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Once upon a time, flirting with someone online meant “poking” them on Facebook. Oh how far we have come. In 2019, with Facebook's foray into the world of internet dating, the social media giant is now a fully-fledged participant in the industry, adding further legitimacy to the ever-expanding space.

According to a report from the Pew Research Center, in 2005, one in ten Americans report that they used an online dating site or mobile app to help facilitate their romantic involvements. In recent years, the public has further warmed up to internet dating, with more and more people signing up each year.

One of the most apparent benefits of online dating and probably one of the keys behind its growth is the massive reach it provides to users and the broad spectrum of potential mates that is available to you. With this sizable audience, it becomes significantly easier for users of these platforms to find more members with whom they share multiple common traits and interests.

This expanded option and choice applies to sexual interest and kinks too.

The modern internet era has seen the rise of more risque dating sites that like,, and, that go that extra mile, giving you access to and ability to match with other members with similar sexual interest, kinks, and quirks, irrespective of how niche they may be. Overview

With, the name of the site goes a long way in bringing your attention to the aim it is trying to achieve. Add in the website's tagline: “Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles,” and that recipe should have everyone on board. is an adult-themed dating website that is set up to help you become your most sensual self. Since the portal is fashioned as a no-bars platform, this site lets you get loose. There are no restrictions on X-rated content, adult verbiage, erotic imagery, or specific kinks. If you consider yourself a passionately sexual being, this is probably the dating portal for you.

On this platform, you will find everything from group video chats, to cam models, to erotic member POV shots. has a super active user base, with members participating in everything from blogs to the ability to set up in-person hookups.

Since it started in 1996, is one of the first dating websites, and it has since grown into one of the largest dating portals in the world. The platform currently boasts a user base of over 100 million members, with 67+ million of those in the US alone. Furthermore, with reports over 150k photos per week and up to 100k online at any given time, they are also one of the most engaging platforms you will find in this niche.

Furthermore, with the site's depth of features and functionality, it only takes a short time with the platform to get sucked into a wormhole of engaging content and interactive sections to give life to all of your sexual fantasies. is entirely free to join with a standard account while you get the option to upgrade to a premium membership to enjoy more of the site's features. The only requirement for signup to the platform is that you are at least 18 years old. Pros

User-Friendly Platform

User-Friendly Platform

One of the most significant selling points for is its user interface. Complete with beautiful colorwork and enhanced functionality, the platform's website is both a beauty to behold and one hell of a feature-packed dating website.

The desktop version of the site is a complete setup that gives you easy access to all the platform's features like chat rooms, instant messaging, as well as a media gallery of member videos, images, and webcam feeds. The mobile site, on the other hand, strips down and condenses many of the site features to provide a simplified version that is lightweight and easy to navigate from mobile.

Mobile screen of

The main page is lively and animated while revealing all the site's sections to you to fuel your adventure, while the Newsfeed function gives you access to a chronological list of all of the content from other members in real-time.

The media section contains some of the hottest, most erotic user-generation shots you will find anywhere. However, to protect you when you are out in the wild, the portal features a detailed content setting to help you adjust the content to filter out for different levels of raunchiness.

Massive User Base

With a member count of over 100 million, is hands down one of the largest dating websites in the world. Hence, this site is a premier location for finding that right match for all your romantic interests and kinks.

Furthermore, the platform houses one of the most active user bases in the industry, with new content and sexual connections daily. The portal offers extensive functionality that allows users to engage with each other and socialize in a playful and sensual atmosphere.

Extensive Options for Finding Matches

The options available to you for filtering and finding potential mates on are immense. The search feature lets you seek out users by sexual orientation, specific sexual kinks, physical characteristics, and lots more.

Alternatively, you can browse for potential connection by using various curated lists like in the “What's Hot” section, which is generated by users' ratings of the profiles, pictures, and videos of other members.

Gamification Amps up Sociability

One key reason why manages to attract that many active users are its use of gamified features in many aspects of the platform's functionality. The What's Hot section is entirely powered by member votes, while each user can gain points with several actions on the platform as well. You can then use these points to collect bling and purchase upgrades and digital gifts to other site members.

Messaging Available to Free Users

While it takes a premium membership to fully enjoy the functionality of the platform, on, unlike many other similar dating sites, free users are not entirely locked out behind a paywall.

With a free account on this portal, you get access to the chat rooms and messaging function, allowing you to communicate with members that are online at any given time. However, you need a paid membership to reach out to offline members.

The live webcam feature that lets you view streams from other users is also available to free members.

Member Verification supports full member verification that lets each user confirm their identity via ConfirmID. Consequently, verified users will have a checkmark next to their profile picture, adding an extra level of security to ensure you are chatting with a real person.

Outstanding Customer Support

For paying members, offers full customer support with a phone line that is accessible 24/7 and live chat to help solve all your pressing issues. Cons

Fake Accounts

Like on any other dating platform on the web, fake accounts are a problem on too. Furthermore, considering the scale of this portal with its millions of members, it is not hard to fathom that there are thousands of fake accounts and bots on there.

During our initial test of the platform, we received spam messages from several fake accounts within minutes of signing up.

However, does have a strict policy on fake profiles, and if you report a suspected account, the moderators will take care of it within 24 hours.

No Profile Access for Free Users

Unfortunately, on, free users are blocked from viewing the full version of other member profiles. While you can freely browse other profiles, you can only see profile summaries until you sign up for a Gold membership plan.

No Mobile App

Despite the mass of their platform, does not have a full-feature mobile either on Android or iOS. Hence, the site can be a pain to use on the go. While the mobile version of the website does offer some respite, that version is a far cry from the web version when it comes to the organization of content and ease of navigation.

Imprecise Matching

The matching engine on is one of the worst we've tried, as it does not even try to give you users that match your profile setup. Furthermore, the platform does not have detailed romantic preference settings that can help further customize who you match with.

Getting Started with


Signing up for your account is pretty simple and straightforward. The platform lets you create an account using your email address or via Facebook integration. The setup process is easy to follow, and it should only take a few minutes.

When creating an account, you have to enter your sex and sexual preferences, as well as personal information like your birthday, location, physical features, race, and marital status. Once you complete this step, you then have to pick a username and password, and then move on to verify your email address.

After creating your user account, you can then proceed to fill out your user profile, which contains a host of other options.

Making Contact

Contact people in

When it comes to building communities and connecting members, is king. The platform offers several methods by which you can reach and interact with other users of the site.

You can write and follow blogs, watch and create live webcam streams, create and consume sexual content from site users or participate in group chat rooms and group video chats.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is traditional one-on-one connections, has got you covered too. The matching feature is the quickest way to find new people on the platform.

Alternatively, you can use any of the preset searches that the site automatically makes to match your user profile. Furthermore, Kink Search, the platform's advanced search engine, lets you filter users by sexual interests and kinks. Another way to do it to browse through the sections and view curated member lists that include the hottest members by user votes.


A gold membership that gives you access to all of the site features starts at $20 for a single month. Alternatively, you can pick up a 12-month plan at $180, giving you a 25% discount on the regular monthly plan.

Furthermore, you can pay for only private chat access to starting at $10 per month. User Reviews

Reviews like this one complain about the abundance of fake profiles on the platform:

The majority of the postings are fake. does not seem to put any effort into verifying the authenticity of any of the ads. If you want to increase the number of emails in your “Junk Mail” folder or get emails asking you to join porno sites, then might be the site for you.One Complain

However, other users praise the amount of free functionality the platform provides:

Passion gets the full five stars. A very wise person told me one day never say “no” when someone wants to give you something of any value for free.Other users