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How to Find Song ID on Roblox

Playing music in Roblox can transform your gameplay experience. With the right tunes, you can set the perfect mood in your games. But to play music in Roblox, you‘ll need those unique "song IDs."

In this comprehensive 3000+ word guide, we‘ll dive deep on how to find Roblox song IDs for the best music experience.

What Exactly is a Roblox Song ID?

A Roblox song ID is a unique identifier assigned to every audio file hosted on the platform. This includes:

  • Music tracks
  • Sound effects
  • Ambiance
  • Voice lines
  • And more.

When you want to play a specific song in a Roblox game, you‘ll need to find its song ID and enter it into a compatible boombox or music player item.

This allows Roblox‘s servers to retrieve that exact audio file and play it within the game.

Some example song IDs include:

  • Never Gonna Give You Up: 183314957
  • Old Town Road: 5144432528
  • Spooky Scary Skeletons: 1025716528

As you can see, IDs are 8 or 9 digit numbers uniquely identifying each piece of audio. With over 40 million audio files hosted, the possibilities are endless!

How Roblox Song IDs Work

Behind the scenes, Roblox song IDs allow developers to integrate audio without needing the raw files.

When a song ID is entered into a boombox, Roblox‘s servers handle streaming the audio on demand. This saves bandwidth and storage space.

IDs also abstract away the direct file path. If audio files get updated or reorganized, the IDs remain constant. This prevents broken links.

Overall, song IDs provide a simple yet powerful interface for playing audio in any Roblox game. Just find the ID and let Roblox handle the rest!

Finding Song IDs on Roblox

There are a couple ways to find song IDs on the Roblox platform:

Method 1: Search the Roblox Library

The most direct approach is searching for audio directly in the Roblox library. Here‘s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Roblox website and log into your account.
  2. Click "Create" at the top menu and select "Library" from the drop-down.
  3. Choose "Audio" from the left sidebar menu.
  4. Use the search bar to search for your desired song or audio clip.
  5. Click on the result when it shows up.
  6. The song ID will be visible in the URL of the audio page. Copy it!

For example, if the URL is: 

Then the song ID would be 1037860641.

Searching the library makes finding IDs quick and simple. Just be sure you‘ve got the specific version of the song used on Roblox.

Method 2: Use a Song ID Finder Website

You can also turn to external song ID finder websites. These aggregate Roblox audio IDs into easily searchable databases.

Some of the most popular Roblox song ID sites include:

To use these:

  1. Go to one of the sites above
  2. Search for a song in the search bar
  3. Copy the ID displayed in the results
  4. Paste the ID into your Roblox game

ID finders can help discover more obscure or hard-to-find audio. But double check any IDs before use.

Other Methods

A couple other ways to track down elusive Roblox song IDs include:

  • Asking on forums – Fellow players may know IDs, especially for popular songs.
  • Browsing games – Look for boombox items in games playing your song.
  • Monitoring new uploads – Check the audio library weekly for latest hits.

With some persistence, you can find practically any song ID for Roblox.

Where to Enter Song IDs in Roblox

Once you‘ve got your song ID in hand, here‘s where you can use them in Roblox:


Boombox items allow playing music with song IDs:

  1. Equip the boombox in your inventory
  2. Open the GUI by clicking on it
  3. Enter the ID in the "Song ID" field
  4. Click "Play" to start the tune!

Different boombox models may look slightly different. But the process stays the same.

Developer Admin Commands

If you‘re building a Roblox game, you can use admin commands:

  • :music songID – Play a song by ID
  • :stopmusic – Stop any music playing

For example, :music 1037860641 would play a specific track.

This allows quickly testing music integration as you develop.

Audio Integrations

For deeper integration, Developers can use the SoundService to natively play audio:

local sound = SoundService:CreateSound(songID)

This opens up features like controlling volume, pause/resume, sound effects, and more.

Pro Tips for Finding and Using Song IDs

Here are some pro tips for mastering Roblox song IDs:

Finding Tips

  • Search accurately – Small typos can pull wrong results, so search carefully.
  • Verify length – Many short snippets or covers exist. Double check for full songs.
  • Confirm validity – Test any found IDs to ensure they work before use.
  • Bookmark favorites – Save commonly used IDs for fast access later.
  • Monitor new uploads – IDs can change as audio gets removed or updated.

Using Tips

  • Mind character limits – Some fields may limit ID length. Shorten if needed.
  • Attribute original artists – Credit audio creators and follow copyright laws.
  • Set appropriate genres – Helps games group music into categories.
  • Normalizing volume – Balance audio levels so songs have consistent loudness.
  • Moderate appropriate content – Avoid offensive or inappropriate songs.

Mastering these pro tips will take your Roblox audio to the next level.

Finding Popular Roblox Song IDs

Looking for IDs to today‘s hottest tracks? Here are some popular Roblox song IDs to try:

Pop Music Song IDs

  • Anti Hero – Taylor Swift: 11883380074
  • As It Was – Harry Styles: 1161001855
  • About Damn Time – Lizzo: 11464203383

Hip Hop Music Song IDs

  • Rich Flex – Drake and 21 Savage: 4180470997
  • Die Hard – Kendrick Lamar: 11787935083
  • Wait For U – Future: 11756053639

Holiday Music Song IDs

  • All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey: 319909628
  • Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms: 7362205901
  • Last Christmas – Wham!: 11002661140

And many more! Explore the audio library to discover IDs for your favorite artists and genres.

Finding Song IDs for Specific Games

You can also search for IDs tailored to popular Roblox game genres:

Arsenal Song IDs

Amp up the action in Arsenal with intense IDs like:

  • The Final Countdown – Europe: 1205896050
  • X Gon Give It to Ya – DMX: 138235589
  • Lose Yourself – Eminem: 7591475476

Horror Game Song IDs

Set an ominous ambiance with creepy horror IDs:

  • Toccata and Fugue in D Minor – Bach: 180450997
  • Halloween Theme Song: 1651699610
  • Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett: 6967511300

Roleplay Game Song IDs

Spark adventure with upbeat roleplaying tunes:

  • Dragonhearted – TryHardNinja: 139710211
  • Rather Be – Clean Bandit: 6211680157
  • Counting Stars – OneRepublic: 203995207

Search for IDs tailored to the vibe you want in any Roblox game genre.

Finding Foreign Language Song IDs

Roblox hosts music in many languages—great for international players. Popular foreign song IDs include:


  • Despacito – Luis Fonsi: 420694309
  • La Tortura – Shakira: 945609902
  • Bailando – Enrique Iglesias: 2320714185


  • Formidable – Stromae: 7051542393
  • Papaoutai – Stromae: 7281311287
  • Tourner Dans Le Vide – Indila: 7281512936


  • Gurenge – LiSA: 11692656337
  • unravel – TK from Ling tosite sigure: 7375208703
  • Crossing Field – LiSA: 7282477898

And many more languages. Explore international hits!

Creating Custom Song IDs

Want to upload your own music to Roblox? Here‘s how to get custom song IDs:

  1. Open Roblox Studio and click "Tools"
  2. Select "Audio" to open the audio manager
  3. Click "Choose File" and upload your track
  4. Enter details like artist, genre, description
  5. Click "Save" and publish the audio
  6. Your new song ID will be displayed

You can then use this ID in any game. Just follow Roblox‘s audio policies.

Pro tip: Shorten longer tracks into 30 second clips for easier reuse.

Troubleshooting Song ID Issues

Having issues with song IDs not working? Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Double check the ID – Typos are common. Verify the exact digits.
  • Test in multiple games – Confirm it‘s not a game-specific problem.
  • Try different gear – Test with different boombox models.
  • Monitor new uploads – An audio file may have changed or been removed.
  • Ask the developer – They may know of ID changes or restrictions.

With some debugging, you can get temperamental IDs up and running again.

Legal Guidelines for Song IDs

While it‘s easy to find and use song IDs in Roblox, keep these legal guidelines in mind:

  • Respect copyrights – Only use IDs for songs you have the rights to use.
  • Attribute artist credit – Give original creators proper attribution.
  • Follow Roblox rules – Don‘t use inappropriate or offensive content.
  • Moderate carefully – Remove problematic IDs reported by players.

Abiding by Roblox‘s terms of service keeps everyone safe and happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let‘s review some common FAQs about Roblox song IDs:

Q: Can I find song IDs on mobile?

A: Unfortunately not – you‘ll need to use a desktop browser to search Roblox‘s library and ID sites.

Q: Why does an ID sometimes play the wrong song?

A: This usually means the ID is slightly off, or the audio file was changed or removed. Double check and test any odd IDs.

Q: Do song IDs work across all Roblox games?

A: Yes! A song ID will play the same audio clip in any game that supports music playback.

Q: Can I get banned for using certain IDs?

A: It‘s unlikely, but inappropriate, offensive, or copyrighted songs do carry a ban risk. Use common sense.

Q: How many songs are on Roblox?

A: Over 40 million audio files! And growing every day as users continuously upload music.

Q: What‘s the longest song ID possible?

A: Up to 18 digits, allowing for trillions of unique audio files. Plenty of room for future expansion.

Q: Can I sell or trade song IDs?

A: No, song IDs are for personal use only. Do not trade or sell them.

Still have questions? Roblox has an in-depth audio help section that may have the answers you need.


Finding and using song IDs opens up a world of music potential in Roblox. You can set the perfect mood for any game genre with the right IDs.

Follow this guide to master searching Roblox‘s audio library, using finder sites, and implementing IDs into your games seamlessly.

With over 40 million options, let your imagination run wild. The right tunes can transport players into immersive worlds and unforgettable gaming experiences.

So equip your boombox, enter those song IDs, and start rocking out today!