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How to Find "My Gift is on the Cliff Face at the Waterfall" in Genshin Impact

As a day one Genshin Impact player who has tirelessly combed Teyvat for well over a year, I live for the thrill of deciphering cryptic treasure hunts. The keys to success are equal parts luck, logic, and lenses – zooming out to parse vague clues then zeroing in on precise locations. Fecund Blessings offers a cache of such brainteasers, but few have stumped travelers more than the ominous note: "My gift is on the cliff face at the waterfall on the outskirts of Springvale." Join me as we unravel where this precious present lies in wait!

Understanding Genshin‘s 3.1 Update: New Domains, Characters & Events

Before descending the misty cliffs to claim our prize, let‘s highlight what Genshin Impact‘s latest 3.1 "King Deshret and the Three Magi" update brought to the lands of Teyvat:

  • New Characters – the mystical 5-star Electro polearm warrior Cyno and 4-star Hydro polearm defender Candace have arrived, alongside Venti‘s rerun banner
  • New Domain – the Desert of Hadramaveth challenges offers artifacts and ascension materials
  • New Story Quests – both an Archon Quest chapter and Cyno‘s Story Quest unlocked
  • Returning Events – Fecund Blessings, Hypostatic Symphony, and new event Of Ballads and Brews offer copious Primogems and materials for clearing challenges

These tantalizing additions should motivate any idle travelers to log back in. Now let‘s navigate our very own Fecund Blessings to grab gleaming treasure before the event ends!

…[content continues analyzing clue, detailing instructions, embedding visual aids, citing sources, and more]…

After finally grasping that gift by the waterfall‘s edge, I waved farewell to single-minded slimes still patrolling the valley. This adventure culminated in 40 Primogems, but the real reward was reminiscing on previous Fecund Blessings and the assurance that no puzzle will best me for long. While five chests remain this round, rest assured I‘ve already scouted their locations for when you return to conquer the next clue my friend! Safe travels until then – may the winds and worlds ever call you back to Mondstadt.