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The Rise of satoyu0704 as the Ohio Final Boss on TikTok

If you‘ve been on TikTok lately, you may have come across videos of a man dressed in a suit, walking down the street to Phonk music. In the comments, people are calling him the "Ohio Final Boss." This man is satoyu0704, a Japanese TikTok creator who has quickly risen to popularity through his unique persona.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll dive deep into the origins of satoyu0704, how he became known as the Ohio Final Boss, the significance of the meme, and what the future may hold for one of TikTok‘s biggest viral stars.

Who is satoyu0704? A Closer Look at the Rising TikTok Star

Let‘s start by taking a closer look at the man behind the meme – who is satoyu0704?

satoyu0704 is a Japanese TikTok creator who currently boasts over 1.1 million followers on the platform. Before becoming known as the Ohio Final Boss, he was a relatively small creator who made content related to voice acting and Pikachu.

Back then, his videos ranged from 200k to 1 million views – impressive, but a far cry from his current view counts. The switch to Ohio Final Boss content marked a major shift in both his persona and popularity.

In his viral TikTok videos today, satoyu0704 is seen walking down the street wearing a full black suit while listening to ominous Phonk music through large headphones. His serious demeanor gives him an antagonist-like vibe – like that of an anime final boss character.

According to analytics from SocialBlade, satoyu0704 gained over 700,000 new followers in the past month since starting his Ohio Final Boss videos. He is currently gaining an average of 15,000 new followers daily.

His videos now consistently exceed 1 million views each, with some of his lives streams and collab videos gaining over 5 million views.

This exponential growth shows just how rapidly satoyu0704 blew up after establishing his Ohio Final Boss persona. He represents a true viral underdog story on TikTok.

The Origins of the Ohio Final Boss Meme

Now that we know more about the man behind the meme, let‘s explore the origins of the Ohio Final Boss persona that catapulted him into stardom.

The Ohio Final Boss meme was born out of the collision of a few preexisting TikTok inside jokes and satoyu0704‘s anime protagonist aesthetic. Here are the key ingredients that came together to create this viral meme:

The Ohio Meme

On TikTok, there is a running joke about the state of Ohio being a hyper-exaggerated, anarchic place. Videos labeled "Normal day in Ohio" showcase absurd situations meant to parody life in the state.

Some examples include:

  • Videos of chaotic weather patterns like tornadoes and lightning storms captioned as just another day in Ohio.

  • Dangerous drivers doing donuts in the middle of intersections with cars crashing in the background.

  • Clips of wild animals like bears running through neighborhoods with captions about typical mornings in Ohio.

Painting Ohio as an insane, lawless land paved the way for satoyu0704 to be portrayed as the ominous "Final Boss" of the state.

Mistaking "Ohayo" for "Ohio"

As mentioned, in many of his videos, satoyu0704 utters the Japanese greeting "Ohayo," meaning good morning.

TikTokers decided to deliberately mistake this as him saying "Ohio," playing into the Ohio meme and satoyu0704‘s apparent obsession with the state.

This collective "mishearing" furthered the image of satoyu0704 having an intense connection and power over Ohio.

Final Boss Memes

The "Final Boss" element of the meme draws inspiration from a trend on TikTok of depicting certain sounds or characters as video game bosses.

Popular examples include:

  • Kumalala vs Savesta: An edited audio clip of these two fictional monsters facing off went viral, with TikTokers using the sound in dramatic showdown videos.

  • Quandale Dingle: A fictional character portrayed by TikToker @stretchybroadway who people edit as an intimidating final boss.

Appending "Final Boss" to satoyu0704‘s apparent Ohio obsession took this preexisting concept and gave it a unique twist tailored to satoyu0704‘s persona.

The Viral Spread of satoyu0704 as the Ohio Final Boss

The Ohio Final Boss meme truly exploded in popularity when satoyu0704 began doing live streams with another Japanese TikToker @natuecoco.

In the live streams, the two creators act like anime rivals facing off in an epic Phonk music-scored battle. Comments debate who would win in a fictional fight between satoyu0704 and @natuecoco.

Clips taken from these live streams gained millions of views in a short time, further promoting the image of satoyu0704 as this intimidating Ohio Final Boss character.

One viral clip in particular gained over 4.3 million views. In it, satoyu0704 dramatically enters the frame in his signature black suit during the live stream to confront his "opponent" @natuecoco.

The dramatic music coupled with their staged rivalry makes the battle feel like a high-stakes anime showdown. Comments like "The battle for Ohio" further fuel the meme.

Breaking Down the Meme: Why Does the Ohio Final Boss Resonate?

Now that we‘ve explored the origins of the meme, let‘s analyze why it became so widely viral. There are several psychological and cultural factors that allowed this meme to resonate:

The Element of Absurdity

At its core, internet memes inherently thrive on comedic absurdity. This is a major appeal of the Ohio Final Boss. The sheer ridiculousness of an anime-style rival from Japan becoming the final boss of Ohio is funny, strange, and downright absurd. This absurdist humor makes the meme highly entertaining and shareable.

According to, the absurdity of contrasting anime with Ohio culture is a large driver behind the meme‘s popularity. On a psychological level, the human brain enjoys contrast and odd juxtapositions.

Underdog Story

As mentioned, satoyu0704 was relatively unknown before his Ohio Final Boss fame. Seeing a random creator being uplifted into meme stardom is satisfying. Humans psychologically enjoy underdog narratives. satoyu0704‘s rise from 200k views to million+ views fuels this appeal.

Commentary on Virality

On a deeper level, the meme offers commentary on what it takes to go viral on TikTok today. It pokes fun at the sheer randomness that can launch someone into fame.

Any creator has the potential to become "TikTok famous" overnight with the right timing and luck. satoyu0704‘s extreme viral explosion demonstrates this unpredictable phenomenon.

Cultural Crossover

The blend of Japanese culture and Ohio‘s Midwest vibe also intrigues TikTok viewers on a cross-cultural level.

As TikTok expands globally, memes that synthesize different cultural contexts captivate users. The Ohio Final Boss represents an unexpected mashup of anime, J-pop, Phonk music, and Midwestern memes into one odd yet captivating viral moment.

The Future: What‘s Next for the Ohio Final Boss?

While internet memes are inherently ephemeral, the Ohio Final Boss seems to have some staying power. Videos related to the meme are still consistently gaining millions of views.

However, with most viral memes, it‘s difficult to predict just how long public interest will last. The novelty may eventually wear off.

For now, satoyu0704 is riding high off his Ohio Final Boss fame, gaining followers and views at an exponential rate. Where the meme goes from here is uncertain.

Here are some possibilities for the future of this viral meme:

  • satoyu0704 might attempt to capitalize on his fame by selling merchandise related to the meme. However, memes tend to lose appeal once monetized.

  • We may see the Ohio Final Boss face off against other location-based memes, spawning a trend of fictional rivalries and showdowns.

  • Other TikTokers could adopt the persona in their own videos, potentially oversaturating the meme.

  • As with most single-creator memes, interest may slowly dissipate over time as users move on to the next viral trend.

While the lifespan of internet memes is unpredictable, the Ohio Final Boss offers an intriguing case study in unexpected virality. It blends familiar elements of internet culture into an unlikely viral moment.

No one can say for certain how long satoyu0704‘s fame will last. But for now, he stands triumphant as TikTok‘s infamous Ohio Final Boss.

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