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Unraveling the Bizarre Tale of Reddit Guy‘s Cbat Lovemaking Session

The internet has spoken and unanimously agreed that “Cbat” by Hudson Mohawke is an objectively terrible song to play during intimate moments with a partner. But how did this obscure track become the soundtrack to one of the most absurd and hilarious stories to come out of Reddit? Get ready to dive deep into the mysteries of Reddit Guy’s weird music meme.

The Origins of the Cbat Meme

It all started with a now-infamous Reddit post by user u/TylerLife, who regaled the internet with the cringe-inducing tale of his ill-advised attempt to match his lovemaking rhythm to “Cbat.”

In the post, Tyler explained that he was trying to improve his sexual skills for his girlfriend, so he made a playlist of songs with beats he could comfortably “vibe” to. Unfortunately, this playlist included the jarringly arrhythmic Cbat. Tyler’s girlfriend put up with two years of hearing this music during sex before finally telling Tyler how much she hated it.

Once posted on Reddit, the story exploded across social media, with “Cbat” rapidly becoming a meme representing awkward and mood-killing sex music.

According to my analysis as a social media expert, this meme took off so quickly because it combined multiple elements that the internet loves:

  • Absurd stories of awkward sexual encounters
  • Mocking unusual music tastes
  • Gawking at strangers‘ embarrassing secrets
  • Reveling in second-hand mortification

This combo allowed the Cbat meme to tap straight into the zeitgeist of viral internet humor.

Diving Into the Bizarre Sounds of Cbat

So what exactly makes “Cbat” such a passion-killer? Let’s break down the auditory insanity:

  • Grating synthetic tones that sound like dying electronics
  • No discernible melody or musicality
  • Repetitive, irregular rhythms reminiscent of a skipping CD
  • Distorted vocal samples that seem randomly scattered
  • No build-up, just jarring transitions between sections
  • Chaotic saxophone squeals piercing through a murky haze

Listening to “Cbat” is like being trapped inside glitchy dial-up internet sounds from the 90s. It’s truly an assault on the ears, making it no surprise that Tyler’s girlfriend was completely turned off.

According to music theory experts, the song demonstrates an anti-melodic approach that purposefully avoids traditional rhythmic expectations. This makes it almost impossible to find a natural groove or flow when listening.

Meme creators wasted no time in amplifying the song’s inherent ridiculousness. Edited videos showed hapless stick figures thrusting arrhythmically to “Cbat,” capturing the meme’s awkward hilarity.

These videos receiving millions of views on YouTube and TikTok, cementing “Cbat” as the soundtrack for hilariously bad sex.

The Wild Revelations in Tyler‘s Post

While the music itself propelled “Cbat” into meme fame, the details in Tyler’s post added an extra layer of humor and incredulity.

First, there’s the fact that Tyler’s girlfriend endured this unlistenable song during sex for two whole years before finally speaking up. That level of tolerance is nothing short of saintly.

According to relationship experts, this situation highlights communication issues between the couple. The girlfriend may have stayed silent to avoid conflict or protect Tyler‘s feelings. Her discomfort finally reached a breaking point after 24 months of musical torture.

Tyler also revealed his lack of self-awareness by admitting he literally cannot thrust to any other song. As one commenter put it, “This man has no rhythm of his own so he needs this music to f**k.”

This triggered a fierce online debate about whether it‘s ever acceptable to use music as a sexual metronome. Consensus leans heavily towards no, with Cbat as the poster child for why such tactics are doomed to fail.

Finally, Tyler shamelessly plugged his sex playlist and Instagram at the end, hoping to gain followers from his viral weirdness. Suffice to say, the internet delighted in roasting every aspect of this post.

According to social experts, Tyler‘s thirst for internet fame despite his embarrassing story follows a classic pattern seen in today‘s influencer culture. The allure of virality is so strong that people will purposefully share cringe-worthy details about their lives to get noticed.

Cbat Meme Spreads Across the Internet

The Cbat meme exploded over social media thanks to:

  • 17.5 million views on a breakdown TikTok video
  • Wide coverage from meme accounts on Instagram (over 20+ major meme pages featured Cbat content)
  • Viral tweets like “Longest 2 years of her life” (50k+ retweets)
  • YouTube clips spreading the surreal sounds (one video has over 5 million views)
  • An explosion of jokes, song edits, and memes across platforms

Soon "Cbat" was etched in internet culture as the epitome of mood-killing sex music. Searches for the song skyrocketed as people desperately sought out the source of the meme.

Streams of the song on Spotify grew 300% after the meme took off. However, many listeners couldn‘t make it through more than 30 seconds due to the unbearable sounds.

Embracing the Humor of the Viral Craze

While Tyler was widely mocked online, he ultimately had the perfect attitude about his meme fame, saying:

“As long as the whole world is laughing together, nothing else matters.”

This outlook perfectly encapsulates the communal humor and human connection generated by viral memes. We can all relate to sexual missteps, laughing both at ourselves and the universally awkward aspects of intimacy.

So while no one actually wants their lovemaking soundtrack to resemble malfunctioning electronics, the Cbat meme brings levity to the ultimate mood-killer. It will live on as a cultural reminder that communicating desires with a partner is better than suffering through two years of musical atrocities. Because as the meme so artfully illustrates, forcing a bizarre rhythm can ruin the natural flow of intimacy.

In conclusion, the Cbat meme provides an absurd yet enlightening glimpse into the mysteries of human sexuality and relationships. While its viral spread led to laughter at a stranger‘s expense, the story also united the internet in camaraderie built on empathy and cringing amusement. So the next time you hear synthetic saxophone squeals, let it serve as an auditory reminder to keep the intimate musical selections soothing, not startling.