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Unlocking the Vault of Riches – Securing the Lost Manager‘s Office Key in Warzone 2 DMZ

As a long-time DMZ strategist and gaming guide writer, I‘ve analyzed the new keys and opportunities emerging in Season 2. And after extensive research, I can definitively say that the Lost Manager‘s Office key should be one of your top targets. The risks are real, but the rewards absolutely make it worth the danger.

First, let‘s recap DMZ itself. This ruthless extraction mode drops you into the war-torn landscape of Al Mazrah with one goal – secure valuable contraband and exfiltrate back out alive. Easier said than done, with enemy AI combatants around every corner and other bloodthirsty operators eyeing your hard-earned loot.

Keys in DMZ ratchet up the stakes even higher. These elusive keys unlock stashes and rooms overflowing with rare weapons, armor, and blueprints. But extracting with these keys paints a target on your back – you become public enemy #1 for any squad wanting to pry them from your cold, dead hands.

I‘ve had my fair share of misses trying to snag keys. Hours spent tracking down a High Value Target, only to get ambushed at the last second, key slipping away into the fog. So trust me when I say – the rewards inside the Lost Manager‘s Office make the hunt worthwhile. Let‘s breakdown everything you need to know.

Detailed Directions – Pinpointing the Location

The Lost Manager‘s Office location can be found in northwest Port Ashika, coordinates G6. Look for a small office building, and head upstairs to find the locked door.

This far corner of Ashika Island can be risky to push towards if you don‘t strategize your approach. I‘d recommend at least a trio – ideally with a sniper for overwatch and an engineer for proximity alarms. Sensor grenades are also a must to watch for campers.

Loot Rarity – Inside the Office

Based on data aggregated by CharlieIntel and TrueGameData, the Lost Manager‘s Office contains:

  • 3 Weapon Crates – Spawns rare blueprints like the FSS Hurricane and Victus XMR at ~10% rate

  • $10,000 Cash

  • 2 Armor Satchels – Plate Carriers, Reinforced Armor

  • 1 High Value Weapon Case – Guaranteed epic/legendary blueprint

This compact room packs a devastating punch of gear, especially the Weapon Case. With blueprints valued at $5,000+ for re-sale, securing this key is an economy game-changer.

Recommended Loadout

When pushing to grab the Lost Manager‘s Office key, I suggest equipping:

  • SP-R 208 – One shot sniper rifle for long range picks
  • Fennec 45 – High fire rate SMG to dominate close quarters
  • Smoke Grenades – Covers exfil approach if engaged

Perks: Cold Blooded to avoid AI targeting, Ghost to hide from heartbeat sensors, and Tracker to hunt down enemies.

Prioritize engagement distance and stealth. The last thing you want is to be swarmed while unlocking all this valuable loot.

Comparing to Other Top DMZ Keys

The Lost Manager‘s Office key has some worthy competitors among DMZ keys:

  • Tsuki Castle Weapons Locker Key – Rare protoype gun blueprints

  • Crash Site Weapon Case Key – Access to plane‘s exclusive weapon cases

  • Radiation Zone KEYCARD – Hazmat suit and uranium loot

But for pure return on investment, the Lost Manager‘s Office takes the crown. Just be ready to fight hard for the privilege of unlocking its riches.

Time to Extract the Motherlode

Now you‘ve got the intel and an expert strategy guide for navigating to this key in Season 2. Drop in, keep cool under pressure, and escape with an inventory full of riches. The high risk manuever could set you up to dominate Al Mazrah.

Let me know if you secure this lucrative key using #DMZ and #LostManagerKey! Our squad has this new objective locked for our next infiltration. I‘m hopeful my advice gives us the edge we need. Stay frosty out there and happy hunting!