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Top 15 LGBTQ+ Dating Apps for Gay & Lesbian Social Network (2024)

Are you part of the LGBTQ+ community and hope to find true love online? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the top LGBTQ+ dating applications to help you connect with people of similar interests.

One thing is abundantly clear: queer, trans, and pansexual individuals need their own safe place to interact with others without fear of judgment or prejudice, which is all too common in the online dating world but especially so for the LGBTQ+ community.

Research by the Urban Institute found that the sexual victimization rate among LGBTQ+ singles was 23.2 percent. If you compare that to the rate of heterosexuals, you'll see an increase of around 11 percent. Whether via shocking data or personal experience, it's become clear that single people in the queer, trans, and pansexual communities need a safe haven.

LGBTQ+ dating apps fill this need. These dating platforms are becoming popular because they provide a neutral, secure, and welcoming environment where people may date anyone they want, whatever they want. LGBTQ+ dating apps have millions of users globally since they are geared toward those who don't fit the traditional gender binary.

You can discover friendship, love, and everything in between with the 15 greatest LGBTQ+ dating apps I've compiled for you.

15 Best LGBTQ+ Dating Apps for the LGBT Community

1. BeNaughty — An entertaining choice for casual wooing and one-night stands

BeNaughty Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:80 USD monthly (for men) and FREE for women
  • Members: 700k plus

Exactly what its name implies, BeNaughty is a casual hookup app. There are many members of the LGBTQ+ community who are also single and living in your region.

BeNaughty's hook is that it's cost-free for ladies to use.

Men may send winks and add individuals to their favorites list for free, but communicating needs a paid subscription.

2. Hinge —Best for Long-term Relationships

Hinge Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:99 USD monthly
  • Members: Over 1 million

Hinge advertises itself as “the dating app you're supposed to uninstall” due to its focus on long-term partnerships.

A profile's foundation is a series of daring questions designed to efficiently reveal a person's unique traits and provide conversation starters for potential matches.

Hinge has a wide variety of gender identification choices and also asks users about their political leanings and stances on marijuana legalization.

3. Elite Singles — For homosexual males in search of deep relationships

Elite Singles Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:95 USD monthly
  • Members: Over 2 million

If you're a homosexual man looking for a meaningful relationship, you should join Elite Singles, one of the most exclusive dating platforms available. Personality tests and an advanced algorithm are used to discover compatible partners. It's a place where successful guys may meet other successful men for meaningful relationships rather than just a one-night stand. While registration and usage of the site's excellent search functions are free, access to premium services like limitless chat requires a paid subscription.

4. Bumble — Interracial dating and networking app for women and the LGBTQ+ community

Bumble Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:99 USD monthly
  • Members: Over 20 million

It is Bumble's mission to encourage women and femmes to strike up conversations and relationships. Feminist power is heavily emphasized, and only women and non-binary members have the ability to begin messages.

The popular dating app, which has more than 20 million members, originally served as a dating platform but now offers worldwide networking possibilities for making new acquaintances, forming professional connections, expanding social circles, and forming romantic attachments.

5. Grindr — An excellent resource for queer and gay guys for hookup

Grindr Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee: 5 USD monthly
  • Members: Over 5 million

Grindr is a popular gay dating app, and it's also great for bisexual, transgender, and other queer people who are looking to meet up with other gay males.

Grindr is a fantastic social networking option for those who have just moved, relocated, are traveling, or are just looking for a fling in their neighborhood because of its robust geolocation function.

6. Match — A safe and secure dating platform for the LGBTQ+ community

Match Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:99 USD monthly
  • Members: Over 21.5 million (over 650k identify as LGBTQ+)

Although does not have a dedicated LGBTQ+ section, all members are welcome to use it. gives you the option to hide your profile from the public eye until you approve a message from a possible match or to leave it up whether you're looking for love or not.

Free users may send winks, but only paying subscribers can access premium features like instant messaging (IM), email, and phone requests. Although it's more expensive than some other LGBTQ+ dating services, Daily Five's tailored match suggestions and other features make it worth it.

7. HER — Queer women's social networking and dating application

HER Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:99 USD monthly
  • Members: Over 1 million

The first lesbian dating app, HER, has evolved over the years into a welcoming community for women and femmes of different backgrounds, identities, and orientations. There are over 18 different gender identities and 17 different sexual orientations on HER's profile selection list, and everyone is welcome.

The HER app is user-friendly, packed with communication tools, and even sponsors in-person gatherings to foster stronger bonds between users.

8. Gaystryst — Best for bisexual or gay men seeking hookups

Gaystryst Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:50 USD monthly
  • Members: 350k plus

Guys who are seeking casual encounters with other men can do so on Gaystryst, a dating service specifically designed for them. This is a homosexual-only dating app and website, unlike others in the LGBT community.

People in their twenties and thirties make up the bulk of the user base, although males of all ages are also represented. Sending winks and using filters to discover a suitable match are both free features. However, Gaystryst's principal mode of communication—sending messages—is restricted to paid subscribers.

9. Zoosk — A large and varied dating site that accommodates individual tastes

Zoosk Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:95 USD monthly
  • Members: Over 40 million

When it comes to gay dating apps and dating services with a wide range of users, Zoosk is a frontrunner. A large number of users is Zoosk's key selling point, given that it welcomes everyone from straight to LGBTQ+ individuals.

Irrespective of whether you're looking for a one-night stand or a permanent soul mate, eHarmony's 40 million registered users in almost 80 countries are sure to have someone who fits the bill.

In addition to the carousel, Zoosk's SmartPick function provides you with tailored matches based on your profile data. A further unique aspect of Zoosk is the Mega Flirt function, which allows you to ask the same icebreaker question to several members at once.

10. SilverSingles — A convenient meeting ground for gay men over the age of 50

SilverSingles Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:95 USD monthly
  • Members: Over 25k

Meeting other LGBT singles over the age of 50 might be difficult, but SilverSingles makes it simple. Anyone in the LGBTQ+ community may join this dating service and use the site's matching algorithm to find compatible partners.

SilverSingles is a tailored dating site that welcomes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. With a free basic membership, you may build a profile, get daily match recommendations, and use the site's search tools to look for a prospective date. You may express your interest in other users by sending them “likes” or “smiles.”

11. Scruff — Popular App for Gay and Hookup

Scruff Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:99 USD monthly
  • Members: Over 20 million

Scruff, released soon after Grindr in 2010, is the second most popular gay male dating/hookup app. Scruff is an alternative dating app to Grindr that focuses on a more manly and harrier clientele, as the name indicates. Scruff may be more suitable than Grindr for those who like animal identities such as otter, cub, bear, and wolf.

12. Chappy — Best LGBTQ+ App for Inclusivity and Dating

Chappy Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee: FREE
  • Members: Over 2 million

Being joyful means caring about other people, welcoming them in, and taking responsibility for your actions. Chappy, which is owned by Bumble, is a comprehensive dating platform that caters to users' various needs, whether they're searching for a serious commitment, a fling, a platonic buddy, or a combination of the above.

It's a huge step forward for good guys with features like account authentication, required profile pictures, Instagram integration, and a code of conduct.

13. XOXO — Best Safe Space for LGBTQ+ Dating Community

XOXO Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee: FREE

The creators of the new dating app XOXO wanted to provide a welcoming environment for people of diverse identities and orientations. Not even boundaries based on age or gender are enforced.

It is up to the discretion of the user to choose the appropriate pronouns. Conceptually, “persona trumps all.” The app's creators set out to establish a space where all users could feel welcome by focusing on issues of equality in its design.

14. Transdr — Best Place for Transgender, Transsexual, and Transvestite

Transdr Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:99 USD monthly

In order to accommodate the unique requirements of the transsexual, transvestite, and transgender community, Transdr was created as a secure haven.

Transdr is the leading dating app for transgender people and welcomes all trans identities, including but not limited to male-to-female, female-to-male, cross-dressers, transgender, and LGBTQ people. Non-paying users are unable to interact with the app; therefore, the VIP upgrade costs 14.99 USD a month.

15. BiCupid — Best for Bisexual Dating

BiCupid Dating Apps

  • Subscription fee:95 USD monthly

Bisexual singles may find a safe and welcoming environment at Bicupid. The software provides a secure and confidential environment for all users, whether they are single or in a partnership, and welcomes those who identify as bisexual.

Furthermore, the LGBT community and allies are warmly welcomed. Bicupid is a dating site for bisexuals, swingers, and people interested in forming three-person relationships. Couples are encouraged to join, but singles are encouraged to start by interacting with others with whom they have shared interests.

Tips on Making the Best Choice Picking LGBTQ+ Dating Applications

If you're a part of the LGBTQ+ community and you know your way around dating apps, you'll have a great time and meet some great people. Here are some things to think about the LGBT dating site you're interested in before you join up and spend time developing a profile:

Cost of Joining

Is it a premium app or a freemium app? Is there a place to download this program, and how do others rate it? Let me know about your financial situation and whether or not this service is affordable.

Protection Features

How exactly does this service ensure the safety of its customers? Are users' profiles reviewed, discussions tracked, and allegations of abuse handled seriously? In what ways do you insist on caution? Then then, how concerned are you about phony accounts?

Area of Interest

What kind of restrictions do you want to put on your dating pool? Does the app target a certain group (say, just lesbians or trans persons), or is it available to everyone who wants to use it regardless of their sexual orientation?

Taking into account the aforementioned aspects will make your search for the ideal LGBTQ+ dating site that much less daunting.

Safety Measures for LGBTQ+ Online Dating

Safety Measures for LGBTQ+ Online Dating

We never imagined a decade ago that online dating would become so easy and accessible for the LGBTQ+ community. In order to connect with someone you like, all you have to do is launch the appropriate app, swipe right, and touch on them. Remember, nevertheless, that you face a higher risk of harm due to increased opportunities for catfishing and other financial frauds. These precautions can help you stay safe when using dating apps.

Keep your personal data secure

If you want to keep your privacy, limit the amount of information you post online. Sharing personal information like your complete name, phone number, or place of employment might make you vulnerable to those who may have malicious intent.

You should highlight the essentials in your profile, such as your hobbies (without giving too much away) and the reasons someone would want to go on a date with you.

Keep an eye out for phony accounts

There are many phony accounts and catfishers on dating apps. Before agreeing to meet in person, it's smart to protect yourself by first talking to potential dates through FaceTime or another video chat service.

You may avoid talking to someone hiding behind a phony profile by using the screening process and other safety safeguards offered by some gay dating apps. Your potential catfish may be embarrassed to meet you in person after seeing photos of you online.

Dating scams often involve money, so be watchful

It's crucial to be cautious about who you share private information with online since dating frauds are on the increase. Con artists prey on users of dating apps to separate them from their money. Never transmit money or provide financial information to anyone you haven't verified who they say they are (bank details, credit card info, etc.).

Even if someone offers you a plausible explanation for why they are short on cash, it is probable that this is really a trick on their part to actually get the funds they need.

Take extra precautions to ensure your safety

To add insult to injury, you should also be on the watch for sexual harassment and assault. You may avoid potential danger by adhering to the following guidelines: Before going somewhere private, it's best to first meet in a public, well-lit area.

Don't give out any private stuff (regular routine, workplace, address, phone number). Tell a buddy when and where you will be going on your date. Check out your potential date on the webcam before you meet in person.

You should research the person on social media before agreeing to meet in person. This will allow you to eliminate any doubts you may have had about the person's character.

Tips for Seamless Dating on LGBTQ+ Dating Applications

Are you prepared to enter the dating scene? Congrats! In the meanwhile, here are three pieces of advice from the pros to help you ride out the storm with little damage:

Do not hide your true intentions.

If you're going to meet someone you found on a dating app, it's best to talk about what you'll be doing on the date beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings. This doesn't need announcing your intention to get married in two years through text, but rather just expressing that you'd prefer to grab supper than stay home and watch Netflix.

It will set the tone for the whole interaction. (You don't want to go through the motions of getting ready for a steamy night of love if your partner has other plans, like grabbing coffee and going home.)

Move cautiously and rely on your instincts

Whether you're on the lookout for a long-term partner or a casual fling, you should learn more about your potential date before setting up a date. Follow your intuition and cut ties if you suspect they aren't being truthful with you, respecting your limits, or having your best interests at heart.

Feel free to bring up the topic of STI testing with no shame

It's vital to talk about how to avoid contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) even while you enjoy the many benefits of sexual encounters. Before being intimate, it's important to be upfront and honest about your recent STI testing and findings.

Couples should be tested, talk about their chosen barrier techniques (condoms, dental dams, etc.), and feel free to ask their partners to get tested and find out their status before engaging in sexual activity. Safer sex is better sex, and greater communication is sexier.


Q. Are only straight people allowed on Bumble?

Because we believe that equality for all people includes protecting and encouraging our members who identify as LGBTQ+, Bumble is dedicated to making our community a welcoming and affirming place for everyone.

Any participant in a same-sex, same-gender, or non-binary vs. male match has the option to initiate the interaction.

Q. Are LGBTQ+ dating apps safe to use?

Just like every other dating app, one needs to be cautious of scammers with fake profiles.

Q. Is it free to use LGBTQ+ dating apps?

Not all LGBTQ+ dating apps are free to use. While some offer freemium, you will need to subscribe to the premium version to have access to the complete features.


Avoiding awkward conversations about your gender or sexual orientation is a huge relief in today's dating scene. In addition to ensuring the safety of its users, there is another reason why LGBTQ+ dating apps are so useful.

Whether you're on the hunt for a like-minded companion, a fun date with a total stranger, or the love of your life, queer dating apps streamline the process and make it more pleasurable for everyone involved.