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How to Get Permission Card Damien in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy‘s massive open world is filled with mysterious islands, hidden puzzles, and secret areas just waiting to be unlocked. The latest 1.5 update introduced an intriguing new location – the Artificial Island area. But some of its islands can only be accessed using special Permission Cards.

One such exclusive island is Diurnal Islet. To reach this island, you need to get your hands on the elusive Permission Card: Damien. This guide will walk you through the complete process.

What are Permission Cards in Tower of Fantasy?

Permission Cards are special items that allow you to activate Transmitters and travel to certain restricted islands across the open world.

Without the corresponding Permission Card, these Transmitters cannot be activated. So the Cards essentially work like keys that unlock access to new maps filled with precious loot, resources, puzzles, world bosses, and more hidden surprises.

Why Do You Need Permission Card Damien?

Diurnal Islet is a brand new island added in the Artificial Island update. It contains valuable collectibles and materials.

But the Transmitter to reach this island can only be activated using Permission Card: Damien. So obtaining this card is necessary to explore the exclusive Diurnal Islet area.

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Permission Card Damien

Follow these steps to get Permission Card: Damien in Tower of Fantasy:

1. Teleport to Spacerift: Estuary

Open your map and fast travel to Spacerift: Estuary in Banges region. This will place you near the Island of Pins.

Spacerift Estuary Map Location

Spacerift: Estuary on Banges Map

2. Head to the Island of Pins

From Spacerift: Estuary, make your way east to the Island of Pins. Use your mount to quickly traverse the water bodies separating the islands.

Island of Pins Map Location

Island of Pins Location

3. Activate Transmitter with Permission Card: Morris

When you reach the Island of Pins, look for the Transmitter. To activate it, you will need Permission Card: Morris.

If you don‘t have this card already, refer to our guide on getting Permission Card Morris.

Permission Card Morris Transmitter

Use Permission Card: Morris on the Transmitter

Activating this Transmitter will teleport you to the Listen to Earwyn Island.

4. Climb Platform to Find Permission Card Damien

After reaching Listen to Earwyn Island, head directly north. You will see a tall platform here.

Use your dodge ability and jetpack to scale this platform. Up here lies the Pass item, which is essentially – Permission Card: Damien.

Permission Card Damien Location

Permission Card: Damien on the Platform

5. Collect Listen to Earwyn Island Gold Nucleus

Now that you have unlocked access to this new island, don‘t leave without picking up some sweet rewards first!

Listen to Earwyn Island contains a precious Chest with a Gold Nucleus. You can obtain this by climbing to the highest point of the island.

  • Head to the tall mountain near the middle of the map
  • Use your dodge and jetpack to scale this peak
  • Glide from the top toward the Gold Nucleus floating mid-air
  • Grab the Nucleus to add it to your inventory!

6. Teleport to Diurnal Islet

You now possess the means to explore the locked Diurnal Islet region.

Make your way back to the Listen to Earwyn Island Transmitter. Activate it using your newly acquired Permission Card: Damien.

This will instantly transport you to the lush islands of Diurnal Islet!

In Closing

And that concludes our guide on obtaining the crucial item to access Diurnal Islet – Permission Card: Damien. Follow the steps outlined above and unlock this exclusive area in Tower of Fantasy‘s latest expansion.

As you explore the new region brimming with secrets, don‘t forget to claim our free Beginner‘s Bundle gift pack to aid your adventure!

I hope this guide helped you discover an intriguing new realm. Let me know in comments if you have any other questions. And stay tuned for more tips on unlocking Artificial Island‘s hidden chests and elite bosses!