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15 Popular Google Doodle Games You Can Play in 2024

Do you get tired or bored when using your computer? Play Google Doodle Games, refresh your mind and have some fun.

The best way to pass the time on your computer is by playing Google Doodle games. Google replaces its main search page icon with some artworks to celebrate special occasions and anniversaries. Sometimes they use high-quality online games that you can enjoy playing.

The good thing about Google Doodle Games is that they don't need any installations or sign-ups. Here's a list of some popular games that you can play on your Google browser and have some fun.

1. Pac-Man


Let us start the list with a famous classic game called Pac-Man. Google released this amazing Doodle game in 2010 to celebrate Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary. You play this game as Pac-Man, and the objective is to clear the stage of all the dots and ensure the ghost doesn’t touch you.

The game ends, and you lose if a ghost touches you.  A player uses the arrow keys on the computer keyboard to control Pac-Mac when playing this game.

2. Cricket


You can enjoy the game of cricket on your computer by playing the Doodle cricket game. Google introduced this game to celebrate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.

Here you play the game as cricket the insect. The good thing about cricket is that it’s easy to play. You need to click the bat button when playing to score runs. Please note that the game is highly addictive.

3. Doodle Champion Island

Doodle Champion Island

This Doodle game allows you to play several sports under one roof. For instance, you can play table tennis, rugby, rock climbing, and marathon, among others. The main character in this game is an athlete called Lucky.

Doodle Champion Island: Tokyo Olympic is based on Japanese culture and Japanese Manga. The main objective when playing this game is to become a champion in each sport and collect the sacred scrolls.

4. Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Google created this Doodle game to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. You play this game by manipulating the environment around you so that you can emerge as a winner. Start by choosing your character and establishing strategies to make your character achieve the desired goals.

As you play this game, you have to select a spot where you want to reach and move to it as you avoid evil characters reaching you.

5. Baseball


How do you celebrate Independence Day? Google released this astounding Doodle game in 2019, where you play baseball using different types of food. They include cheese, nachos, and hotdogs.

Your opponent team uses peanuts, and you use the Spacebar of your computer to swing your bat. Focus on scoring as many points as possible. If you strike out, you lose, and the game ends.

6. Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

You can play this great Google Doodle game as many times as possible without getting bored. The player assumes the character of a black cat called Momo. Your task is to swipe spells and save your friend from ghosts. Halloween is easy to play using simple mouse movements to draw various symbols and eliminate ghosts.

However, it becomes difficult as you climb to the high levels of the game. Make sure you eliminate ghosts before they touch you.

7. Basketball


This is a cool Doodle game if you enjoy playing real basketball. The single-player game also serves as a good time-passer. You only use the spacebar of your keyboard to play this game. Hold the spacebar to gain the desired strength, then release it to shoot.

Hold it for long to shoot far or for a short time to make a close shot. Rush against time and see how many balls you will score in 30 seconds.

8. Quick, Draw

Quick- Draw

Are you good at drawing sketches? If yes, you will enjoy playing the Quick, Draw Doodle game. For those who want to enhance their sketching skills and at the same time have fun, you should also try this game.  The task is to draw six pictures and complete each picture in 20 seconds.

Therefore, you have to be creative and quick to enjoy playing the Quick, Draw game. You can also share your drawing on social media platforms to get views and likes.

9. Coding for Carrots

Coding for Carrots

The Google team released the Coding for Carrots Doodle game to celebrate 50 years of Kid Coding. It is a simple game where you drag and drop building blocks.  The mission is to direct the rabbit in the right direction so that it can gather carrots.

You have to add the right sequence of blocks to direct the rabbit. Please note that the game becomes harder as you enter into higher levels. Coding for carrots is a good game for introducing kids to coding.

10. Pangolin Love

Pangolin Love

This game is a platformer adventure where you travel through different locations in search of the meaning of love. You also have to gather musical notes for a love song during the adventure.

Google released the Pangolin Love game in celebration of 2017 Valentine's Day. Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to roll your pangolin and the Space key to jump obstacles.

11. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube

I am sure you know about the real Rubik’s Cube that has 6 sides, 6 colors, and 54 squares. You can also enjoy a similar game version online by playing Rubik's Cube Doodle game. Google released the game to celebrate 40 years of frustrating people worldwide.

The task is to make sure each side of the Rubik’s Cube has the same color. You play by turning and twisting blocks. For the Google Doodle version, you click and drag the cursor to rotate the Rubik’s or spins the blocks

12. Pony Express

Pony Express

It’s time to saddle up and receive mail. Google released this game in 2015 to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express. It's a side-scrolling adventure game like no other, whereby you use the up and down arrows of your keyboard to collect envelopes.

However, you should be aware of the obstacles that you have to dodge along the way. The objective is to collect as many emails as possible while riding horseback.

13. The Garden Gnomes

The Garden Gnomes

Have you ever used a catapult to throw nuts or stones far away from where you're standing? The Garden Gnomes Doodle game allows you to sling garden gnomes several meters across the garden using a catapult.

The objective is to sling the gnomes as far as possible so that you can plant many flowers. You play the Garden of Gnomes using the spacebar key. Press it once to prepare the catapult and another time to release the gnome after good timing.

14. Scoville


Google released this game to celebrate the 151st birthday of Scoville. When playing Scoville, the objective is to show the spicy pepper that you’re the boss by covering it with a scoop of ice. You have to defeat the pepper by hitting them with ice cream without missing.

Control the circle's movement at the bottom of your screen to aim at your target. Remember that peppers get spicier as you reach the higher levels of the game.

15. Ludwig van Beethoven Puzzle

Ludwig van Beethoven Puzzle

The last in the list, but not least, is Ludwig van Beethoven Puzzle. You will enjoy playing this Doodle game if you love solving puzzles. This game is a music puzzle that you play by dragging the broken sheet of music to its right place so that the music can start playing.

The task is to switch the pieces of broken sheet music until you solve the puzzle. You receive a green checkmark for correctly matched sheets and a red X for those that don’t match.

Alternative Browser Based Games

Online Hearts, Spades, and Minesweeper stand as great browser game alternatives to Google Doodle games, offering engaging and strategic gameplay experiences without the need for hefty downloads or installations. Hearts is a trick-taking card game where players try to avoid certain cards that carry penalty points.

Spades revolves around players forming partnerships to accurately predict the number of tricks they'll take in each round. Minesweeper challenges players to clear a board of tiles without detonating hidden mines, using numerical hints from adjacent tiles to guide their choices. If you like Google Doodle games, you’ll enjoy these games too!


Now the ball is in your court. Please choose your favorite Google Doodle game from those listed above and try it. Remember that all the games listed above are free, and you don’t have to make any downloads. You can play them right from your Google browser.