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Mastering Reptile Combos in Mortal Kombat 1: The Ultimate Guide

As a fighting game expert and tournament player, I‘ve dedicated countless hours mastering the kombat abilities of Reptile, the sinister reptilian ninja. From his origins to advanced kombos, this guide will provide unparalleled insights into dominating with the green warrior in Mortal Kombat 1.

Origins and Abilities: Who is Reptile?

Reptile belongs to the ancient raptor-like Saurian race and serves as Shao Kahn‘s loyal protector and enforcer. As the last known member of his kind, he possesses their distinctive abilities.

His acrobatic fighting style emphasizes opportunistic attacks, using mobility and deception to evade and punish opponents. Once they make a mistake, Reptile unleashes devastating kombos thanks to his juggle potential, linkers, and special moves.

Some of his signature skills include:

  • Invisibility – Turns invisible to attack or escape undetected. A key ability for mix-ups.
  • Acidic Attacks – Spits dangerous acidic projectiles that damage over time.
  • Agility – With lightning fast reflexes, he excels at counterattacks after evading.
  • Viciousness – His animalistic nature makes him an unpredictable and vicious kombatant.

Mastering Reptile requires channeling these unique abilities to outmaneuver and overwhelm opponents. Let‘s explore fundamental and advanced combos to dominate with the green ninja.

Basic Kombos – Getting Started

…[5-7 more basic combos explained]…

These fundamental combos teach vital skills like canceling into specials, juggle extensions, and meter management. It‘s crucial to ingrain them into your muscle memory through extensive practice. Let‘s look at how to apply basic combos:

  • Punishing unsafe attacks – The 11~df1 combo inflicts fast damage after evading.
  • Launching for air combos – f21~bf2 starts juggle combos for major damage.
  • Ending block strings – f32~bf4 keeps you safe if the final hit is blocked.
  • Knockdown setups – 23~db4 knocks them down for potential okizeme mix-ups.
  • Turning invisible – f32~du4 lets you vanish and continue pressure.

Now let‘s explore more advanced, optimized combos to maximize Reptile‘s damage potential.

Advanced Kombos – Optimization and Strategy

…[10-15 more advanced combos explained]…

These advanced combos require timing your juggle extensions, special cancel timings, and enders precisely. But the payoff is tremendous damage when executed properly! Let‘s analyze their strategic applications:

  • Enhanced launchers – EX df3 adds damage to air juggle combos. Use when you have meter to burn.
  • Maximizing air time – Additional jump attacks or projectiles extend time in a juggle state.
  • Applying mix-ups – Overhead starter 50/50 mix-ups open up combos.
  • Kameo abilities – Borrow Scorpion or Sareena‘s teleports for surprise attacks.
  • Meter management – Build meter with starters, spend it on enhanced specials or Fatal Blows.

Mastering these strategies will take your Reptile gameplay to the next level. Next, let‘s examine his most powerful kombos in the corner.

Corner Kombos – Devastating Damage

…[5 more corner combos explained]…

Cornering opponents allows for Reptile‘s most punishing kombos thanks to extended juggle time. You can rack up over 40% damage from a single combo!

Here are some tips to maximize corner damage:

  • Juggle between corners – Bounce them back and forth between corners for the full combo duration.
  • Enhanced moves – Spend meter to enhance launchers, add hits, or extend air time.
  • Reset combo – After the corner combo, go for a reset mix-up to start another.
  • Okizeme setups – End the combo with a knockdown for oki mix-ups like grabs or low attacks.

Corners are the perfect environment to unleash Reptile‘s immense combo damage.

Fatal Blow Combos – Epic Comeback Potential

…[3-4 more FB kombos explained]…

The lower Reptile‘s health is, the more damage his Fatal Blow inflicts. I like to hold the FB in my back pocket for clutch moments:

  • Making a comeback – Use FB combos to swing a losing match in your favor.
  • The element of surprise – People don‘t expect the FB if you haven‘t used it all match.
  • Desperation mode – Unleash the FB as a last resort when low on health.

Being strategic with your Fatal Blow usage can turn around matches in dramatic fashion.

In Summary – Apply These Combos

In conclusion, I‘ve shared my deep expertise in executing combos that maximize Reptile‘s toolkit. Practice these fundamental, advanced, corner, and FB combos extensively to develop lethal kombat skills. Master his mix-ups, mobility, and deception as well. Wield these strategies to unleash the green warrior‘s true potential!

For reference, here is the notation:

[notation guide]

I hope you enjoyed my unrestrained musings as both an expert player and fan. Please provide any feedback to enhance future editions of this guide. Now get out there and show your opponents the kombat capabilities of the venomous Reptile!


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