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8 Fixes for PS4 Wifi Slow (Improve Connection Speed)

On PS4, a slow internet connection will cause your game to lag and sometimes freeze. That can be not only frustrating but also disappointing because it would cause you to lose competitive gaming sessions. In this post, we will walk you through different methods to fix a slow internet connection on PS4. Read on for the details……

PlayStation 4 is one of the best gaming platforms that offer an advanced gaming experience. PS4 provides its users with exciting features and ease of use. To access all these features and have a great gaming experience, you require a strong and stable internet connection.

internet connection

Causes of slow internet connection on PS4

Like other internet-enabled devices, PS4 does encounter slow internet connection, especially when connected via Wi-Fi. Let's see what may have triggered a slow internet connection on your PS4:

of slow internet

1. Interference, for example, brick walls or other structural issues. Such issues make it hard for the PS4 to detect and connect to the internet.

2. Overloading of the Wi-Fi connection. Too many devices connected and streaming over the connection at a go may lead to network lagging.

Wi-Fi connection

3. Unstable network: if the provider’s network is generally not very strong, it would mean you have a considerably weak internet connection no matter your location or proximity to the source of the network.

It does not matter the version of the PS4 (PS4 Original, PS4 Slim Version, or PS4 Pro) console you are using; they are all prone to slow Wi-Fi internet connection. However, several options can help you sort this issue on all PS4 versions.

1. Use of an Ethernet cable:

PS4 has an Ethernet port, therefore connect your console to the internet router directly via an Ethernet cable. This is the simplest way to deal with a slow Wi-Fi connection. This type of connection eradicated any interference chances, therefore, boosting internet speed on your PS4.

Ethernet cable

2. Reboot your router and console:

Conducting a simple reboot of your router and PS4 console can fix the connectivity issue. Usually it does, especially if your console has been on for quite a while. A quick restart is all it takes to rejuvenate all the working of your PS4, including the slow internet connection problem.

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3. Have your router close enough to your PS4 console

Bricks and walls can obstruct the signal from reaching the PS4 console, especially if you rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Having the router and the console in the same room could help fix the connectivity issue or at least improve it somewhat.

router close

4. Disable PS4 remote play

Enabling remote play on PS4 creates a mini-network to connect to other devices which may then create a sort of interference to the Wi-Fi connection. To improve internet connectivity to your console, consider disabling the PS4 remote play option. Here’s how you can do just that:


Step 1: On your PS4, go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Remote Play Connection Settings.

Connection Settings

Step 3: Clear the Enable Remote Play check box.

 5. Use a 5 GHz Network

Changing Wi-Fi channels will help you avoid interference as the 5 GHz signal is much stronger to host more devices. Both PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim versions do support the 5 GHz. To make the change:

GHz Network

Step 1: On your PS4, go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Network.

Step 3: Go to Setup Internet Connection.

Setup Internet Connection

Step 4: Go to Use Wi-Fi and then go to Easy.

Step 5: Press the Options button and then select Wi-Fi Frequency Bands.

Step 6: Select 5GHz and then press on X.

6. Disconnect other devices

Disconnect other devices

 In case you are using a 2.4GHz connection, make sure to disconnect other devices from the Wi-Fi connection while playing online to improve your internet connectivity.

7. Boost your PS4 internet with DNS

Another great way to improve slow internet connection on your PS4 is by tweaking the networks DNS settings. And there are a couple of options to choose from in that regard. Here are the steps for boosting the internet speeds on your PS4 via DNS:


Step 1: Log in to your PS4 console.

Step 2: Go to Settings.


Step 3: Go to Network Settings.

Step 4: Choose Wi-Fi or select LAN for a wired location.

Choose Wi-Fi

Step 5: Select Custom.

Select Custom

Step 6: Connect to your Wi-Fi.


Step 7: Select Automatic Settings until the DNS Screen

Step 8: Choose Manual and Enter 1.1.1 “primary DNS” and “Secondary DNS”


(CloudFlare’sDNS). In case your speed remains slow try Google’s DNS, enter “Primary DNS and “Secondary DNS”.



8. How to reduce internet lag via PS4 port forwarding

Port forwarding works by channeling your internet traffic back and forth via specific ports from the PS4 console to the server. The networking technology allows for easy and smooth gaming by stabilizing the flow of data packets between the console and the server. By acting as free lanes of internet traffic, port forwarding can significantly help improve slow internet connection on PS4.


Slow internet connectivity can severely cripple competitive gaming on PS4. However, there are a couple of proven fixes that you can use to fix the problem. Try one of more of the above mentioned solutions to resolve the slow internet connection issue on your PS4 so you can get back to winning as soon as possible.