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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Roblox Gift Cards

Roblox has exploded in popularity in recent years. The immersive 3D platform allows over 200 million monthly active users to create, share, and play games made by the Roblox community.^1

One great way to step up your Roblox experience is by redeeming gift cards for Robux (the in-game currency) or a Roblox Premium subscription. But buying enough gift cards to unlock all the coolest gear can get expensive.

That‘s why Roblox fans are always on the hunt for free gift cards. In this comprehensive 2,000+ word guide, we‘ll explore the ins and outs of getting free Roblox gift cards, including:

  • Earning free cards through survey sites
  • Buying advice for purchasing gift cards
  • Tips for redeeming your Roblox codes
  • Safe practices for finding legitimate free gift cards

By the end, you’ll be a master at getting Roblox gift cards for free!

Surveys: The #1 Way to Get Free Roblox Gift Cards

Completing online surveys in exchange for rewards is one of the best and most popular ways to get free Roblox gift cards.

Here‘s a deep dive into how survey sites work and the top places to earn free Roblox cards:

How Online Survey Sites Work

Online survey panels allow brands and market research companies to gain consumer insights from a diverse group of respondents. Participants share their opinions via surveys and in return earn points, cash, or gift cards.^2

Most survey sites function similarly:

  • Users sign up for an account and take a profile survey.
  • Based on your demographics and interests, you‘ll receive targeted survey invitations via email.
  • For each survey completed, you‘ll earn points or cash.
  • Once you hit the minimum payout requirement, you can redeem your earnings for gift cards or cash.

Survey sites offer a flexible way to earn money and rewards in your spare time by voicing your opinions. Just 10-15 minutes per survey can quickly add up!

Top 8 Survey Sites for Free Roblox Gift Cards

Here are the top-rated survey panels for earning points towards free Roblox gift cards:

1. Swagbucks

  • Minimum payout for Roblox gift cards: 500 SB
  • Bonus: $5 sign-up bonus
  • Rewards: Gift cards, cash back, merchandise

Swagbucks offers multiple ways to rack up points (called "SB"), including surveys, playing games, watching videos, shopping online, and more. It‘s one of the most popular "rewards" sites.

2. PrizeRebel

  • Minimum payout: 80 points
  • Bonus: 50 bonus points
  • Rewards: Gift cards, cash, prizes

PrizeRebel rewards users for completing surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, referral bonuses, and much more. Fast payouts make it a favorite.

3. Survey Junkie

  • Minimum payout: 1000 points
  • Bonus: 50 point sign-up bonus
  • Rewards: Gift cards, PayPal cash

Survey Junkie connects you with brand surveys for points. The straightforward site and quick payouts keep users coming back.

4. Branded Surveys

  • Minimum payout: 500 points
  • Bonus: 100 point sign-up bonus
  • Rewards: Gift cards, merchandise, sweepstakes entries

Branded Surveys focuses on product testing and surveys on behalf of major brands. Known for offering high-value survey opportunities.

5. LifePoints

  • Minimum payout: 500 points
  • Bonus: 10 point sign-up bonus
  • Rewards: Gift cards, frequent flyer miles, charity donations

LifePoints rewards users for sharing opinions on products, services, ads, and more. Members appreciate the many redemption options.

6. Opinion Outpost

  • Minimum payout: $10
  • Bonus: None
  • Rewards: Amazon, PayPal, gift cards

Opinion Outpost connects you with market research surveys and panels. Simple to use with fast email invites and PayPal cash outs.

7. Toluna

  • Minimum payout: $1
  • Bonus: 500 point sign-up bonus
  • Rewards: Gift cards, product samples, game codes

Toluna offers a mix of traditional surveys and product testing opportunities. You can opt for PayPal payments or gift card rewards.

8. PointClub

  • Minimum payout: $5
  • Bonus: $1 sign-up bonus
  • Rewards: Gift cards, raffles, cryptocurrency

PointClub rewards you for completing surveys, social media interactions, games, and more. Offers varied redemption options.

The best survey site depends on your preferences and habits. I recommend sticking with 2-3 paid survey sites consistently to maximize earnings.

Survey Site Tips & Tricks

Follow these tips to earn Roblox gift cards even faster:

  • Take screening surveys seriously – Provide accurate info so you qualify for the most surveys.

  • Watch for limited time offers – Some surveys pay double or triple for quick response.

  • Only share your true opinions – Don‘t try to game the system or you could get banned.

  • Use reminder alerts – Set up email or app notifications so you don‘t miss survey invites.

  • Take advantage of referral programs – Refer friends to earn bonus points.

  • Check for promo codes – Survey sites often provide codes for extra points.

  • Cash out frequently – Don‘t lose your earnings if you stop using a site.

With some consistency, you can easily earn $10, $25, or even $50 Roblox gift cards per month through paid online surveys. Much better than paying out of pocket!

Buying Roblox Gift Cards: Retailer Guide

While surveys allow you to earn Roblox gift cards for free, sometimes you may want to buy cards outright as gifts or to get a nice chunk of Robux quickly.

Here are the best places to buy discounted Roblox gift cards:

Roblox Website

The Roblox Gift Card page offers the convenience of purchasing official digital or physical gift cards directly through the site. You can select amounts from $10 to $100, customize your gift message, and have the digital code emailed or physical card shipped.

Retail Stores

Major retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and GameStop all carry an array of Roblox gift card options in store and online. You can often find sales and deals on gift cards at retail stores or buy in bulk to save. Some stores also allow you to create customizable gift card amounts.

Membership Programs

If you have a paid membership program with Amazon Prime, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Plus, check your membership rewards section for discounted or free Roblox gift cards. These programs sometimes offer promotional gaming gift cards to subscribers.

Buy Discount Gift Cards

You can save up to 20% or more on Roblox gift cards by purchasing discount codes from reputable resale marketplaces like CardCash and Raise. The catch is that availability depends on users reselling their unwanted cards. Exercise caution and read reviews before purchasing discounted gift cards.

When shopping for Roblox gift cards, look for bonus promotions and stackable coupons to maximize your savings. And keep an eye out for limited time bargains during peak gift card shopping times like the holidays or back to school season.

Redeeming Roblox Gift Cards

Once you’ve earned or bought a Roblox gift card, you’ll be itching to redeem it for sweet in-game loot! Here are step-by-step instructions to redeem gift cards:

  1. Go to the Roblox Redeem Page. Log into your account.

  2. Locate your 19-digit Roblox gift card code. Physical gift cards have a scratch-off area to reveal the code. For digital codes, check your email or retailer order confirmation.

  3. Carefully enter the 19-digit code into the "Enter your code" box. Triple check for accuracy!

  4. Hit the "Redeem" button. If entered correctly, your account will be credited.

  5. The Robux or Premium membership funds should appear in your account immediately and are ready to use!

Common gift card issues include mistyping the code, expired cards, previously redeemed cards, or insufficient funds. Contact Roblox Support if you have any redemption problems.

Now get ready to deck out your avatar, build your dream game, or gain an edge with a Premium membership!

Obtaining Free Gift Cards Safely & Legitimately

Everyone loves getting something for nothing. That‘s why lots of sketchy websites claim to offer free Roblox gift cards through generators, giveaways, hacks, and similar shady tactics.

While these methods sound great, they are almost always illegal, violate Roblox terms of service, and can result in account bans or identity theft.

Here are safe, legitimate ways to get free or deeply discounted Roblox gift cards:

  • Earn gift cards through survey sites – As we outlined above, taking paid online surveys in your spare time is a secure way to earn free Roblox gift cards.

  • Enter reputable giveaways – Large brand giveaways from companies like Subway, Disney, Coca-Cola, and Roblox itself are valid ways to win gift card prizes. Just be wary of fake giveaways used to harvest data.

  • Refer friends – Referral programs from survey sites, Roblox, and retailers let you earn free gift cards for getting friends to sign up.

  • Look for promos – Occasionally Roblox runs free gift card promos for new subscribers or other offers.

  • Buy discounted – Carefully buying discounted gift cards from legitimate resale sites can save tons of cash.

  • Exchange loyalty points – Cash in credit card, airline, or other loyalty program points towards gift cards.

  • Recycle gift cards – Trade in your unwanted gift cards for a Roblox card through exchange sites.

  • Sell unused items – Use Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist to sell items you no longer want and use the cash for Roblox cards.

With a little creativity, patience, and caution, you can land legitimate free or cheap Roblox gift cards. But always steer clear of sketchy free gift card offers that seem too good to be true!

Turn Gameplay Into Gift Cards

Hopefully you now have plenty of tips for earning free Roblox gift cards through surveys and other means. But here is one final way to turn your gameplay into more gift cards:

Develop your own Roblox games – If you build an engaging Roblox game that attracts lots of players, you can earn Robux revenue from it. Popular developers actually make a full-time living through Roblox game creation!

For expert developers, creating high-quality games that bring in daily players can ultimately generate enough Robux to buy gift cards at no cost. It takes serious dedication and effort, but could let you gift unlimited cards to friends.

Check out Roblox‘s Developer Hub to learn more about building games and monetizing your creations through the Roblox platform. Who knows, you might create the next big hit!

Get Free Gift Cards for Your Roblox Adventures

We‘ve now covered every legit method for getting Roblox gift cards for free or at a big discount. Key takeaways include:

  • Survey sites make earning free gift cards simple through sharing your opinions.

  • Buy cheaply from retail sales, bulk deals, discounted marketplaces, and loyalty programs.

  • Redeem carefully by triple checking your code and redemption steps.

  • Stay safe by avoiding sketchy "free" gift card offers and learning to spot scams.

  • Consider developing games to generate huge amounts of Robux.

With this advice, you‘ll never have to pay full price for Roblox gift cards again. Happy redeeming!