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PROXY-IPV4 Review of 2024 [In Deep Tested]

The surge in online activities has seen a rise in the demand for reliable proxy services. Among these proxies, Proxy-IPv4 shines due to its affordable pricing, flexible options, and top-notch performance. Whether you require proxies for web scraping, social media marketing, or SEO optimization, Proxy-IPv4 provides a dependable choice to enhance these activities.

Our reliance on online activities has increased, necessitating the use of various tools to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Proxies have emerged as essential resources for many online tasks, crucial in ensuring privacy, security, and accessibility. However, with many proxy providers available, mainly private proxy services, it can be challenging to identify the right one for your needs. Selecting the most suitable provider requires careful consideration of reliability, performance, and support factors.

Among these options is Proxy-IPv4, a lesser-known but reputable provider known for its private proxies. Proxy-IPv4 stands out as a competitor worth exploring, offering a range of proxy solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern online activities. This article looks closely at Proxy-IPv4, exploring its offerings, features, and functionality to ensure smooth and secure online experiences.

Understanding Proxy-IPv4


Proxy-IPv4 offers individual proxies for various online activities such as social media marketing, sports betting, web scraping, online shopping, traffic arbitrage, and more. Whether you require IPv4, IPv6, ISP, or mobile proxies, Proxy-IPv4 provides options to meet your specific needs. With a guarantee of high uptime, stable operation, and prompt proxy replacement within one day, users can expect reliable performance. Proxy-IPv4 ensures exclusive access to private proxies, ensuring privacy and security for users' projects and tasks. Users have a wide selection of locations to optimize their online activities effectively, with approximately 40 countries to choose from.


  • Multiple proxy types
  • IP whitelisting
  • Rental durations from 3 to 90 days
  • Affordable pricing
  • Simple user interface
  • No registration required
  • High speeds


  • No free trial

Proxy-IPv4 Features

Proxy-IPv4 offers unique features to enhance online activities and ensure privacy and security. Focusing on providing high-quality proxies, Proxy-IPv4 enables users to bypass geographical restrictions, maintain anonymity, and manage multiple accounts.

1. Multiple Proxies

Proxy-IPv4 now extends its offerings to include IPv6 proxies, ISP proxies, and mobile proxies, enhancing its range of services. While IPv4 proxies prioritize anonymity and bypass geo-restrictions, IPv6 proxies adapt to modern network environments. ISP proxies optimize performance and security within ISP infrastructures, while mobile LTE proxies cater to mobile-specific tasks and access exclusive mobile content.

2. Locations

As a private proxy provider, Proxy IPv4 offers a narrower range of locations compared to most providers, influencing pricing and flexibility. While not offering the longest list of countries, Proxy IPv4 covers America, Europe, and select Asian countries, with different coverage levels depending on the proxy type. IPv4 proxies provide the most flexibility, with coverage in 41 countries, while IPv6 proxies cover 13 countries. ISP proxies, sourced from genuine ISPs, offer consistent uptime across 19 countries. Mobile proxies offer flexibility with coverage in 14 countries.

3. Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Proxy IPv4 allows users to choose the number of IPs, location, and duration according to their needs, ranging from 3 days to 90 days. The pricing per proxy decreases monthly with larger purchases or longer durations. This flexibility makes Proxy IPv4 suitable for personal and business use alike, offering options from 1 IP address for 3 days to up to 99999 proxies for 90 days.

While IPv6 proxies only offer monthly packages, they are the most affordable, with mobile proxies being the priciest. Additionally, loyal customers can enjoy discounts of up to 40% for long-term purchases. The service supports multiple payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency, ensuring a smooth payment process for users.

4. Proxy Protocols

Proxy IPv4 allows users to utilize HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols, catering to various demands and applications. While HTTP and HTTPS proxies are commonly used for web traffic, facilitating tasks like web browsing and online data retrieval, SOCKS5 proxies operate at a lower network layer, offering greater application flexibility.

5. Speed

Proxy-IPv4 is known for its exceptional speed, guaranteeing a minimum speed of 1Gb/s and an impressive 99.9% uptime. You won't encounter any speed limits whether you opt for IPv4, IPv6, ISP proxies, or mobile proxies. This ensures users experience swift and reliable performance, making Proxy-IPv4 one of the fastest private proxy services available.

6. Refund Policy

Although Proxy-IPv4 does not provide a free trial option, users can still benefit from their refund policy. However, refunds are only granted under specific circumstances, typically if the issue originates from Proxy-IPv4's end. Users must provide a valid reason to request a refund, as the service does not offer refunds for mistakes or choices made by the user.

7. Authentication Options

During the sign-up process, users can select their preferred authentication method. They can choose between username and password authentication or the simpler IP whitelisting method, also known as IP authentication.

8. Simple Dashboard

Proxy IPv4 prioritizes simplicity in its dashboard design to offer users a smooth experience. With minimal features and intuitive navigation, users can quickly understand and utilize the platform without extensive learning curves. The user-friendly layout of the Proxy IPv4 website further enhances usability, allowing users to browse services, view prices, and make purchases effortlessly within a few clicks. No sign-up or registration is necessary, streamlining the process for users to access proxy services conveniently.

9. Customer Support

Customer Support

Proxy-IPv4 provides round-the-clock customer support through various channels such as Live Chat, Telegram, or email. Although the FAQ section is limited, users can still receive technical assistance setting up proxies via online chat or remote support using TeamViewer.

Use Cases of Proxy-IPv4 Proxies

Offering private and dedicated proxies, Proxy-IPv4 shines in various fields, catering to digital needs. From SEO optimization to social media marketing and beyond, Proxy-IPv4 is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals seeking anonymity, security, and enhanced online presence.

1. Traffic Arbitrage

Traffic Arbitrage

You can use Proxy-IPv4's IPV4 and IPV6 proxies to leverage traffic arbitrage effectively. These proxies offer several key benefits, including bypassing geographical restrictions imposed by web services and advertising networks. Additionally, they provide anonymity, which is crucial for avoiding bans and analyzing activities. Moreover, Proxy-IPv4 proxies facilitate managing multiple accounts by allowing users to create and operate them without the risk of being banned. Each account can be accessed through a separate proxy, preventing security systems from identifying and banning all accounts associated with a single IP address.

2. SMM

You can also use Proxy-IPv4 to effectively address the challenges of managing multiple social media accounts. By utilizing proxies, you can overcome geographical barriers, rate limiting, and data privacy concerns. You can create and manage numerous social media accounts with multiple proxy IP addresses without the risk of IP tracking and suspension. This system enables businesses with multiple branches to maintain various social accounts seamlessly. Whether you are automating tasks, engaging in social media marketing, or optimizing digital business strategies, Proxy-IPv4 offers an ideal solution.

3. SEO


Utilizing high-quality private proxies from Proxy-IPv4 in SEO practices provides a significant advantage. With Google's stringent measures against spam, ISP proxies offered by Proxy-IPv4 ensure seamless integration with custom scripts and SEO tools. Access to different locations and ISPs empowers users to navigate the complex web landscape effectively, staying ahead of the competition and enhancing their online presence. By simulating searches from various locations, proxies enable users to monitor SEO rankings accurately across different geographical regions, ensuring optimal visibility and relevance to target audiences.

4. PPC

Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Bing offer PPC Marketing, leveraging their substantial traffic for effective advertising. With PPC Ads, businesses can save money as they only pay when the ad is clicked, allowing for precise budget control. The performance of PPC campaigns is easily measurable, providing valuable insights into traffic and aiding long-term SEO strategies. Advertisers can adjust advertising amounts dynamically, ensuring flexibility and optimization of marketing efforts. Utilizing Proxy-IPv4's proxies enhances PPC Marketing by enabling advertisers to access diverse locations, optimizing ad targeting and performance across various regions and demographics.

How does Proxy-IPv4 Work?

Proxy-IPv4 functions similarly to other private proxy services, requiring payment for access and providing authentication support for all proxies. When configured on a browser or client application, requests are redirected through Proxy IPv4's IP addresses rather than directly to target services, ensuring the user's IP address remains hidden. This intermediary routing applies to outgoing requests and incoming responses from target websites.

Each IP within Proxy IPv4's pool is dedicated to individual users who authenticate using username and password or whitelist their IP address. These IPs are sold individually, with the real IP address serving as the host. Users can select the port based on the desired protocol, whether HTTP/S or SOCKS5. This setup facilitates secure and private internet browsing, safeguarding user identity and data.


Though it has its pros and cons, Proxy-IPv4 is still a reliable choice for users seeking affordable and flexible proxy services. While some may be deterred by the lack of detailed information about the proxy pool and the absence of a free trial, Proxy-IPv4 compensates with its decently priced proxies and excellent performance. With low spam scores, top-notch speed, and good location support, Proxy-IPv4 offers a compelling option for individual and business use cases. The option to purchase a single IP address for a trial period allows users to assess its performance firsthand.