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Rubmaps Review 2023: Is it Legit Or A Scam?

If you have seen any coming of age American college movie ever, you are probably quite acquainted with the “Asian girl giving happy endings with the massage” stereotype. For the uninitiated, a “happy ending massage” is one where the masseuse helps you reach orgasm as part of an unconventional body massage. And, yes, they are a real thing. Massage parlors that offer happy endings abound in Thailand, where they are a popular attraction amongst tourists in the know.

However, while some may be surprised to realize that you can find such establishments here in the states, to many others its old news.

Originally, many of these locations typically operated under the radar due to legality issues, with users relying on word of mouth and guesswork to find these places. However, the Internet makes all things easier. And like it has done with the process of finding dating and casual sex partners, the web has significantly taken out all the guesswork and stress of locating happy ending massage centers too.

Even more, you can now find directory/review sites like Rubmaps, a digital platform that lists over 10,000 massage-related outlets across the United States that offer some form of erotic massage.

Rubmaps Overview

While web services like Yelp and Foursquare have helped to hold the service industry to higher standards in the past decade, apparently, the internet has a similar answer to the business of erotic massage parlors. is an online database that lists outfits in this niche and compiles detailed reviews and feedback from users engaging with their services. The site's members, who call themselves “mongers,” are not joking around when it comes to reviewing these massage parlors. On Rubmaps, you will find meticulous feedback that includes a critique of the provider's technique, attitude, looks, and even language fluency.

With over ten thousand locations listed and over 3k in California alone, Rubmaps is one of the web's most comprehensive directory of erotic massage parlors.

Consequently, the website touts itself as your number one massage parlor locator and the home of all things erotic massage. Services covered on the platform include prostate massages, happy ending massages, hot massages, and Nuru massages.
From the site's homepage, you can locate massage parlors by state or city, or instead, you can peruse a curated list of the most recent reviews or added massage parlors around the country. The website also includes advanced search functionality.

According to the site's official page, all of the reviews on are entirely user-generated and the platform does not apply any verification process for reviews or addresses.

Furthermore, the website claims that it has a zero-tolerance policy for sex trafficking, underage prostitution, or any form of sexual activity between unconsenting individuals.

Rubmaps Legality and Safety

While using the Rubmaps website is legal, in the United States, a happy massage isn't. Consequently, many of the spas on the platform that offer these happy ending massages do so discreetly.

Thanks to the series of disclaimers that abound on almost every page, the Rubmaps platform absolves itself of any responsibility for site users action and do not provide any form of protection from the law or other unfortunate occurrences.
Rubmaps Legality and Safety
Hence, if you proceed to use Rubmaps in seeking out erotic massages you agree to do that at your own risk.
Furthermore, massage therapists caught providing happy massages often face the risk of arrest and losing their licenses. And in the government's bid to police happy massages and acts of prostitution, it is quite common for the police to raid and shutdown are known operations. As a customer, you face a small risk of being arrested during such raids.

Also, it is a known fact that the police use sites like Rubmaps in seeking out and shutting down these massage parlors. In fact, in a recent bust of a Florida happy massage parlor, appeared in the case report by the Floridan Police department. appeared in the case report by the Floridan Police department
However, many of Rubmaps site members are fully aware of these risks and continue to use the platform nonetheless.

Getting Started with Rubmaps

Signing Up

Due to the legality of the services on this platform, you are best off staying as anonymous as possible. Rubmaps are fully aware of this reality and they reflect this in their signup process. The website only requests a username, password, and email address during registration.
sign up with Rubmaps
The entire signup process is easy and straightforward, and you should have your account created and verified in under a minute.

User Interface

Immediately after signing up, you meet a sleek, lightweight blue and white interface that is the Rubmaps homepage. From here, you can seek out reviews of happy massage parlors by your current state or city.

The left sidebar of the page list all of the states in the US and the total number of reviewed parlors in each state. Clicking any of these links will take you to a page with all of the associated service centers.

Alternatively, you can click any of the listed popular cities at the bottom of the page to view reviewed massage parlors in that location.

The main body of the homepage is a tabbed layout that shows you a list of the latest reviews around you, massage parlors near you, latest reviews on the site, or the newest massage parlors added to the platform. For each entry on this list, Rubmaps also gives you the provider's name and address, the estimated price of each massage, the distance from your current location, and the average user rating of the outfit.


At the top of every page on Rubmaps, you will find a search bar that lets you search massage parlors in every state by keyword. Alternatively, you can use the advanced search feature that gives you the ability to select for a host of other features.
Search in Rubmaps
The advanced search feature works by scanning the user reviews for keywords and bringing up any relevant businesses in your selected location.


Clicking on any of the massage parlor entries on the Rubmaps platform takes you to the review page from where you can view detailed user reviews of that outfit.
Reviews of Rubmaps
The review page shows you the average user rating of each massage parlor as well as details of each user's review and rating. However, these review details are hidden behind a paywall and can only be viewed by premium members.

The review page also shows important details of the business like their address, the ethnicity of their masseuse, payment availability, parking, pricing, as well as the equipment they have on the ground.


Pricing of Rubmaps
To get any value from Rubmaps, you have to sign up for one of their premium plans. The platform offers a monthly plan that goes for $19.95 per month and a 12-month plan that retails at $149 for a 33% discount on the monthly plan. To get either of these plans, you have to check out on the site's payment page with your debit/credit cards.

Alternatively, the site offers four bitcoin-only plans that you can pay for instead with a Bitcoin wallet or ATM. The bitcoin payment option is available for $25 for 15 days, $50 for 50 days, $100 for 140 days, and $200 for 300 days plans.

With Rubmaps premium plans, you gain unlimited access to all of the site's user reviews and ratings for the duration of your subscription. A paid account also lets you see pictures of the massage parlors added by members that have visited.

Furthermore, a premium plan gives you the ability to add new massage parlors, add your own reviews, set up custom alerts for specific massage parlors, and use the site's internal messaging system to communicate with other Rubmaps members. Also, for paying members, the site adds a premium tag to your profile and all your posts on the platform.

Other Rubmaps Site Features


The Rubmaps interface includes a safe browsing feature that can help you browse the website discreetly even when in public. Turning on this feature automatically hides the site's header and name as well as all images on every website page.


Rubmaps also runs a user forum where users can post related topics, questions, and requests. However, while all members can access and read forum messages, only premium members can create new posts.


Rubmaps also runs a site blog that chronicles happy massage parlor adventures.

Pros of Rubmaps

Extensive List of Massage Parlors

With over 10,000 massage locations listed, Rubmaps is the most extensive directory of happy massage parlors you will find anywhere on the internet. The site has at least a hundred parlors listed in each state, and the platform's category system makes it super easy to locate outlets in any city.

Massive User Base

Rubmaps' sizable database is made of loyal users that ensure the site has sufficient coverage of the US. The large population of members on the platform ensures that you get as many as 30 reviews and several images on almost every entry.

Aesthetic User Interface

The professionality of the Rubmaps website completely blows the competition out of the water. While sites in the niche typically have sketchy, ad-loaded pages, Rubmaps features a clean, lightweight and aesthetic build and contains zero ads.

Positive Reviews

User reviews on Reddit and other internet forum rate Rubmaps services highly.

Cons of Rubmaps

Legal Risk

Users of this site expose themselves to some legal risk as many of the services offered by massage parlors on there are considered illicit in the United States. Furthermore, by leaving a review on Rubmaps, you may be openly admitting to exchanging funds for sexual services which is illegal in every state in the US except in some parts of Nevada.
However, since you can use the platform anonymously, most Rubmaps users are unfazed by this risk.

Unverified Information

Since Rubmaps does not moderate or verify the user-posted massage parlor entries and reviews, there is a chance that some of the entries on the site are false. Such incorrect information may include regular massage parlors that do not offer happy massages, closed massage parlors, or entries that completely do not exist in the real world.