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6 Best PSN Resolver Alternatives Of 2023: PS4 Resolver and IP Finder

A PlayStation Resolver is a software program tool that lets you know a gamer's IP or Username. This information about your opponent is very important since you can know and confirm if you are gaming with a bot or human.

PSN resolver is a powerful tool, a function integrated into xResolver, that helps gamers find opponents' IP addresses and geolocation using PlayStation usernames. We have a database that stores millions of usernames, and the number is increasing day by day. Therefore the IP grabber xResolver function plays a big role in obtaining the public Gamertags and IPV4 addresses through web scraping robots, PSN network filters, and ipv4 addresses.

Below will discuss some of the best PS4 resolvers similar to PSN Resolver.

1. Wannabe 1337

Wannabe 1337 overview

It is a PS4 resolver web tool that allows gamers to easily obtain other players' information by simply entering their Username or Gamertag to get their IP address (PSN to IP). Gamers can also perform reverse searching by using gamers' IPs to obtain their Gamertags or Username (IP to PSN).

The IP grabber software tool for it to function well uses a combination of DDoS protection features, dynamic packet filters, and a powerful algorithm for identification and network packet analysis.


Bootyou overview

Boot you is another powerful tool of PS4 Resolver that is based on subscription, and it is multifunctional. Before you access this premium PSN Resolver, you need to sign up, log in, and purchase a membership plan before accessing the PSN parser tool. It has a user-friendly UI, makes the tool easy to use, and provides 24/7 customer support if you have an issue to be sorted.

This tool works like most IP pullers, using advanced algorithms to fetch a gamer's IP address and Username through analysis and monitoring network packets. This tool is very powerful since you can get all the important information about your opponents, such as IP address, Internet Service Provider, geolocation, and city. The information above lets you know if the opponent is a bot or a human before gameplay.

3. Octosniff

Octosniff overview

Octosniff is a powerful premium PS4 resolver tool that offers services on PS4 and Xbox similar to a PSN Resolver. It has awesome features such as a customized user interface, DDoS protection Lookup,  dynamic packet filters, and custom packet filters.

This tool uses artificial intelligence systems and algorithms to allow network monitoring and analysis to quickly locate the gamer's IP identification, Username, Gamertag, and geolocation.

Octosniff's user interface is easy to use and free from malware.

4. Lanc PCPS

Lanc PCPS overview

Lanc PCPS is another ideal Ps4 Resolver for Playstation games. It has a database where you submit the Username or Gamertag to execute their IP address. It has powerful features such as Geolocation Ip look up that locates the opponent's current country and city.

One advantage of this tool over other PS4 Resolvers is that it can be used online and offline, while the others can be used online.

Lanc PCPS is designed with built-in ARP spoofing and packet filtering features that assist in retrieving the Ip address of other individuals. It offers both free and premium packages. If you are a starter, you can choose a free plan; their software is downloadable.

5. Consolesniffer

Consolesniffer overview

Like other IP pullers, Console sniffer is a ps4 resolver with powerful features like web scraping capabilities, algorithms, and network packet filters. This tool assists you in retrieving the gamer username,  IP address, and geolocation. This tool software is easy to download and install.

This tool is limited to some games; if the console sniffer does not support the game you are playing, it won't retrieve the opponent's IP address and Username. Always check out their user tutorial guides on their sites in case you encounter some issues.

6. PlayStation Resolver

PlayStation Resolver overview

PlayStation Resolver is another ideal PS4 Resolver similar to a PSN resolver. It functions like other IP pullers since it easily retrieves ps4 gamers' IP addresses and geolocation.

It has powerful features of AI engines, web scraping robots, and Ipv4 or Gamertags for retrieving opponent gamer information.

This Resolver is easy to set up and use and contains a user guide for easy use in case you experience any difficulties.


Q. How to prevent my Gamertag and IP address from being crawled?

Two ways include paying a small fee to xResolver to delete your Username and Gamertag from their logs. Two, use a VPN to hide your real IP address and Gamertag.

Q. How to prevent others from launching DDoS ​​attacks through IP addresses?

Use a VPN to hide your real IP address when gaming online, thus preventing any DDoS attacks. VPN provides another IPaddress that can secure you during online gaming.


As discussed above, we have many PS4 Resolvers similar to PSN Resolver, which can easily retrieve an IP address, Username, and geolocation of your opponent, and you can enjoy the gameplay. However, the information you get from the opponent should be used legally, not for selfish gain. But if you want to be safe online, you can use a VPN to hide your real IP address.