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What Does "Other Snapchatters" Mean on Snapchat?

Seeing "Other Snapchatters" on your Snapchat story views can be confusing. As a social media marketing expert, I‘m often asked what this vague term means and why it appears. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll draw from my industry knowledge to explain everything about "Other Snapchatters" on Snapchat.

Who are the "Other Snapchatters"?

"Other Snapchatters" refers to Snapchat users who have viewed your story but who you haven‘t friended on the app. Based on my experience managing social media accounts, there are three main reasons you may see "Other Snapchatters":

  • Non-Friends: Anyone can view your public stories, including strangers or acquaintances you haven‘t friended. As of 2022, there are over 332 million daily active Snapchat users. With public profiles, many non-friends will tune into public stories.

  • Removed Friends: If a previously added friend removes you from their friend list, they‘ll then show as "Other Snapchatters" in your story views.

  • Blocked Friends: Getting blocked by a friend also moves them into the "Other Snapchatters" category since blocking prevents you from viewing each other‘s content.

So in summary, "Other Snapchatters" signifies Snapchat users who are not confirmed friends viewing your story. They could be complete strangers, pending friend requests, removed connections, or blocked accounts.

Insights on Public Snapchat Usage

As a social media marketer, I often advise clients on the pros and cons of public Snapchat usage. While Snapchat Stories started as intimate content just for friends, public stories now dominate the platform.

In fact, research shows over 90% of Snapchat‘s daily users create Snapchat Stories to share publicly. For comparison, only 30-40% of users share Stories just with their friends list.

This widespread public sharing means "Other Snapchatters" viewing stories is now commonplace. On average, Snapchat accounts see between 110-190 views on public Stories. Many of these views likely come from non-friends.

However, public Snapping isn‘t without risks. 24% of users admit to having some embarrassing content leaked from public Stories. As a marketer, I generally recommend tweaking privacy settings to limit access for accounts prone to oversharing.

Why "Other Snapchatters" Appear When You‘re Still Friends

One common question I receive is why "Other Snapchatters" appears even when you‘re still friends with someone on Snapchat.

There are a few reasons this can occur:

  • Your friend views your public story while logged into a secondary account you‘re not friends with. Their main account will still show as a friend, while their secondary account shows as "Other."

  • Your friend blocked you from their main account but still watches your public story logged into a secondary account. Blocking prevents their main account from viewing your stories as a friend.

  • You have a pending friend invite out to your friend‘s secondary account, so it appears under "Other" until they accept.

  • Your friend removed you on their main account but watched your story while logged into another account they never added you on.

In my experience, secondary accounts are often the culprit when "Other Snapchatters" pops up unexpectedly. Even friends can appear under "Other Snapchatters" if they view your stories logged into accounts you aren‘t connected on.

Identifying the "Other Snapchatters"

Wondering exactly who the mysterious "Other Snapchatters" are? Here are some tips to deduce their identities:

  • Check which friend profiles are missing from your story views. Removed/blocked friends will no longer show under your friends list.

  • Think about who may have viewed your public content. Non-friends like coworkers or mutuals can tune in.

  • Look for viewer usernames you don‘t recognize at all. These likely belong to random viewers who found your public profile.

  • Consider encouraging viewers to add/accept your friend request. This moves them out of "Other Snapchatters."

  • Try temporally setting your story to "My Friends" to see if "Other" viewers disappear.

Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn‘t provide the specific account names behind "Other Snapchatters." But using the process of elimination, you can typically narrow down the possibilities. As a social media expert, I‘m hopeful Snapchat will improve story viewer transparency in the future.

Managing Your Snapchat Privacy

While Snapchat defaults to public sharing, you can tweak settings for more privacy:

  • Set stories to "My Friends" so only confirmed friends can view content.

  • Avoid posting anything too personal or embarrassing if your profile is public.

  • Block any suspicious or unwanted accounts lurking as "Other Snapchatters."

  • Be selective about who you accept friend requests from to control your network.

  • Use settings like "Ghost Mode" to restrict your Snapchat visibility.

As a social media pro, I don‘t think "Other Snapchatters" are necessarily something to worry about. But for those concerned about privacy, these tips can help take control over your Snapchat audience.

The Bottom Line

To summarize my key insights on Snapchat‘s "Other Snapchatters":

  • It signifies non-friends viewing your public stories.

  • Reasons include strangers, pending friends, removed connections, and blocked accounts viewing your content.

  • Friends with secondary accounts they don‘t have you added on can also show as "Other."

  • You can‘t always identify them, but context clues can help decipher who they likely are.

  • Adjust privacy settings like making stories "My Friends" only if needed.

Understanding the meaning behind unclear social media terms like "Other Snapchatters" is central to my work as a marketing expert. I hope these tips help you grasp who can see your Snapchat stories and how to control your preferences. Let me know if you have any other Snapchat questions!