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How to Loot the GPS Tracker from the Dumpster Dead Drop in Warzone 2 DMZ

Mastering Warzone 2‘s new DMZ mode requires securing key contraband items across the expansive map of Al Mazrah. One such vital objective is looting the GPS tracker from a specific dumpster dead drop location.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through finding and looting the GPS tracker in Zaya Observatory. You’ll also learn expert strategies for visiting every single point of interest (POI) afterwards using the tracker‘s data.

Why Completing the GPS Tracker Objective Matters

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s new DMZ mode drops operators into a massive open world battleground based on Al Mazrah. Your objectives include:

  • Securing valuable contraband items
  • Completing missions
  • Fighting enemy AI and players
  • Leveling up your operator
  • Unlocking new content

Looting the GPS tracker is a gateway to advancing this progression.

Once securing the tracker, you must explore all 17 POIs marked on your Tac Map. Visiting each location provides big XP rewards to rank up your operator.

This unlocks additional missions, loadout items, and opportunities across Al Mazrah. The GPS tracker objective also tells a serialized story leading to further secrets.

In short, completing this dead drop mission opens up the true depth of DMZ’s expansive open world.

How Social Media Marketing Ties Into DMZ’s Seasonal Model

As an industry expert in social media marketing, I‘m fascinated by Activision’s immense success popularizing Call of Duty’s new DMZ mode.

DMZ represents a major shift into the open world extraction shooter genre. This free mode leverages a seasonal release model to keep players deeply engaged long-term.

From a digital marketing perspective, I would strategize seasonal campaigns around each DMZ update.

For example, a social campaign for Season 2 could involve:

  • Teasing clues about new content in the lead-up to build anticipation.
  • Filming influencers playing the new season early for early buzz.
  • Releasing trailers highlighting that season’s narrative and missions.
  • Leveraging the FOMO effect (fear of missing out) to encourage participation.
  • Encouraging players to race to complete challenges when they drop.
  • Spotlighting top players on social media to recognize achievements.

The seasonal model provides great opportunities for social content and community engagement.

Now let’s dive into mastering a key Season 1 objective – looting the GPS tracker.

Overview of the GPS Tracker Dead Drop Mission

Here‘s a quick overview of the full GPS tracker mission:

  • Step 1) Loot the tracker from a hidden dumpster in Zaya Observatory
  • Step 2) Visit every single POI marked on your Tac Map
  • Step 3) Extract the tracker by helicopter to complete the operation

Completing this unlocks new story developments, missions, loot items, and ways to strengthen your operator.

Below we’ll cover step-by-step how to secure the tracker and swiftly travel between POIs.

Looting the GPS Tracker at Zaya Observatory

The GPS tracker is located in a dumpster at the Zaya Observatory point of interest. Here‘s how to find it:

Navigate to Zaya Observatory

Zaya Observatory can be found on the east side of Al Mazrah at coordinate F5 on your Tac Map.

Zaya Observatory Map Location

This POI contains an archaeological site with excavated tunnels and trenches. Enemy AQ soldiers patrol the area.

Head to the White Dumpster in the Northeast Corner

Once at Zaya Observatory, make your way to the northeast corner near the excavation tunnels.

Look for a white dumpster sitting solo beside one of the trenches.

White Dumpster Location

This isolated dumpster is your target.

Open and Loot the GPS Tracker

Interact with the dumpster to open it. Inside you‘ll find the crucial GPS tracker contraband item ready to loot.

Make sure you have an open contraband slot in your inventory before taking it.

Looting the GPS Tracker

With the tracker now in your inventory, it‘s time to explore Al Mazrah.

Visiting All 17 POIs After Securing the Tracker

Looting the GPS tracker is only step one. Next you‘ll need to visit every single point of interest marked on your Tac Map.

Completing this lengthy journey unlocks the true value of the tracker.

Here are tips for efficiently visiting all 17 POIs:

Use a Flying Vehicle to Save Time

Trying to drive to each POI would take forever. Instead, grab one of the Light Halo choppers found at some POIs.

These provide fast air transport allowing you to quickly hop between destinations.

Check Your Tac Map Frequently

Your wrist-mounted Tac Map shows the location of all 17 POIs needed to finish the mission. Refer to it often.

TAC Map POI Locations

Constantly check your Tac Map to navigate between POIs

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Squads

Travel carefully between POIs as AQ soldiers sweep the terrain. Use the Halo‘s agility to avoid confrontations when possible.

All 17 POIs to Visit

Here are the 17 POIs to hit after grabbing the GPS tracker:

  1. Taraq Village
  2. Rohan Oil
  3. Al-Mazrah City
  4. Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  5. Al-Safwa Quarry
  6. Mawizeh Marshlands
  7. Sattiq Cave Complex
  8. Al Sharim Pass
  9. Zaya Observatory
  10. Hadif Port
  11. Sa‘id City
  12. Ahkdar Village
  13. Al Malik Airport
  14. Al Samman Cemetery
  15. Sarrif Bay
  16. Sawah Village
  17. Al Bagra Fortress

Once you reach the last location, the GPS tracker mission will complete!

Recommended Operator Builds and Weapons

Having the right operator build and weapon loadout equips you for success when completing the GPS tracker objective.

Here are my recommended setups:


  • Zane – Assault Class
  • Weapons Specialist Package – Extra attachment slots
  • Strong Arm Perk – Increased lethal damage
  • Tracker Perk – See enemy footsteps

Primary Weapon

  • Signal 50 – Heavy sniper rifle for long range
  • Attachments: Thermal scope, extended mag, aim stabilizer

Secondary Weapon

  • P890 – High damage but slower firing pistol
  • Attachments: Laser sight, extended mag


  • C4 – can destroy vehicles or breach buildings


  • Flash Grenade – disorient enemies before engaging

This build allows you to expertly engage at long ranges while also being equipped for close quarters combat. The thermal scope pairs perfectly with the Signal 50 to pick off enemies even through smoke and debris.

The weapons specialist package and added attachments provide versatility to adapt your weaponry as needed. Perks like Tracker and Strong Arm give you an edge in firefights.

Most importantly, this build ensures you can safely fight through hordes of enemies as you traverse all 17 POIs!

Executing the Mission Like an Expert Operator

You now have the steps and strategies to flawlessly secure the GPS tracker dead drop:

  • Visit Zaya Observatory and loot the tracker from the isolated white dumpster near the excavation site.

  • Utilize air transport like the Light Halo to swiftly navigate between each POI on your TAC Map.

  • Follow an optimal operator build with versatile weaponry to dominate engagements.

  • Clear all 17 POIs while avoiding fights when possible to complete the mission.

Mastering this objective unlocks new narrative secrets, powerful weapons, and ways to level up your operator. It paves the way for you to dive deeper into the expansive DMZ mode.

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Now get out there, complete this mission, and keep striving for DMZ domination! Let us know if this guide helped you secure the GPS tracker below.