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7 Best OnlyFans Downloaders for Firefox [2023 Working]

If you are a user of the OnlyFans platform, you will find much of the content provided engaging, and you may wish to look at it offline. The content creators of OnlyFans accounts usually create video content where customers users access their video content by paying a monthly subscription, and they earn their revenue. If you are a customer with a free account, you are limited to accessing the content of paid accounts.

Can you download a video from the creator's account without subscribing? There are free OnlyFans Video downloaders that can assist you in downloading your favorite videos from your creator's account and watching them on your device when offline. You don't need to log in to your OnlyFans account to watch. In this article, we will dive in and look at the best OnlyFans downloaders you can use in your Firefox browser to download multiple videos and images when online. Keep reading to find more about the OnlyFans Downloaders listed below:

1. YT Saver Video Downloader

YT Saver Video Downloader

The only reason i recommend YT Saver Video Downloader is that you can download OnlyFans videos on any device. For example, when you are using a phone, you can download your videos using either an Android or an iPhone, and when it comes to PC, you can either use Mac or Windows.

You can browse and save purchased videos on YT Saver OnlyFans downloader, but the most interesting part is that you can browse and save free videos. Also, when downloading a video, you can choose the video quality you want to download. i.e. from 720p quality, the lowest, to 8k, the best quality.

After downloading the video of your desired quality, You can convert the videos to various output formats such as MP3, MP4 etc. In addition, YT Saver protects your private videos from others. YT Saver has a private video mode that allows you to input a password for your saved videos.

How To Use YT Video Downloader

Step 1: To access YT Saver OnlyFans Downloader, you should first open your browser, such as Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2: Install Mac or Windows free software on your device. Then you can carefully follow all the setup instructions to the end.

Step 3: After you have completed the first two steps, open your Application. On the tab indicated “downloading,” Once done, open the Application.

Step 4: To check your downloading progress, check the “downloading” tab. If you want to view the videos you have downloaded, then check on the “downloaded.”

Step 5: Now paste the OnlyFans video link by clicking the “downloading” tab. A pop-up will show up, and you can paste your video link.

Step 6: Once you are done pasting your video link,  the YT saver will automatically download your video. Then convert your video by clicking on the tab “convert to MP4,” which is located in the top right corner, and hence choosing the format of your choice.

Step 7: But instead, you can click on the tab “online,” pick on the App that you want, and hence download the OnlyFans videos from that App.

Step 8: The next thing you are supposed to do on your OnlyFans account is to log in to your account.

Step 9: Select the video you intend to download and hence click on the button “download.”

Step 10: You will find your videos on the downloaded tab after downloading.

2. Use Xtractor

Use Xtractor

To access the OnlyFans Xtractor platform, you must use the Firefox browser. The advantage of using the Mozilla Firefox browser is that the plugin will allow you to download videos from your paid content and your OnlyFans active subscription.

The plugin will allow you to view, save media and also download. Furthermore, the plugin also allows you to download purchased media, and it doesn't matter if you are a subscriber to the creator.

How To Use OnlyFans Xtractor On Firefox

Step 1: Open the platform of Onlyfans Xtractor.

Step 2: Choose a suitable extension to download; it can either be Chrome or Firefox extension.

Step 3: Finally, with the help of the plugin, you can download many videos of OnlyFans.

3. Video Downloader Prime

Video Downloader Prime

If you intend to download a format of any popular video, then Video Downloader Prime is the best option. It's a good thing that it appears as an extension after installing it using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Copying links to the clipboard or downloading videos becomes easy for you. Then the downloaded videos will be shown by the badge icon text. Also, you can add, disable or delete video formats and on top of that, you can quickly identify the smallest video size.

How To Use Video Downloader Prime Extension On Firefox

Step 1: Open your browser; in our case, we will use Firefox. Then on the menu drop-down, click on “add-ons and themes.”

Step 2:  Search for the extension of the Video Downloader Prime and then install it.

Step 3: After you have installed it, it will be seen on the extension page.

Step 4: Finally, you log in to the platform of Onlyfans, pick a specific video, and download it via the extension. If you have trouble locating the extension, check on it in the Firefox toolbar. Now you are good at handling it by yourself.

4. Vidjuice UniTube OnlyFans

Vidjuice UniTube OnlyFans

This is another platform that you can use to download OnlyFans videos on the Firefox browser. Here you can access the account of OnlyFans directly without loading an external site. After login, you can now download lots of videos, and in addition, you can save the video that you have downloaded in any format of your choice. For example, MP4, MP3, and MA4.

How To Use Vidjuice To Download Onlyfans Videos.

Step 1: On your Firefox browser, open the website of Vidjuice.

Step 2: On your device. i.e., windows, Mac, or Android, install Vidjuice UniTube.

Step 3: Step by step, follow the instructions you will be given until you successfully install it. After installing the Application, click “Preferences” to choose the quality of the video and output format.

Step 4: Click on the “online” tab from the left menu bar. Now all the supported platforms will be highlighted on the screen. Instead, you can paste the OnlyFans link on the top search bar, and the moment it opens, you sign in to your account.

Step 5: After locating the video of your choice, click “play,” followed by the “download” button, and immediately, the video will start to download. This is only possible on videos of paid content.

Step 6: To follow up the downloading process, check at the bottom of your screen. When completed, click on “finished” so that you can view the videos that you have downloaded.

5. Download all images

Download all images

If you want to save OnlyFans images, consider Downloading all images. This platform enables you to download any image. Furthermore, this Application can detect all the pictures on a certain web page, and it further filters those pictures by size, URL, or even dimensions.

How To Use The Download All Images Firefox Plugin

Step 1: Choose a suitable browser, then open it. In our case, we will use Firefox.

Step 2: On your menu, select “add-on and themes”

Step 3: After this, do your search, then add the Download all images add-on to your browser.

Step 4: After installing the App, you will see a picture icon on the toolbar of Firefox.

Step 5: Finally, when opening any web page, images will automatically be saved. This is how images will be downloaded without going through struggles.

6. BID


This is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, and it enables batch download. It supports full-sized pictures and different images hosted on a browser. When you register for BID, you are given a duration for a free trial, but when this duration is depleted, you begin purchasing it. In addition, you can download bulk images on this platform.

How To Use The BID Firefox Extension To Download Bulk Images

Step 1: Click on the Mozilla Firefox browser to open it. From the menu bar, navigate to “add-ons and themes” and search for BID extension.

Step 2: Now install it to your Firefox browser.

Step 3: After accepting permission, the extension will appear as a dot icon on the Firefox toolbar.

Step 4: From BID official website, install the Application and then click on the dot icon so that you can open any page.

Step 5: Then log in to your OnlyFans account and pick on any image to download. Now you click on the icon to download it.

7. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper

This is another extension of the Mozilla Firefox browser. You can use it to download videos for OnlyFans. This platform is very easy to use. What you need to do is browse normally, and automatically, it can be able to download any video once it is detected.

It works with sites such as; Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo Ustream OnlyFans, etc.

How To Use Video DownloadHelper Firefox Extension To Download Onlyfans Videos.

Step 1: On the menu bar, open the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on “add-ons and themes” Then search for the Video DownloadHelper extension.

Step 2:  Install the Application and accept the permission.

Step 3: An icon of two balls will appear immediately after it's installed on the Firefox toolbar.

Step 4: Log in to your account on the OnlyFans website.

Step 5: Now select the video of your choice and click on the Video DownloadHelper extension. Before downloading the video, you will have to play the video first.

Step 6: Take note of the color of the icon. Its color will change, indicating that a video is downloading, and once downloading is complete, click on the icon that looks like an arrow to find more settings.

Step 7:  Finally, choose a location to store your downloaded videos.


With the insight provided above, it is now easy for any OnlyFans account user to download videos or images from the accounts of content creators without paying a single coin. The methods mentioned above are easy to follow, and you don't need to be a technology expert to install the software and extensions described above. Follow the instructions, and you will enjoy free video downloads of high quality when offline.