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9 Best Free MP4 Compressors: Shrink MP4 Quickly

Have you had the experience of not sending an mp4 video to someone or uploading it to some platform that fails to send it due to its large size? In most cases, the best solution to that issue is to compress the mp4 video file to a smaller size.Mp4 is a file mp4 file extension (MPEG-4) that is used to store audio, video, and other data like a subtitle .Mp4 has become commonly used and became an international standard.

Using mp4 format, you may experience some difficulties downloading and uploading large files because your social media platform requires a limited size or a great internet connection.

To avoid these frustrations, we need video compressor tools that can reduce the larger videos to smaller ones; here have listed the tools that can help you out in compressions:

1. FreeConvert


A free online video compressor tool can reduce a video file to your desired size and quality level. It's a fast tool that supports MP4, MKV, FLV, and many more. You can use an Android video compressor or an IOS Video compressor to compress video on your mobile.

It works in a simple way where you drop files of a maximum of 1GB. It has an optional advanced setting such as Video Codec, which can reduce the size of the video by 20-75 %, and also a compression method that gives out the exact output file size.

2. VEED.IO (MP4 Compressor)


It's an online MP4 compressor that minimizes your video file size to a small size with less loss in quality. This tool is freely available online and can edit your videos, sounds, and images and add texts. Compressions of mp4 files are done by dragging and dropping your mp4 file or upload from your folders.

After this, you can set video resolutions from video editing tools, and lastly, save your changes and click on export. You can proceed to download the compressed video on your device.

3. Xconvert


Free online MP4 compressor tool that compresses MP4 file size. You can make the output file size smaller and change the resolution and quality. You can optionally choose the encoder, either H.264   or H.265. It has a feature that can detect your files' best quality output while reducing to mp4 file size.

To use this tool, click and drag and drop the mp4 file and press compress. The compression process will take a few moments to complete, and you can download them as individual images or zip files.

4. Clideo (MP4 Compressor)


It's a cloud-based MP4  compression tool that is popular with all formats. It does not require downloading the software, and it works fast. This video compressor is effective since it allows the compression of video up to 500MB with no quantity limit.

To compress an MP4 file online, you need to choose an mp4 file from your desktop, google drive or dropbox, and the tool processes the video for a short while depending on the size and the quality. Download the compressed MP4 if it looks good and save it to cloud storage or download it to your device.

5. Online Converter

Online Converter

This free online video compressor can compress video files by reducing their sizes. Such video formats include MP4, MKV, WMV,3GP MOV, FLV, and many more. This compression tool is essential since it helps you to save network bandwidth and disk space for easy transferring, sharing, and storage.

The most popular output format is MP4, and how to use it, you choose the mp4 file you want to compress and enter the desired video size. Click the compress button to start the uploading process, and when done, you can download the compression results.

6. Flixier


It's a free online video compressor tool that offers services such as compressing video files into reduced video files without losing quality. It supports various files such as MP4, FLV, Avi, MOV, WMV, and MKV.

Its process is simple and beginner friendly since you have to upload the mp4 file, and it will redirect to your folder or drag and drop your file to be compressed. Depending on the video size uploaded, it will take time for the compression process to end.

You can download your new compressed MP4 file when it finishes the compression process.



This safe online mp4 video compressor tool quickly compresses MP4 video files from your web browser on their website. This tool was once built for internal services but was later made public for other users to receive the services for free. It compresses mp4 files without losing quality, and its website uses encrypted HTTPS connection for safe connection and secure data.

The files uploaded to this site and compressed are automatically deleted from their servers after a few hours. It is easy to use by selecting the mp4 file and clicking the upload video file button. Its compression progress is not shown. It depends on your internet connection.

Finally, after compression completion of your uploaded file, click the download file link.

8. Video compressor

It's an online video compressor compatible with video files such as MP4, MOV, MPEG, HD, AVI, and many more. You can use veed for free on operating systems like Mac or Windows, Android, or iPhone for compressing video files into smaller file sizes without losing visual quality.

Keep this tool, and there is no need for software to download because it's a web-based app. The compressed raw video can fit the file size needed for upload on Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube, and other social networks platform.

9. Clideo

Clideo video compressor

It’s a fast compression video online tool that automatically does the compression for you with the help of the best parameters to reduce its file size. It has secure channels that only allow you to access your files.

It supports formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, VOB, and many more. To upload a video, make sure the video reaches up to 500 MB and wait for a while for the video to be compressed.

Lastly, save the results and save the video back to your device.


Whenever you have a large video file and want to upload it to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. that is well sorted using the above tools video compressor and mp4 compressor. These tools are easy and free to use and maintain the original video quality after compressions.