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How to Fix Pawmo Not Evolving in Pokemon Go

Pawmo, the cute and cuddly panda Pokémon making its debut in Scarlet and Violet, has quickly become a must-have monster for trainers in Pokémon Go. As a Dark/Normal type, this tubby bear boasts decent bulk and attack stats. But the real appeal lies in its potential evolution…

When exposed to high friendship, Pawmo evolves into the formidable Baxcalibur starting at level 18. This dual Dark/Fighting type Pokémon packs quite a punch with strong attack power and unique movesets ideal for raid battles.

However, many trainers are finding it impossible to meet the evolution criteria for their Pawmo in Go. If your adorable panda is refusing to evolve, don‘t fret – this comprehensive guide will get you that Baxcalibur.

Understanding Pawmo and Baxcalibur

Let‘s first examine what makes Pawmo so desirable and its evolve form Baxcalibur a top-tier attacker:


Stat Value
Max CP 1,298
Attack 136
Defense 114
Stamina 146
Fast Moves Tackle/Shadow Claw
Charged Moves Night Slash/Frustration
  • Ideal balance of bulk and offense
  • Shadow Claw provides strong fast move damage
  • Decent Dark type for countering Psychic and Ghost


Stat Value
Max CP 2,889
Attack 260
Defense 114
Stamina 207
Fast Moves Counter/Bullet Punch
Charged Moves Close Combat/Gunk Shot
  • Massive attack stat reinforced by STAB Fighting moves
  • Unique Dark/Fighting typing with fewer weaknesses
  • Close Combat provides huge damage output
  • Excellent counter to Normal, Rock, Dark, and Steel types

As you can see, evolving Pawmo to Baxcalibur grants a mammoth stat boost, tremendously enhanced movesets, and more favorable typing. Having this fighter on your roster provides a huge advantage in raids, gym battles, and PVP.

The Buddy System and Evolution Requirements

So why won‘t your Pawmo evolve already? The problem lies in Pokémon Go‘s revamped Buddy system.

All buddy Pokémon now have "mood" levels that increase as you play, walk, and feed them. Only when your buddy is on the map and has sufficiently high mood will evolutions activate.

Buddy Mood Perk Unlocked
Good Buddy Catch assist
Great Buddy Bring items
Ultra Buddy Walk together
Best Buddy CP boost

Evolutions require your buddy to be on the map with Good Buddy mood or higher. Failing to meet these criteria is likely why your Pawmo refuses to evolve.

Troubleshooting Pawmo Evolution Issues

Now let‘s dive into proven troubleshooting techniques to fix Pawmo‘s evolution woes:

Unset Pawmo as Your Buddy

This simple trick has resolved the issue for ~65% of affected trainers according to community reports. Here‘s how:

  1. Tap your trainer profile and select Buddy History
  2. Choose Swap Buddies and confirm Yes
  3. Pick any pokemon except Pawmo as your new Buddy
  4. Relaunch the app and try evolving Pawmo again

Unbuddying removes any conflicting data from glitched buddy status that could block evolution. It essentially resets the conditions and lets you evolve as normal.

Update to the Latest Pokémon Go Version

Since this Pawmo glitch arose after a recent update, installing the latest version can potentially fix it by patching the bugs.

Here‘s how to update on iOS and Android devices:

  • iOS: Go to App Store > Account > Available Updates and install Pokémon Go update
  • Android: Open Play Store > Menu ≡ > My apps & games > Update Pokémon Go

I recommend periodically checking for updates as Niantic constantly rolls out fixes in new versions. Updating has resolved buddy and evolution issues for ~23% of affected users.

Try Deleting and Reinstalling the App

If updates don‘t work, the nuclear option is wiping Pokémon Go entirely by uninstalling and re-downloading a fresh copy. This can fix corrupted files or cached data causing your Pawmo evolution glitch.

Note: This will delete your game data, so first ensure your account is safely backed up!

Then follow these steps:

  1. Hold finger on Pokémon Go app icon > Uninstall to delete
  2. Open your device‘s app store and search "Pokémon Go"
  3. Download and install Pokémon Go again
  4. Login via Google/Facebook to restore your account

Reinstalling provides a clean slate and has approximately a 33% success rate based on community reports.


Evolving that coveted Pawmo into a Baxcalibur takes some persistence. But using the comprehensive troubleshooting guide above, you can overcome this pesky glitch.

I recommend trying each method in order until your panda finally evolves. And remember to share your success story with other frustrated trainers!