures and creates memorable experiences. Despite not posting full-on pornographic videos, her spicy content complements her Instagram feed, showcasing her porcelain skin and sumptuous red lips. Joining Jeong's journey promises excitement and unforgettable memories.

Key Stats:

  • Model
  • Subscription fee at $15.99 per month

3. Kimberly Yang

Kimberly Yang

If you love a DD girl, then Kimberly Yang is your go-to on OnlyFans. She is incredibly active, posting thrice daily and showcasing photos and videos from her latest shoots. With 5.9K photos, over 200 live sessions, and 776.9K likes, Kimberly keeps her fans entertained. Offering free monthly videos for subscribers and sexting via DMs, she ensures interaction and satisfaction.

Known as Sexy Thang Yang, she is a big deal on the platform, with a natural DD cup figure that is a real sight to behold. Kimberly creates content with a roleplay penchant, including guy-on-girl, solo, and girl-on-girl. Her VIP OnlyFans offers customs, video calls, and intimate photo ratings with extremely explicit content that won't disappoint. Kimberly's dedication to providing diverse and frequent content ensures she is always on fans' minds.

Key Stats:

  • 9K photos
  • Priced at $14.99/month
  • 3+ posts per day

4. Tymwits


With her hourglass figure, Tymwits breaks stereotypes and embraces her body confidently as a Korean OnlyFans model. Subscribers to her VIP page enjoy full access to explicit content, including pictures, videos, and full nudity. She offers intimate photo ratings and interacts with fans through personal DMs, creating a raunchy dream experience. Tymwits provides multiple-month subscription discounts and is fetish-friendly, catering to various desires.

For a low price of $3.50, subscribers can access hundreds of photos and videos. Tymwits, a former Twitch star, entices fans with her cute glasses and explicit content, aiming to leave them drained and happy. She welcomes tips and gifts from her Amazon wish list as tokens of appreciation for her hard work. Additionally, she engages with fans on other social media platforms, offering a mix of gaming and teasing content.

Key Stats:

  • Regular price $9.99/month
  • Active on other social media platforms

5. Elle Lee

Elle Lee

Elle Lee, also known as @daintybabyelle, is a 24-year-old Korean actress, OnlyFans model, and a former Twitch streamer. She is a captivating choice for those seeking the best of Korean beauty on OnlyFans. Despite being banned from platforms like Reddit, Tinder, and Twitch due to her explicit content, she continues to share her NSFW photos and videos on her Korean OnlyFans page. With a stunning appearance and a significant presence on PornHub, she has established herself as one of the top Asian porn stars, boasting over 265,000 subscribers and 100 million views on her videos.

For just $3.75 for the first month, subscribers gain access to her most intimate moments and can support her as she pursues her medical degree. Elle offers a range of exclusive content, including nude photo ratings, signed Polaroids, video calls, and custom content requests, ensuring a complete and immersive experience for her fans.

Key Stats:

  • Exclusive Content
  • Subscription fee of $14.99 per month
  • 8K

6. Asian Jayinne

Asian Jayinne

Asian Jayinne, also known as @jayinne, is a top Korean OnlyFans model hailing from both Korea and China. With a petite frame and irresistible allure, she easily fulfills deep desires. Posting full-length videos, she offers a variety of content, including girl-on-girl, guy-on-girl, and solo play, along with custom videos upon request. With almost 2,000 pieces of content uploaded, Jayinne is dedicated to improving her spicy content daily.

Subscribers enjoy discounts, specials, and even a free girl-on-girl video for a six-month subscription. Jayinne's all-natural figure is showcased in her naked and explicit content, promising 100% enjoyment. She welcomes photo ratings and custom requests, ensuring satisfaction for her viewers. With a subscription fee of $8.43 for 29 days, Jayinne invites subscribers to explore her naughty side and experience her captivating charm.

Key Stats:

  • Korean/Chinese Student
  • Regular price $12.97/month

7. CJ Miles

CJ Miles

CJ Miles is an irresistibly seductive babe passionate about music, dancing, and singing. Standing 4'7″ tall, she's petite but packs a powerful punch with her explicit videos and over 3500 posts on her OnlyFans page. CJ is undeniably popular and hardworking, with 3.2K photos, 3.8K videos, and over 1 million likes.

She hosts weekly live shows, offers a girlfriend experience, and enjoys texting, sexting, and private Skype sessions for a personalized experience. CJ's page features spicy content, lewds, nudes, and custom options, making her one of the best OnlyFans creators. With her enchanting personality and captivating performances, CJ Miles shines as a true seductress, leaving fans craving more of her feisty charm.

Key Stats:

  • Exclusive Content
  • Free

8. Atlas


Also known as Atlaseuu, Atlas is your go-to Korean OnlyFans virtual girlfriend, dedicated to satisfying your desires. She has garnered significant popularity with 1.8k photos, 68k likes, and over 40k subscribers. Atlas delights in fans enjoying her content and encourages them to send her DMs to share their feedback. Her offerings include fully nude, implied nude, and topless-themed sets in lingerie or cosplay, as well as solo performance videos and collaborations for lesbian content.

Subscribers to her VIP OnlyFans Korea page receive the full girlfriend experience, with free messaging, life updates, photos of her activities, and uplifting voice memos. Atlas also offers live streams and a monthly free set for rebill subscribers. Her stunning body, captivating curves, and enticing content have placed her in the top 0.04% of all creators, making her a favorite among fans seeking an unforgettable experience.

Key Stats:

  • 8K Subscribers
  • Free top 0.4%
  • 8K Photos

9. Kimmy


Kimmy, also known as “Your Baby Kimmy,” is a gorgeous Korean OnlyFans star who has quickly gained popularity despite her recent entry into the industry. At 18 years old, she offers impressive content that rivals even the most established creators. With 156 photos, and 209K likes Kimmy has attracted a significant following.

Despite her youth, she provides captivating content demonstrating her talent and appeal. For the first month, subscribers can access her content for $3.15, making it an affordable option for those intrigued by her offerings. Kimmy's quick rise to success showcases her potential in the entertainment world, and her stunning visuals and engaging content ensure a promising future in the industry.

Key Stats:

  • 18 Years Old
  • Priced at $8.99/month

10. Haru


Haru, a Korean-American tomboy, is bravely exploring her naughty side online. While she does not share explicit nudes, her content comes close, offering an intimate glimpse into her journey from goblin to girlfriend. With 20.2k likes and 2,400 subscribers, Haru's interactive Korean OnlyFans account is perfect for those seeking companionship. Subscribing to Haru's account is free, allowing fans to join her as she shares her life and deepest thoughts.

Providing the ultimate friend experience, Haru discusses hopes, fears, and dreams while sharing sexy selfies in lingerie and cosplay. Fans who enjoy her style can check out her wishlist and send her presents as tokens of appreciation. Additionally, Haru is active on Twitter and Instagram, connecting with her followers across multiple platforms.

Key Stats:

  • Korean/American Tomboy
  • 4K Subscribers

11. Dani


For only $5 per month, Miss Dani Gee offers exclusive content on her OnlyFans page. She is a plump and luscious Korean queen from Los Angeles who loves being a bad girl for her husband and fans. With an incredible ass and perfect pair, Dani has become a popular Asian creator, gaining followers on Twitter for her sexy lewds.

She shares behind-the-scenes glimpses, bespoke lingerie displays, private dances, and more for her subscribers. Dani's VIP treatment includes personalized material creation and immediate responses to requests. Her platforms provide tremendous exclusive content, including photos and videos showcasing her thick and juicy physique.

Key stats:

  • 475 pics
  • $5/month, 20% off for new subscribers

12. DaeunHoney


DaeunHoney is a naturally plump creator who runs a steamy NSFW Korean OnlyFans page. Honey keeps her face hidden, but her body is so cute and plump that it's hard to miss. Honey's content delights fans with her perfect bounce and jiggly antics. Subscribers can expect daily posts featuring lingerie and explicit nudes, along with monthly full-length solo videos.

Honey offers one-on-one messaging, free videos for subscription renewals, and additional services like intimate photo ratings, custom content, and exclusive pay-per-view content for an extra fee. With 1k photos and 141.4k likes Honey's work is highly regarded among fans of all-natural beauty on OnlyFans.

Key Stats:

  • 1K Photos
  • Subscribe for free


With its unique customs and culture, Korea is home to some of the naughtiest and sexiest babes. These Korean OnlyFans accounts offer subscribers a journey of sexual exploration, going beyond the stereotypes associated with the country. OnlyFans' rise in Korea reflects a shift in societal norms, challenging traditional views on sexuality and autonomy. The platform provides a space for self-expression and empowerment, reshaping online discourse. These kinky Koreans offer a variety of content, from photos to videos, catering to diverse tastes. Subscribing to their channels provides an exciting experience worth the fee. OnlyFans represents the evolving digital landscape and its impact on society in a changing world.