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10+ Most Prettiest One Punch Man Female Characters Ranked

There are so many One Punch Man Male Characters, but not many One Punch Man Female Characters. We need more female heroes in media, especially in the anime. We want to see more women who are strong and headstrong.

1. Lin Lin

Lin Lin One Punch

Although Lin Lin has developed fears of monsters, she is an eager girl that always looks forward to a fight to start. Lin Lin is a small girl with black hair that is braided, including long bangs that cover her forehead. She has red eyes and long eyelashes.

Lin Lin Likes to decorate her hair with bells, as well as smaller versions of those bells as earrings. Lin Lin is a strong martial artist with dangerous weapons. While not much is known about Lin Lin, there is a limit to her power level by being a martial artist and nothing more.

2. Mosquito Girl

Mosquito Girl

Mosquito Girl is one of the first villains introduced into the series. She is a human that was modified by Dr.Genus. She has invaded one of the cities with a swarm of dangerous mosquitos. She has a very insect-like appearance, white hair, and light brown eyes.

Although she is a Mosquito, she has a very feminine human figure. Mosquito Girl can fly, regenerate, transform and generate a shockwave. She uses her horns and claws to attack. Although Saitama is very overpowered, he holds excellent hate for mosquitos, which means he hates Mosquito Girl too.

3. Psykos

Psykos One Punch

A dangerous antagonist who is a military advisor for the Monster Association organization. Psykos is a scientist with god-like abilities. She has long, wavy hair that is aqua-colored. Green eyes that are improved with glasses. As well as freckles on her face.

Psykos is a proud, cunning, and sadistic woman. When it comes to battle, Psykos always uses her calculator to determine the probability of winning or losing. Psykos can manipulate objects with her thoughts and channel energy into a physical bolt.

4. Tatsumaki


One of the most famous and favorite community girls in the series. Tatsumaki is an arrogant and very proud hero girl. She cannot tolerate any argument or mockery towards her. Although she looks young and short, she is 28 years old.

She has green hair and green eyes, and she wears a black dress that covers her body before splitting down and revealing her legs. Tatsumaki can fly, control objects or people with her powers, and force them away. Tatsumaki didn’t recognize Saitama’s power and refused to believe any outcome that he directly made.

5. Fubuki


Another fan favorite in the series is Fubuki. A mature woman with a curvy body, she has short dark-green hair that goes above her shoulders. She wears a body-fitting dress, a fur coat, and a fancy necklace. Despite her appearance, Fubuki is Tatsumaki’s younger sister.

Fubuki looks more intimidating and mature, yet she is seen as inferior to her older sister, who looks younger and weaker. For that reason, she had become her rival. Fubuki can fly and use Psychokinesis.

6. Monster Princess Do-S

Monster Princess Do-S

A Demon-Level being that is from the Monster Association. Do-S is a female figure with long straight blonde hair. She has a heart mark on her forehead. Her eyes are black, and her pupils are pink. Monster Princess Do-S wears incredibly sexy and very revealing outfits, making her the sadistic type, especially with the whip she always carries.

Do-S has the ability to control other people’s minds, forcing them to become her love slaves. She can also transform a part of her body into something she desires. As well as having regeneration ability.

7. Lily


Lily is a young girl and a professional, ranking B-Class 74 hero. Her appearance stands out the most as she has long black hair in a ponytail, and a few strands of her hair can be seen colored light blue. She also has bluish eyes and a pretty flower on top of her hair.

Lily typically wears a suit accompanied by a black skirt. Lily did not show any supernatural skills. Instead, she can be seen wielding a three-section staff to fight. Lily is super loyal to Fubuki and would do anything to please her.

8. Suiko


Suiko is one of the martial artists who inherited the “Void Fist” technique. She is a young girl with short black hair and tanned skin. She usually can be seen wearing a hoodie on top of a sports outfit. Suiko also has a beauty mark under her lips.

Although Suiko’s ability is quite strong, she overestimates herself to the point where it becomes dangerous. But Suiko is not afraid of failing for the sake of improving herself.

9. Captain Mizuki

Captain Mizuki

Mizuki used to be an athlete before she became a hero, and because of that, she has a very muscular, lean body with visible abs and muscles. Mizuki has spiky long hair that is put into a high ponytail. Her hair is orange and her eyes are purple.

Most of the time, Captain Mizuki can be seen cheerful with a smile on her face. Most of her power comes from her physical strength which is completely supernatural. Her powers are beyond human's limit as she can jump a far height, crush monsters with her weapons which can be changed by her will and have super reflexes.

10. Shadow Ring

Shadow Ring

Shadow Ring is a short and agile young ninja. She can be found wearing a purple ninja outfit. She has short hair that is put into two pigtails. She also wears an eye mask to fit with the ninja aesthetics.

Shadow Ring is an A-Class hero, meaning she has tremendous physical strength, speed, and reflexes. She can use ninjutsu as she has mastered it for her duels. Shadow Ring doesn’t possess flashy supernatural abilities, but she relies on her ninja equipment to fight.

11. Kombu Infinity

Kombu Infinity anime

A mysterious being with long hair that resembles seagrass. The Entity’s body is black and the eyes are wide open. Kombu Infinity can be seen having a red mouth. Although there aren't any kind of feminine traits in this creature, it does have a feminine voice and very long hair.

Kombu Infinity likes to fight for entertainment and self-enjoyment. Kombu uses its longhair to fight and defend itself. That tentacle-like hair can forcefully push opponents and objects away, dealing lots of damage. The mysterious being is also very fast, making it quite dangerous.

12. Twin Tail

Twin Tail anime

There are many things unknown about Twin Tail. Her appearance is close to Jesters and Clowns. She has long hair put up into pigtails. Her eyes are covered by a blindfold. And her outfit is basically what a Jester would wear. A tear mark can also be seen below her left eye.

Fortunately for those who are afraid of Jesters and Clowns, Twin Tail is actually an A-Class hero. To kill various monsters, Twin Tail uses her “Juggling” ability, making use of her different hidden weapons in her outfits like pins, balls, and scimitars.

13. Eyesight


Eyesight is a Demon-level being from the Monster Association. She resembles Medusa with her appearance, having multiple black snakes as her hair, and a snake's lower body while remaining human from the rest of her upper body. Eyesight can paralyze her enemies with her deadly venom.

Being a half-woman half-snake gives her tremendous physical power, capable of crushing people with her snake tail. Her face also contains menacing eyes and sharp teeth. Eyesight can also transform her body, improving her abilities and her defense.