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How to Get the Moonpiercer Polearm in Genshin Impact

As an avid Genshin Impact player and guide writer, I‘ve carved through enough perilous domains to know my way around powerful weapons. So allow me to impart my hardearned knowledge regarding the crescent-shaped craftable polearm – Moonpiercer!

In the mystical land of Teyvat filled with ancient gods and magical artifacts, this Sumeru-forged weapon stands out for its sleek silver blade and synergistic buffs. Let‘s dive into everything you need to obtain, craft, and master the Moonpiercer!

Genshin Impact Crafting Basics

But first, a quick primer on Genshin Impact‘s weapon crafting systems for the uninitiated:

  • Weapons are vital for amplifying character combat capabilities
  • Craftable weapons provide a reliable way to gain power without relying on the gacha
  • Special regional weapons require location-specific blueprints to craft
  • These blueprints are often locked behind certain quests or NPC trades

Now that you know the basics, let‘s get back to the mystical Moonpiercer polearm and where to find its crafting diagram…

Prerequisites for the Moonpiercer Blueprint

Gaining the ability to forge a Moonpiercer requires jumping through a few hoops beforehand:

  1. Finish the sprawling Aranyaka questline, including the climax in "Dream Nursery", to befriend the Aranara tribe. This takes 10+ hours!
  2. Access Vanarana‘s secret "Dreamland" by using a gadget to shift realms. More on this later!
  3. Earn at least 1 "Stories of You and Aranara" via quests. This unique currency is used to purchase goods from Aranara vendors.

I know it‘s a lengthy process, but the payoff is worth it! Now let‘s get you your diagram…

Buying the Moonpiercer Blueprint in Vanarana

Once you‘ve put in the work completing Aranyaka and preparing Vanarana‘s special currency, here‘s how to purchase your Moonpiercer blueprint:

  1. Reach the heart of Vanarana and locate the grand Tree of Dreams
  2. Before approaching any Aranara NPCs, play the Vintage Lyre to shift realms into the magical Dreamland! The sky shifts to indicate you‘ve entered it.
  3. Climb up the Tree‘s winding roots to find Aravinay, an Aranara weapon merchant
  4. Trade 1 "Stories of You and Aranara" item to purchase his "Tale of Moonlight" crafting blueprint

Check out this area map I‘ve highlighted showing the quickest route through the glowing Dreamland to Aravinay‘s shop:

[Map Image]

With the blueprint in hand, you can finally craft your own Moonpiercer blade…

Forging Materials Needed

Once you‘ve purchased the diagram, here are the necessary materials to forge your silvery 4-star polearm:

  • 1x Midlander Polearm Billet
  • 50x Crystal Chunk
  • 50x White Iron Chunk
  • 500x Mora

Compared to assets needed for other Sumeru weapons like the Sapwood Blade, Moonpiercer lies on the cheaper side.

I‘d recommend utilizing these optimized Genshin farming routes when gathering ingredients:

[Embedded Map/Image]

Now let‘s head over to the nearest blacksmith and combine it all to claim your legendary lunar weapon!

Equipping Moonpiercer for Maximum Potential

Once forged, the Moonpiercer‘s noteworthy stats and effects include:

  • High 608 Base ATK at max level 90
  • EM secondary stat to boost elemental reactions
  • Energy recharge ability to fuel elemental bursts

Based on my experience and analysis, these polearm-wielders gain the most benefit from a Moonpiercer equipped:

  • Raiden Shogun – amplification reactions
  • Xiangling – pyro application and reactions
  • Rosaria – cryo support with bursts

While not best-in-slot, the Moonpiercer provides solid overall value. Both f2p players and whales alike praise this weapon for its accessibility via crafting blueprints rather than pure gacha luck!

So take pride in equipping your glittering crescent Moonpiercer, whether you‘re a casual enjoyer of Genshin‘s rich worlds or a meta-focused Spiral Abyss veteran.

Further Adventures With Craftable Weapons

The Moonpiercer is but one of various powerful craftable weapons added in Genshin Updates.

Some other noteworthy options include:

  • Sapwood Blade (Sumeru Sword) with Energy recharge focus
  • King‘s Squire (Mondstadt Bow) supporting charge shot playstyle
  • Snow-tombed Starsilver (Dragonspine Claymore) boosting physical DMG

Let me know in the comments below if you‘d be interested in similar crafting guides focused on these weapons!

Until next time, may your artifacts roll high crit and your gacha be blessed. This is [Your Name], signing off.