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Master Guide: Locating and Farming Mimir for the Coveted Omnium Beast Right Arm

Tower of Fantasy draws gamers into frantic battles against towering behemoths wandering the alien planet of Aida. One exceptionally large specimen—Mimir—proves essential to track down for a vital crafting material: the Omnium Beast Right Arm. With a painfully slim drop rate below 1% [1], the only path to obtaining this rare component involves relentlessly farming the colossal Mimir.

This master guide uncovers everything you need to pinpoint Mimir and reap consistent rewards by emerging victorious again and again versus this oversized foe. Let‘s begin the hunt!

Why Defeat Mimir: Chance to Obtain the Omnium Beast Right Arm

Defeating behemoths poses immense challenges, so what motivates confronting these overpowered giants? For Mimir, the answer lies with unique crafting drops—namely the coveted Omnium Beast Right Arm. When combined with other Omnium ingredients, this piece creates the destructive rideable Omnium Beast Vehicle.

This single-seat mech overload brims with missile salvos and spinning saw blades for annihilating all who stand in its path. Yet the raw firepower comes balanced by harsh resource costs. You first need to assemble the Omnium Beast‘s three components:

  • Omnium Beast Right Arm
  • Omnium Beast Left Arm
  • Omnium Beast Body

Mimir and one other behemoth named Thunder Cleaver Vera share exclusive access for dropping the essential Omnium Beast Right Arm. So farming Mimir lives as your best bet for ultimately riderizing this deadly Omnium mech!

Pinpointing Mimir Near the Ancient Roads

Now that the importance of tracking down Mimir shines clear, where exactly does this hulking behemoth traverse in Tower of Fantasy? Mimir‘s patrol route crashes along the Ancient Roads within eastern Navia around coordinates (-138.1, -257.5).

When approaching, keep eyes trained for crumbling rocky roads that characterize the Ancient Roads landmark. Mimir‘s thunderous footsteps echo nearby, granting warnings to its lumbering presence. Our oversized target roams solo in this desert transition zone, so a one-on-one showdown awaits with Tower of Fantasy’s grandest giant.

See below for a detailed Aida map locating Mimir beside the Ancient Roads:

Annotated Map with Mimir Location

With the Mimir tracking stage set, next we‘ll cover ideal strategies for tackling this towering foe without getting crushed!

Battle Tactics: How to Defeat Mimir

Mimir warrants its Giant Aberrant class rating: extreme durability and hard-hitting attacks. This enemy shrugs off all but the most damaging weapon and skill rotations. Meanwhile, violent slams and swats dish lethal punishment to the unprepared.

Consider confronting Mimir with a balanced trio to distribute damage roles:

  • Long-ranged damage dealer – Whittles down Mimir‘s thick armor
  • Frontline tank – Withstands crippling blows thanks to shielding
  • Healer Support – Patches up health pools between Mimir’s attacks

The combined arms approach allows sustaining damage over time without overextending vulnerably into the fray. Have ranged weapons ready armor cracking Fire elemental blasts to expose health pools for heavier damage. Quick aerial combos further evade ground smash waves targeting anchored players.

However you approach this monumental challenge, persistence remains mandatory for felling these towering titans!

Rewards: Achievements and The Coveted Omnium Beast Right Arm

Beyond routine rewards like experience points and credits from defeating Mimir, special incentives drive battling this behemoth. Scoring your first victory over Mimir in particular earns the "Mimir" achievement.

But the true prize lies with Mimir’s slim random chance to drop the Omnium Beast Right Arm crafting component. This rare material combines to create the Omnium Beast mount, hence devoted farmers grind relentlessly for their shot at ultimately riding this robotic titan into battle!

Farming Other Behemoths

Once comfortable battling Mimir, target other formidable Giant Aberrants as additional sources for the Omnium Beast Right Arm:

Behemoth Location
Thunder Cleaver Vera Mount Thundersmite in Warren Snowfields
Rockdestroyer Kalisto Southeast of Warren Snowfields near Babylonia

These extreme late-game bosses require flawless execution to achieve victory. Yet expanding your behemoth hunting grounds enhances acquisition odds for the vital Omnium materials to construct your destined ridership over a mechanized monster!

FAQ: Common Questions About Farming Mimir

Still have questions about pinpointing Mimir or emerging victorious? See answers below to frequent inquiries:

What are the exact coordinates for Mimir?

Mimir spawns near the Ancient Roads around -138.1, -257.5 in eastern Navia.

What weapons work best against Mimir?

Prioritize Fire elemental weapons to expose Mimir‘s health bar quickly underneath thick armor.

And there you have it – everything required for locating Mimir and scoring repeat victories over Tower of Fantasy’s most imposing behemoth. Soon enough, the fruits of your efforts shall come together to unleash the Omnium Beast and carry you unstoppably into battle!


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