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How to Solve the Libra Constellation Link in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy‘s vast open world is filled with mysteries to uncover and challenges to complete. One such activity is solving constellation links by finding smart telescopes scattered across the planet. Successfully connecting the stars in these celestial puzzles rewards you with valuable items like Black Nuclei. However, the constellations provide no hints, leaving players to figure out the correct patterns. If you‘re struggling with the Libra constellation link, this comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to master this celestial puzzle.

An In-Depth Look at Constellation Links

But first, let‘s take a broader look at the role constellation links play in Tower of Fantasy to understand their purpose and value in the game.

Constellation links are special points of interest that have players recreate star constellations by connecting dotted outlines of the stars in the night sky. There are over 15 different constellation puzzles spread across the world, each requiring you to properly draw the shape of the stars to complete them.

Solving these cosmic brain teasers provides you rewards like Black Nuclei and Dark Crystals. These are incredibly valuable resources for summoning and upgrading your Simulacra. That makes hunting down and conquering all of the constellation puzzles a worthwhile endeavor.

But figuring out the proper constellations can be tricky, especially without any hints. This guide will help remove the guesswork by showing you precisely how to solve one of the zodiac constellation links: Libra.

Where to Find the Libra Constellation Link

Now let‘s zero in on Libra specifically.

The Libra constellation link telescope is located in the northeastern region of Banges, to the north of Crown Mines. The specific coordinates are 781.6, -346.0. You‘ll find the smart telescope situated at the end of a mountain ridge, next to a supply pod and small stronghold overlooking the sea cliffs.

Libra Constellation Link Location

Libra constellation link overlooks the sea cliffs north of Crown Mines (screenshot by author)

With the rough, steep landscape, it can be tricky reaching the telescope‘s out-of-the-way position. You‘ll need to utilize your climbing and gliding abilities to properly traverse the cliffs and rocks. Unlocking nearby waypoints on your map also helps access this area more easily.

Once you reach the telescope, interact with it to bring up the star chart UI. This will display the dotted outline of the Libra constellation, and your goal is to connect the stars correctly to complete the image.

Facts About the Libra Constellation

Before diving into the solution, let‘s go over some background facts about Libra which may provide clues for reconstructing its shape:

  • Libra translates to "the weighing scales" in Latin which is the inspiration for its iconic shape
  • It lies in the southern celestial hemisphere on the ecliptic plane between Virgo and Scorpio
  • The brightest star forming Libra is Beta Librae, also known as Zubeneschamali
  • Libra spans 5.1° to 29.9° celestial latitude
  • There are a total of 15 main stars comprising the complete constellation

In astrology, Libra is represented by scales symbolizing balance, justice, and harmony. When viewing the puzzle, you‘ll see the dotted outline depicting these scales that form Libra. Our goal will be to connect the stars in the proper balance beam and weighing pan arrangement to recreate this zodiac constellation.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Solve Libra

Now let‘s walk through the solution for solving the Libra puzzle:

  1. Examine the dotted constellation carefully. You should see two clusters of stars separated by some space.

  2. The cluster on the left comprises the 3 stars that will form a triangle. Connect these first.

  3. The two clusters on the right will create the parallel lines of the balancing beam and pan.

  4. Connect the 2 stars in the upper right to form the beam.

  5. Finally, connect the 2 stars in the lower right to form the pan.

  6. Your completed constellation should resemble scales balancing, creating the characteristic shape of Libra.

Solved Libra Constellation Link

Properly connecting the stars solves the Libra puzzle (screenshot by author)

Once you‘ve correctly drawn the "triangle and two lines" pattern to complete the Libra outline, the puzzle will say "Connected" indicating your success!

Tips for Solving Constellation Puzzles

Here are some general tips and strategies to help you master the constellation link puzzles in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Examine the outlines carefully before connecting any stars – try visualizing the final shape in your mind first
  • Rotate the camera to gain a clearer overview of the dotted constellation
  • Trace slowly and methodically – you can undo incorrect lines
  • Use online references or interactive maps if you‘re completely stumped
  • The name of the constellation itself often hints at the correct shape

Reward for Solving the Libra Constellation

After completing the Libra constellation link puzzle, you‘ll obtain 1x Black Nucleus as your reward.

Black Nuclei are arguably the most valuable items in Tower of Fantasy for summoning powerful SSR and SR weapons. That makes connecting all of these celestial links worthwhile for stockpiling advanced resources.

Based on crowdsourced data, the expected value from using a Black Nucleus is:

Rarity Drop Rate
SSR 2.50%
SR 20%

So in summary, unraveling Libra‘s cosmic riddle nets you a valuable prize for your efforts!


I hope this guide provides everything you need to swiftly solve the Libra constellation link in Tower of Fantasy. The key is understanding Libra‘s scales shape and connecting the stars in a triangle and two line formation. Mastering these celestial puzzles unlocks coveted rewards and brings you one step closer to uncovering all of Aida‘s mysteries! Let me know if you have any other questions in your journey across the stars.

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