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Data Unleashed: Music Industry’s New Power Tool

In the rapidly evolving music industry, access to precise and comprehensive data is crucial. Historically, only the most influential industry players had access to premium data. However, Viberate, a pioneering music data company, is altering this landscape.

They've made extensive music analytics accessible at a budget-friendly price of just $19.90 per month, a game-changer for those in the music business.

The significance of having high-quality data in the music industry cannot be understated. It’s a revolutionary tool for those in the music business, enabling quicker, more informed decisions in various domains, such as identifying upcoming talent, monitoring artist rosters, compiling reports, and evaluating the effects of music releases and tours. Major record labels have capitalized on these insights for years, but the cost was often a barrier for many.

Viberate's mission is to democratize music analytics: “We're making advanced music analytics available to every professional in the music industry.” Recently, they slashed the price of their professional music analytics suite from $129 to an affordable $19.90 per month, including comprehensive Spotify statistics and other channel-specific insights.

Viberate: Comprehensive Music and Social Media Analytics for Everyone


Viberate's robust and inclusive methodology aims to map and analyze the entire music industry ecosystem – from artists and tracks to festivals, playlists, and labels – all within a single platform. By transforming streaming and social media data into actionable insights, they empower professionals to uncover new talent, manage artist rosters, and strategize promotional efforts effectively.

Tracking over a million artists, Viberate provides Spotify stats, which, as of 2021, is available in 93 markets globally. This expansive reach is critical for artists and professionals looking to engage the average Spotify user, who adds 26 songs to their library each month, highlighting the platform's deep user engagement and the importance of music discovery.

In-Depth Spotify Stats for Every Artist

Viberate excels in providing comprehensive Spotify artist stats. The platform offers detailed tracking of Spotify monthly listeners, followers, and streams, with both historical and real-time data. It provides insights into an artist's top songs and a thorough analysis of their Spotify repertoire. Additionally, the platform meticulously tracks each playlist feature of an artist, allowing users to monitor changes over time and identify which songs and playlists are most effective.

This feature is particularly valuable considering the importance of playlists in reaching new audiences on Spotify. For instance, “Today's Top Hits,” the most popular Spotify playlist, has over 26 million followers, showcasing the immense potential for artists to amplify their reach and listenership through strategic playlist placements.

Analyzing Over 12M+ Spotify Playlists with Viberate

Viberate’s playlist analyzer is a treasure trove for those seeking detailed stats for Spotify. With analysis of over 12 million Spotify playlists, ranked by popularity, users can sort by various metrics such as follower count, recent growth, and track numbers. This tool is incredibly beneficial for identifying genre-appropriate playlists that could elevate an artist’s listenership.

The feature to filter by playlist type, including user-generated and editorial lists, enhances its utility for music promotion. This is especially relevant as the average Spotify user spends around 25 hours a month on the platform, engaging with a wide array of content and adding approximately 26 songs to their library every month, indicating a substantial opportunity for artists to increase their visibility and streams.

Tailored Data Solutions for Various Industry Roles

Tailored Data Solutions for Various Industry Roles

Viberate prides itself on customizable solutions: “Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We deliver not just intelligent insights but also aesthetically pleasing ones.

We understand that different industry roles like A&Rs, label managers, and agents utilize data uniquely, which is why our platform is highly adaptable to any requirement.” In addition to their subscription plan, they offer specialized services such as custom dashboards, database matching, and API access.

In conclusion, Viberate is redefining the music industry with its affordable and comprehensive analytics platform. With detailed Spotify stats and a vast array of channel-specific analytics, coupled with customizable features, it is an invaluable asset for industry professionals aiming to leverage data-driven decision-making.