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[Fixed] ROBLOX Error Code 524 | 4 Solutions

Getting the Roblox error codes for the first time can be stressful if you do not know what the error codes mean. You can resolve the Roblox error codes, but you must learn the A-Z of the error codes before solving them. You can learn everything you need to know about the Roblox error code 524 in the article below.

Frequent Roblox users have experienced the Roblox error code at least once while playing a game online. Roblox error codes are similar to web page error codes, and each code represents a technical problem that can be diagnosed and fixed.

The numerical value at the end of the error codes can help you troubleshoot Roblox technical issues, thus helping fix the errors seamlessly. This article focuses on Roblox error code 524, and you can read the content below to learn everything about the error code and how to fix it.

What does Roblox error code 524 mean?

Roblox error code 524 mean

There are mainly two variations of the Roblox error code 524 message. You can either get the [Not authorized to join this game. (Error Code: 524)], or you can get the [You do not have permission to join this game. (Error Code: 524)] messages while playing or trying to join a game online.

Roblox's official website indicates that both error messages could result from slow or offline servers. You will quickly notice other causes affecting the Roblox error code message the more you dig around and attempt to find out more about the problem.

Below is a list of all the possible causes for the Roblox 524 error code.

1. The game is for VIPs

The game is for VIPs

The primary cause for the Error code 524 message is the game you are trying to join is for VIP gamers only. Game creators on Roblox use the VIP feature to limit the number of gamers entering a gaming session. You will get the [You do not have permission to join this game. (Error Code: 524)] if you attempt to enter a VIP game without authentication.

2. Network connectivity issues

Network connectivity issues

The other cause for the 524 error code message is network-related issues with your computer or smart device. You can expect to get either the [Not authorized to join this game. (Error Code: 524)] or the [You do not have permission to join this game. (Error Code: 524)] error messages if the Roblox servers are overloaded or offline. You cannot connect to the Roblox gaming network if their servers are offline or experiencing slow speeds due to an overload of gamers.

The good news is that you can fix the Roblox error code 524 within a few minutes. You can follow the solutions below to solve the Roblox error code 524 message on your PC.

1. Login with a Roblox account that is 30+ days old
Log in old Roblox account


The Roblox gaming platform introduced the 30+ day policy in 2020. The primary reason for the rule is to curb the number of hackers who create new accounts after being kicked out of the platform. Ensure your Roblox account is more than 30 days old before logging into the gaming platform.

2. Checking for Roblox server downtime

Roblox server downtime

Unfortunately, the Roblox gaming platform does not have a direct and official website for checking the downtime on their servers. Other gaming platforms like Xbox have an official website where gamers can see the status of the Xbox servers. You could use a third-party website to check the downtime on Roblox servers.

Roblox users use third-party websites to report and keep tabs on Roblox server downtime. A good example is the down detector website for Roblox, where you can get real-time status for Roblox servers.

3. Changing persons who can invite you to VIP servers

You can change the private server settings on your Roblox account to bypass the authentication restriction on Roblox VIP games. You can follow the steps below to change the server settings on your account.

Step 1: Log in to your Roblox account using the Roblox application or official website.

Step 2: Click on the Settings icon at the top-right corner of your screen if you are using the Roblox website.

roblox Settings icon

Step 3: Click on the Privacy option at the left pane of the settings section.

Step 4: Scroll until you locate the Who can Invite me to private servers.

Step 5: Click on the Friends section for other options in the drop-down box. Wait for the drop-down options before clicking on the Everyone option.

roblox private servers

4. Changing the IP address on your PC

Changing the IP address on your PC helps in cases where Roblox servers block your IP address. A single Roblox server or all Roblox servers can block your IP address and prevent you from playing VIP Roblox games.

Changing the IP address of your IP address can help you bypass the Roblox server security check. You can use the steps below to change the IP address on your PC.

Step 1: Go to the Search box at the bottom left of the taskbar and type CMD. Right Click on the CMD application and click on the Run as administrator option.

Step 2: Wait for the CMD to launch with administrator privileges before typing [ipconfig /flushdns]. Hit the Enter key and wait for the CMD command to execute.

Step 3: Type [netsh Winsock reset] on the command CMD console before hitting the Enter key.

Step 4: Go to your Search box and type Control Panel before clicking on the Control Panel application.

Step 5: Click on the Network and Internet section. Proceed to click on the Network and Sharing Centre section.

Step 6: Click on the Change adapter settings on the left panel. Locate your internet connection and right-click on it before selecting the Properties option.

Step 7: Locate and click on the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) option.

Locate and click on the [Use the following DNS server addresses] radio button before using and as the Primary and Secondary static addresses.

Step 8: Click on the [Obtain DNS Server address automatically] radio button to complete the IP reset on your PC.


You can try the above solutions in addition to clearing the cookies and caches on your Internet browser to resolve the Roblox error code 524 message. Solutions for the Roblox error code 524 are easy, and each takes only a couple of minutes to complete