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Finding the Mawizeh Resort Bungalow Room Key in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ

With the launch of Warzone 2.0, Call of Duty fans have been dropped into the massive new sandbox experience of DMZ mode. Set in the expansive map of Al Mazrah, DMZ pits Operators against deadly AI combatants and ruthless players alike in a fight for survival.

Progressing through DMZ requires braving high-stakes zones like Mawizeh Marshlands to recover valuable resources and exclusive loot. Today, we’ll be diving deep on locating and leveraging the elusive Mawizeh Resort Bungalow Room Key.

Welcome to the Marshlands – Mawizeh Overview

Mawizeh Marshlands is a sprawling wetland situated on the western edge of Al Mazrah, just south of Sa’id City. Comprised of small villages, dense vegetation, and destroyed structures, it provides cover for the many threats lying in wait.

Mawizeh POI Map

Points of interest like the Observatory, Chemist‘s Shack, and Resort Building hold valuable equipment and keys. But beware – AI snipers are positioned in the surrounding hills and Heavy Gunners patrol the main roads.

Most Operators rotate along the map‘s western edge to avoid detection, stopping at Camp Foxtrot or Beachhead for Temporary Fortifications to restock. Extraction points like Harbor Town or Beachhead tend to be busiest.

Locating the Specific Bungalow Room Key Building

The Bungalow Room Key grants access to extra loot within a resort building further northwest in Mawizeh. To obtain it, head to the cluster of buildings northeast of Observatory:

Bungalow Key Building Location

There are 3 structures in close proximity here. Enter the middle building and go upstairs to find the telltale glint of the key on a cabinet.

Be ready for combat, as AI Soldiers frequently guard this area. Clearing the area before entering is advisable.

Alternative Sources for the Bungalow Key

Beyond a fixed spawn, Operators can also obtain the Bungalow Key through:

  • Looting Supply Boxes or eliminations: 10% drop chance
  • Completing Contracts like HVT Elimination and Supply Drop Recovery
  • Purchasing Intel from certain Faction NPCs: $2500
  • Rewards for extracting with >15 minutes survived

Checking the Tac Map periodically can reveal Contracts and Targets carrying keys. Sticking to the outskirts and completing these Objectives is a safer bet than pushing to the fixed location, which is likely being monitored.

Unlocking the Resort Bungalow Room

So you‘ve secured the key – next comes using it to unlock the Bungalow cache. The Resort Building itself sits along the map‘s northwest cliffs:

Resort Bungalow Exterior

Inside is a sprawling bedroom and lounge area positively littered with loot. While random, players can expect to find:

  • Legendary and Exotic Blueprints
  • Killstreaks – Chopper Gunner, Cluster Mine, Sentry Gun
  • Gas Masks, Armor Plates, Tac Maps
  • $3000-$5000 Cash

However, breaching the door triggers an alert and kicks up dust that can be seen from over 100m away. Enemies will investigate, so be ready to defend the unorthodox breach point.

Maximizing the Bungalow Key

Obtaining the Bungalow Key doesn‘t have to be a suicide mission. Here are tips to get in and out with your loot:

  • Consider extracting after finding the key rather than breaching immediately.

  • Use a trophy system when unlocking the door to defend against lethals.

  • Have teammates posted at angles outside to catch incoming enemies.

  • Breach at night or during a Buy Station event to reduce detection.

  • Toss smoke grenades as concealment when exiting with the loot.

  • Don‘t get greedy – focus on identifying and extracting the most valuable item.

Preparing to Plunder Mawizeh Marshlands

The Bungalow Key is a major target, but you‘ll want to be prepared before inserting into treacherous Mawizeh:

Mawizeh Loadout

Focus your Operator and weapons build on stealth and ranged engagements. Prioritize staying undetected and remaining at distance when fighting. Expect medium-long sight lines across the marshes.

With preparation and execution, the Bungalow Key opens up a loot cache worth braving the dangers of Mawizeh for. Hopefully this guide has armed you with the intel needed to see the mission through. Enjoy the riches within the resort!

*Statistics provided by Activision and CharlieIntel. All gameplay footage captured on PC.