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Best Proxy List of 2023 [Mobile, Data Center, Residential……]

The proxy market has expanded dramatically in recent years. Proxies are no longer solely used for questionable practices like black hat SEO. Today, they benefit diverse legitimate use cases across industries and roles. Individuals leverage proxies to access geo-restricted content, get around website blocks, enhance privacy, cop limited edition items, or simply change their IP address. Businesses utilize proxies for web scraping, data aggregation, market research, SEO monitoring, and more.

With so many providers available, how can you evaluate which ones truly deliver? Most read proxy reviews to get transparent insights on providers and their services. However, reviewing proxies extensively requires significant time and effort. To simplify your search, we leveraged our expertise to test the top proxy providers ourselves across various use cases. Our hands-on approach evaluates all proxy types each vendor offers for key criteria like speed, reliability, features, and value.

Unlike reviews focused on a single perspective, our comprehensive analysis aims to uncover the leading proxies for different needs. Whether you are an individual user or enterprise, our insights identify which providers have earned top marks for performance and capabilities. With this list, you can streamline your search and confidently select a proxy service that meets your specific requirements.

Best Mobile Proxy Link

The mobile proxy market is still in its early stages, with few providers specifically focused on mobile proxies. However, some stand out from the rest for their reliability, experience, and robust feature sets. We evaluated providers based on their supported use cases like social media automation and web scraping, advanced mobile proxy capabilities, performance benchmarks, and pricing models.

Our goal was to highlight the top all-around options that excel in critical areas and offer strong value, whether it be for general web access, data collection, or mobile app testing. Though the market is still evolving, these leading mobile proxy services have proven their capabilities and earned their place among the best. Choosing from this cream of the crop means you can confidently select a high-quality mobile proxy solution for your needs.

Proxy Services IP location Type Price Free trial
Proxy-Seller UK/Ukraine/Russia/US Rotaing $40/month No
Soax All over the world Rotating $175/month Yes (1 hour)
BrightData(Luminati) US Rotating $500/month Yes (7 days)
Proxy-Cheap US + France Dedicated $50/month(4G US Mobile) On request
HydraProxy US Dedicated $7.95 / prot / 3 days No
The Social Proxy UK/Austria/Israel Rotating €90/month Yes (1 day)
IPRoyal US/UK/Lithuania Rotating $90/month /
ProxyEmpire over 150 countries / $60/month Yes
ProxyGuys 25+ locations in the US Dedicated $20 for 24 hours No
ProxyLTE US Rotating $ 3 / day Yes (1 hour) Italian Rotaing €87 / proxy / 30 days Yes(€9.9/72 hours) Russia/Ukraine/UK/Lithuania/USA Rotating $220 1 Channel 1 month(US) Yes (2 hours)
AstroProxy N/A Rotating 1GB – $7 Yes
RSocks Netherlands Rotating 9000 Proxies – $600 Yes (1 day) US Rotating $20 per month Yes (3 hours)
3G Proxy over 40 countries Rotating €149/month Yes
Blazingseollc US Rotating $50/2GB/month No

Data Center Proxy Link

Datacenter proxies provide IP addresses not linked to residential internet service providers. Businesses often find these proxies advantageous for market research, web scraping, protecting email inboxes, preventing phishing attacks, and other uses.

Below we have compiled and summarized the top datacenter proxy services available today. These providers cater to both individual users and enterprises looking for reliable, high-performance proxy solutions.

Datacenter Proxy Provider Country Availability IPs Available Datacenter Proxy Cost
IPRoyal 195+ 8M+ $9+/mo for 5 proxies
Smartproxy 195+ 40M+ $10+
Oxylabs 195+ 100M+ /
Bright Data  100+ 72M+ $0.80+/IP
Proxy Empire 170+ 9M+ $25+/mo
Webshare 195+ 10M+ 10 free proxies
Razorproxy USA & EU / $2.8+/mo
Rayobyte 27 10k+ $2.50/IP
Stormproxies USA & EU 150k+ /
Squidproxies 88 Millions /
ScrapingAnt / 3M+ $19/mo
ZenRows / / $49/mo
NetNut ASN/Cites/Countries 20+ Million 20 GB – $300

Residential Proxy Link

Web scraping can easily result in blocks if too many requests are made from the same IP address. The solution is rotating through proxy IPs to mask your identity. However, not all proxies are equal in evading blocks. Residential proxies stand out as the most reliable option, since they use real residential IPs that mimic normal user behavior and bypass common IP restrictions.

With countless proxy providers online, sorting through them to find a reputable residential proxy service can be daunting. To simplify your search, we have compiled this list of the top residential proxy providers available today. These high-quality services offer large pools of residential IP addresses from around the globe, advanced proxy management interfaces, excellent uptime and speeds, and helpful customer support. Whether you need proxies for general web access or more demanding scraping, these leading residential proxy solutions deliver the IP diversity, performance, and block avoidance you need to scrape effectively while minimizing the risk of getting blacklisted.

Proxy Services Pool of IPs Filter/Targeting Scaping Sample of Price Proxy Protocol IP Rotation (Time) IP Rotation Authentication
bright data 72+ million ASN/Cities/Countries Support 20 GB – $300 HTTP(S) + Socks5 100% Self control Yes User Pass + IP Auth
Smartproxy 40+ Million Cites/Countries Support 5 GB – $75 HTTP(S) 30 minutes Yes User Pass + IP Auth
NetNut 20+ Million ASN/Cites/Countries Support 20 GB – $300 HTTP(S) 30 minutes Yes User Pass + IP Auth
soax 8.5 Million+ Countries/Cities/Region/ISP Support 5 GB – $75 HTTP(S) + Socks5 random No User Pass + IP Auth
shifter 31+ Million Countries Support 10 Ports – $249.99 (Monthly) HTTP(S) + Socks5 5 minutes No User Pass + IP Auth
StormProxies 200K+ Countries Support 5 ports – $50 HTTP(S) 3 min / 15 min No IP Auth
proxy rack 5 Million + Countries/Cities/ISP Support 10 GB – $49.95 HTTP(S) + Socks Random IP 3 – 30 min Yes User Pass + IP Auth
HydraProxy 5+ Million Countries Support 1 GB – $5 HTTP(S) Random IP 30 min to 1hr Yes User Pass
Proxy Cheap 6+ Million Countries Support 1GB – $5 (Monthly) HTTP(S) + Socks5 random Yes User Pass + IP Auth
Geonode 2+ Million Countries Not Support 10 Threads – $47 HTTP(S) + Socks 5/10/15/30/60 min Yes User Pass + IP Auth
IPRoyal 2+ Million Countries/Cities/Region Support 1GB – $7 HTTP(S) + Socks5 1/10/30 min Yes User Pass + IP Auth 75+ Million Countries/cities/ASN Not Support 5GB – $79 (Monthly) HTTP(S) random Yes User Pass + IP Auth
IcedOutProxies 110000 Countries Not Support 10 Ports – $10 (week) HTTP Random 5 – 15 min No IP Auth
RotatingProxies N/A Countries Not Support 10 Proxies – $39 (Monthly) HTTP(S) 5 minutes Yes N/A 8 Million ASN/Cities/Countries Support $30/day – 500 Threads HTTP(S) + Socks4/5 5 minutes Yes IP Auth
911 S5 Proxy Millions Countries/Cities/States/ISP Not Support 150 proxies – $28 (lifetime validity) Socks5 random No User Pass 9.5+ Million Countries Support 10 Ports – $225 (Monthly) HTTP(S) + Socks4/5 5 minutes Yes IP Auth
Infatica 10+ Million Cites/Countries Support 10 Ports – $225 (Monthly) HTTP(S) random Yes IP Auth
Oxylabs 100+ Million Countries/Cities/states Support 50 GB – $600 HTTP(S)+ SOCKS5 5 minutes Yes User Pass + IP Auth
GeoSurf 2+ Million Cites/Countries Support 38GB – $450 (Monthly) HTTP(S) 1 min/10 min/30 min Yes User Pass + IP Auth 13+ Million Countries/Cities/State Support 10GB – $200 (Monthly) N/A 1 min/10 min/30 min Yes N/A
LocalProxies Not provided Countries Support 5 Ports – $25 HTTP(S) + Socks 10 Minutes Yes IP auth 7+ Million Countries Support 1GB – $1 (Monthly) HTTP(S) random Yes User Pass
AstroProxy 100000+ Countries/Cities/ Support 1GB – $3 HTTP(S) + Socks random Yes User Pass

Private Proxy Link

Private proxies offer fast, reliable, and exclusive access for your usage alone. They come at a lower cost than residential IPs, but are also easier to detect. For this reason, many businesses utilize private proxies for web scraping, load testing, brand protection, and purchasing limited goods.

Selecting the right private proxy service can be challenging. To make your decision easier, we thoroughly tested and ranked some of the top providers available. Our goal is to highlight the leading private proxy solutions that provide robust features, stellar performance, and excellent value. Whether you need general-purpose access or proxies for more specialized use cases, you can confidently choose a high-quality private proxy provider from this curated list. These top services deliver the speed, uptime, and exclusive access ideal for your web scraping, data extraction, competitive research, and other proxy-based tasks.

Proxy Services Server Locations
(US + Others
Proxy Protocol Authentication IP replacement P2P/Torrenting
MMP group 21 + 10 HTTP(S) User Pass + IP Auth 30 Days Not allowed
SQUID proxy 28 + 10 HTTP(S) User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Allowed
High Proxies Do not disclose HTTP(S) + SOSKS5 User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Allowed
shifter 17 + 13 HTTP(S) + SOCKS5 User Pass 30 days Not allowed
Blazingseollc 33 + 5 HTTP(S) User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Not allowed
SSLPrivate Proxy N/A HTTP(S) IP Auth 30 days Allowed
instant proxies US HTTP(S) IP Auth 30 days Not allowed
StormProxies Unknown + 5 HTTP(S) + SOCKS5 User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Allowed
Buy Proxies Unknown + 8 HTTP(S) + SOCKS5 User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Not allowed
Webshare Unknown + 9 HTTP User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Allowed
IPLease 7 + 2 HTTP(S) User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Not allowed
Proxy-N-VPN 27 + 3 HTTP(S) User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Not Allowed
Mexela Do not disclose HTTP(S) User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Allowed
NewIPNow 1 + 2 HTTP(S) IP Auth 30 days Not Allowed
IcedOutProxies 3 + 0 HTTP User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Not allowed
IPBurger 195 (Total) HTTP(S) + SOCKS5 User Pass + IP Auth N/A Not allowed
PrivateProxy.Me Unknown + 5 HTTP(S) User Pass + IP Auth N/A Not allowed
Proxy6.NET Unknown + 14 HTTP(S) + SOCKS5 User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Allowed
ActProxy 18 + 7 HTTP(S) + SOCKS5 User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Not allowed
BuyPersonalProxy 13 + 1 HTTP(S) User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Not Allowed
TrustedProxies Do not disclose HTTP(S) + SOCKS5 IP Auth On request Allowed
ProxyBonanza 30 + 79 HTTP+ SOCKS5 User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Not Allowed
ProxyFish 9 + 5 HTTP(S) + SOCKS5 User Pass + IP Auth 30 days Not allowed
TorGuard 50 (Total) SOCKS5/HTTP User Pass 30 days Yes
AstroProxy N/A HTTP(S) + Socks User Pass Not support Yes
YourPrivateProxy 24 + 5 HTTP(S) + SOSKS5 User Pass + IP Auth On request Not allowed

Free Proxy Site

Free proxy sites can be appealing for bypassing firewalls and restrictions, but it's difficult to assess which free proxies are actually safe, functional, and truly free. After testing over 20 free proxy services, some issues stood out.

While free proxies still rely on monetization, I was concerned to find that even some of the better options log user activity and sell data to advertisers. For this reason, I advise against using free proxies for any sensitive tasks like banking, torrenting, or accessing adult content. There is a high risk of being monitored without your knowledge.

Additionally, free proxies often lack performance, stability, and features compared to paid services. They frequently impose annoying ads, bandwidth limits, slow speeds, and poor uptime. While free options may seem enticing, the downsides typically outweigh the benefits. For most purposes, I recommend avoiding free proxies entirely or only using them for basic, low-risk web browsing. If you need proxies for more substantial activities, a trustworthy paid provider will offer greater transparency, performance, and privacy.