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5 Best LOL Name Checker: Find Summoner Names

Are you looking for a catchy summoner name that you can use in your lol account?  Do you want to change your lol account, which is not appealing? Use the League of Legends (lol) name checker. Having a memorable name can make your gaming experience more enjoyable and distinguish you from the rest of the League of Legends community.

If you are a League of Legends player, you would agree with me one of the most crucial decisions you can ever make is choosing a unique and impactful summoner name. This name represents you to the lol community and shows how your allies and adversaries will remember you. Then this means the name you will decide to come up with should be catchy and easy for people to recognize you quickly. However, what has made searching for names to be problematic is the availability of millions of players in the lol community who have claimed the most catchy summoner names.

Therefore finding an available and desirable summoner name can be challenging. Thankfully, We have third-party websites/tools of the League of Legends Name Checker that come to our rescue and help players secure their perfect in-game identity. Let's dive into this article and see some of the best League of Legends checkers that can assist in checking the availability of a summoner name.


Lols gg for League Legends is a popular LOL name checker that can assist players in finding the ideal summoner name to use in their lol accounts. is a third-party tool not endorsed by Riot Games, and their views don't speak for Riot Games. It has a simple user interface where you enter the Summoner of your desire and region, and a search will be done to see if it is available. It will generate lists and popular searches of the best League of Legends names where players can select which they need.

So if you have entered the summoner name and region as well, if it has not been used, you will find a prompt that reads, “This name currently isn't used. It is available for new accounts”. If the name you entered in the search bar has a user, you will see a prompt message about the summoner name available in how many days. You will also have extra details of when the Summoner last played date and tells you if it is an active or inactive player.

To get a new summoner name, click the next tab of Generator, enter the summoner name, type of account, and region, and then click the search button. With a few seconds, you will see available names you can use which have not been claimed. When using, you don't need to register for the account to have the services, and it is a free website for any user.

2. LOL names

LOL names for League Legends

LOL names is another best League of Legends name checker that can check if the summoner name you have in mind is available. It has a tab of Generator where you can enter a name, and you wil have a list of generated names that are not claimed. When You use the Lol names checker, you can enter the summoner name and click the search button. The results will be in 2 ways, either available or not. If available, you will get complete details about the name claimed, how many days, and the last game the user played. If the summoner name you entered is unavailable, it will prompt a message that reads,” This name currently isn't used . It is available for new accounts”.

This platform is user-friendly for any player who wants to access it and checks whether the summoner name is available. Also, a generator tab can generate a list of names to use and look for catch ones.

3. NamesLOL

NamesLOL for League Legends

Do you want to find your next lol name that you can use in your lol account? NamesLoL is a perfect name checker that you can use if you have a summoner name in your mind and what to know if it exists or not. One unique feature of this platform is that it shows you whether the Summoner is available and when the name will expire.

Using this platform, it is simple. You need to enter the summoner name and region and click the “Check Availability” button to give you the results. When the summoner name results read it is available, it means no summoner currently uses that name. If the summoner name is taken, you will get a prompt message that reads the summoner name is unavailable and shows the level, last activity, Name Decay, and expiration date of that summoner name.


Lolnamechecker tapnets for League Legends

Another excellent tool you can use for checking lol names is the lolnamechecker. It's one of the top league name checkers that is super easy to use. When you visit their home page, you will see a blank box waiting for you. All you have to do is enter the summoner name you have in mind and prepare for the instant results a few seconds after clicking the “Check Name Availability.”

This tool is effective and has no more hassle or complicated steps to follow, which makes it easier for many users. So if you are looking to secure that perfect summoner name for your league adventures, consider using awesome names that are available.


Euw op gg for League Legends

Are you hunting for a super-fast League of Legends name checker to keep you in the zone for your gaming sessions? Look only as far as To access this site visit the website, and you will notice how excellent the tool is.

The first step is to pick your region and type the summoner name you are curious about using in the blank space. Make sure to hit the search button, and in a flash, you will get all the information you need about that name, if it's available or not. The process of checking is that simple, leaving you with more time and focus to find a catch summoner name. Whenever you want to check a summoner name, give a shot, and you won't be disappointed.


Q. How often can you change your summoner name in the League of Legends?

In the League of Legends, you can change the summoner name as many times as you want. What you can't change is the Riot username. When you play, lol, what your friends see during the gameplay is the Summoner name, not the Riot username.

Q. Does it cost the player money to change the Summoner's name?

Changing your summoner name can cost you about $10 or 1300 RP. When you click on the Summoner name, you will get an option to change your name.

Q. Can you reverse your previous summoner name after the change?

It can be possible, on one condition, that another player does not take your previous name. If another player claims it, you won't be able to reverse it.

Q. How frequently do the list update in the lol name checkers?

Usually, most League of Legends update their list of summoner names once every hour. So for it to conduct a full scan, it will take one week.

Q. What happens if your lol account is banned?

If your League of Legends account is banned, then your surrogate name will be free to be taken by another player who wants to claim it.

Q. Tips for Choosing a Great Summoner Name?

When you want a memorable and distinctive summoner name, you need to consider having a Unique and straightforward name, avoid special characters, and a name relevant to your role.


For players looking to find a perfect summoner name, consider using the League of Legends Name Checkers above. Since millions of active users use lol, having a unique and memorable identity for your lol account is essential. Using the tools above, you can secure a summoner name representing you as a player and making you stand out.