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How to "Look for Arasaka" in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has captivated players across the globe with its anime-inspired open world and engaging quest lines. As you explore the fantastical realm of Teyvat, you‘ll uncover mysteries and secrets around every corner. One such puzzle that may leave you stumped is the "Look for Arasaka" quest in Gandharva Ville. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide an in-depth walkthrough plus expert tips to help you successfully track down the elusive Arasaka.

Overview of the "Look for Arasaka" Quest

This multi-part quest first becomes available after reaching Liyue Harbor and completing the Archon quests up to "We Will Be Reunited." The quest giver is a young boy named Arapacati who can be found near the southern point of Gandharva Ville.

Arapacati will explain that his elder brother Arasaka loves to play hide and seek. But this time, Arasaka hasn‘t come out of hiding after many hours. Arapacati asks you to help search for his potentially missing brother, thus initiating the "Look for Arasaka" quest.

Completing this quest is worthwhile for several reasons:

  • It awards Adventure EXP, Mora, and Reputation points upon completion.
  • It unlocks the next Archon quest "A New Star Approaches."
  • Finding Arasaka adds him as a merchant selling valuable ascension ingredients.
  • It provides insights into the playful personalities of Gandharva Ville‘s residents.

However, locating the elusive Arasaka can be tricky. This guide will breakdown where to search and how to systematically solve this multi-stage puzzle.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Find Arasaka

Here is a detailed walkthrough of how to successfully complete each phase of the "Look for Arasaka" quest:

Phase 1 – Scale Two Mountain Walls

After speaking with Arapacati to initiate the quest, turn and face the tall mountain wall northeast of his location. You‘ll need to scale two cliff faces in order to progress.

Climb the first mountain wall located behind the large cluster of yellow Glaze Lilies. Use stamina foods if needed. Once at the top, traverse along the left ledge until you reach the second cliff face.

Climb the second mountain wall in front of the blue Silk Flowers. Follow the rock formations on the right side for the most direct path up.

Tip: Use an Anemo character like Venti to create wind currents and updrafts for easier climbing. His Elemental Skill is extremely useful here.

Climbing Two Mountain Walls in Genshin Impact

Phase 2 – Locate the Campfire Site

After scaling both mountain walls, proceed forward from the top of the second cliff. You‘ll soon arrive at a small campfire site with cooking pots.

Look for an NPC named "???" nearby. Interact with them to initiate a conversation that provides clues about Arasaka‘s favorite food and hints at his possible location. Pay close attention to the dialogue for critical details.

Tip: Make sure to exhaust all of "???"‘s dialogue options before moving forward. Their responses change during the conversation.

Phase 3 – Discover the Zaytun Peach Tree

A key hint provided by "???" is that Arasaka loves to grow Zaytun Peaches. After finishing your chat, scout the area atop the cliff for a lone peach tree.

The tree is located west of the campfire near a pile of wood and crates. Look for the distinct pink blossoms and green fruits. Interact with the Zaytun Peach tree to trigger the next phase.

Tip: If you‘re having trouble locating the tree, recheck your quest objectives for its exact position marked on your map.

Phase 4 – Meet the Real Arasaka

Interacting with the Zaytun Peach tree will startle "???," causing them to exclaim about their prized peaches. Their true identity is revealed – "???" is actually Arasaka in disguise!

You‘ll then have a conversation where Arasaka asks you not to pick their precious peaches. This confirms you‘ve successfully found the hiding Arasaka.

Tip: After revealing himself, Arasaka‘s name on the map will change from "???" to "Arasaka" for clarity.

Phase 5 – Return to Gandharva Ville

With Arasaka located, he mentions the real peach thief is someone back in Gandharva Ville with a conspicuous bulge on their back.

Teleport or walk back to the village. Then carefully examine the NPC character models roaming around. Look for odd lumps or bulges on their backs that indicate they are hiding stolen peaches.

Tip: Try changing the time of day to see different NPC movements and watch for suspicious behavior.

Phase 6 – Confront the Thief

Once you spot a shady NPC with a bag bulge on their back, interact with them to confront the thief. After a tense exchange, they will reveal themselves as the culprit behind stealing Arasaka‘s precious Zaytun Peaches.

With the real thief exposed, the "Look for Arasaka" quest is successfully completed! You‘ll receive XP, Mora, and Reputation rewards. Arasaka also becomes available as a merchant in Gandharva Ville.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Here are some expert tips and tricks to streamline your search for the elusive Arasaka:

  • Use stamina foods like Sweet Madame and Bamboo Shoot Soup for unlimited climbing.

  • Craft a Wind Catcher or bring an Anemo character for quicker elevation changes.

  • Activate Elemental Sight when examining objects or trails for clues.

  • Review quest objectives if you get stuck or need direction.

  • Talk to all NPCs repeatedly – their dialogue provides hints.

  • Change the time of day to reset NPC movements and appearances.

  • Co-op with friends to canvas a wider search area more efficiently.

Why Finding Arasaka Matters

At first glance, this hide and seek quest may seem like a silly distraction. But completing it has meaningful impacts:

  • It unlocks the next Archon quest, allowing you to advance the main storyline.

  • Finding Arasaka adds him as a merchant selling Ascension Materials.

  • It boosts Reputation levels to unlock rewards like recipes.

  • Provides insights into cultural traditions like festivals.

  • Offers clues about regional mysteries and mechanisms.

So while the search itself involves navigating playful antics, its completion holds larger significance. Tracked down Arasaka helps step closer towards unveiling the secrets of Liyue.

Arasaka‘s Definitive Hide and Seek Guide

As an expert hide and seek player, Arasaka himself can provide definitive tips for finding hidden objectives:

  • Read instructions carefully – quest details often contain clues.

  • Talk to everyone multiple times – NPCs give hints.

  • Note odd geographic features – they may be relevant.

  • Leave no stone unturned – search every corner thoroughly.

  • Change your perspective – look from new angles and elevations.

  • Use all your senses – sight, sound, smell, touch.

  • Track movements and patterns – recreate steps and predict destinations.

  • Have patience and perseverance – some secrets take time to uncover.

Follow Arasaka‘s guidance, and no treasure, artifact, or quest will stay hidden from you for long!

Other Notable "Look For" Quests

The "Look for Arasaka" mystery exemplifies Genshin Impact‘s extensive catalogue of hidden object quests. Here are 5 other notable search missions:

Look for Rana‘s Lost Gift: Follow ghostly trails with Elemental Sight to a cave hiding precious pearls.

Look for "The Holy Lyre der Himmel": Inspect Wangshu Inn to find a missing musical masterpiece.

Look for Old Jiang: Discover clues leading to a missing elderly villager‘s whereabouts.

Look for Little Que‘er: Help a worried mother find her missing daughter.

Look for the Ownerless Treasures: Locate buried treasures hinted at in captured pirate notes.

Similar to tracking down Arasaka, these quests require diligent searching, contextual clue analysis, and creative thinking. Mastering "look for" missions unlocks valuable rewards and a deeper understanding of Teyvat‘s secrets.

In Closing

Locating the playful Arasaka in Gandharva Ville exemplifies the lighthearted spirit mixed with meaningful insights that make Genshin Impact‘s questing such an engaging experience. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough plus expert tips to help fellow Travelers successfully complete the "Look for Arasaka" puzzle. With diligence and clever observation, no individual, treasure, or secret in Teyvat can remain hidden from us for long!