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Unlocking Victory: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Coveted Sawah Crypto Mining Farm Key in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ

The highly anticipated launch of Warzone 2.0 has finally arrived, bringing with it an exciting new sandbox-style gameplay mode called DMZ. In this expansive, open world battleground based in the war-torn country of Al Mazrah, operators are free to choose their own missions, explore off the beaten path, and engage in dynamic PvEvP combat.

DMZ’s openness provides amazing opportunities, but also great challenges. Learning key strategies around the best loot locations is crucial for success. One of the most valuable locked areas is the Sawah Crypto Mining Farm, containing top-tier loot for gaining a tactical advantage. However, reliably securing the key and extracting with this lucrative gear takes skill.

In this extensive guide, we’ll breakdown everything you need to swiftly track down the elusive Sawah Crypto Mining Farm key. Read on to gain the insider knowledge for unlocking victory in DMZ matches.

Overview of Warzone 2.0’s DMZ Mode

For context, let’s briefly review DMZ and how it works. DMZ thrusts you into the war-ravaged country of Al Mazrah with up to two squadmates. The expansive, open world map consists of main points of interest connected by rural areas and winding roads.

There is no set objective or singular way to play. Operators can take on story-driven missions, hunt for valuable contraband to extract, engage with AI combatants, or directly battle other players in PvP skirmishes. You retain all loot extracted between matches, allowing you to accumulate powerful gear.

DMZ provides amazing freedom of choice, but also peril around every corner. Learning key strategies is mandatory for success.

Why Keys Are Critical in DMZ

DMZ’s wide open map contains many tantalizing locked rooms and areas housing rare loot. But breaching these coveted areas requires securing the matching key during the match.

Keys establish a rewarding risk vs. reward dynamic. Landing the key necessary to unlock a major high-tier loot location can greatly boost your firepower. But keys are elusive and contested, requiring strategy to obtain and protect.

Below we’ll break down keys types ranging from common to ultra rare.

Key Rarity Tiers

  • Common Keys – Unlock small loot caches and basic structures

  • Rare Keys – Provide access to valuable equipment and weapon blueprint caches

  • Epic Keys – Grant access to rare contraband, high-level attachments, and killstreaks

  • Legendary Keys – Open top-tier loot rooms with specialized exfiltration intel, vehicles, and more

As evidenced above, keys are instrumental for gaining an advantage in DMZ. Now let’s dive into locating the most coveted key of all – the key to the Sawah Crypto Mining Farm.

Pinpointing the Sawah Crypto Mining Farm Key Location

The Sawah Crypto Mining Farm contains some of the rarest loot in DMZ. To gain access, you’ll first need to track down the matching key.

This key consistently spawns in the Sawah Village point of interest located on the southwestern portion of the map. Specifically, you’ll want to navigate to the multi-story building just west of the circular village plaza.

Sawah Village Map

Upon entering this structure, head toward the rear and locate a staircase heading to the upper floor. Ascend the stairs, move straight ahead down the hall, then hang a right. There you’ll see the locked double doors of the Sawah Crypto Mining Farm, which the special key opens.

Interior Navigation Map

With the Sawah Farm key in hand, you can access the motherlode of rare loot inside. This includes the highest tier weapon blueprints, attachments, killstreaks, armor plates, and exfiltration intel.

Below we’ll cover more ways to get the key and why securing this high-value location is so impactful.

Alternative Sources for Obtaining the Sawah Key

While the Sawah Farm building contains a guaranteed key spawn, there are a couple other ways to potentially get the key during DMZ matches:

Defeating AI Combatants – AI enemies have a small random chance to drop keys when eliminated. When you see the orange keycard icon above them, target them for a possible key jackpot!

The Heavy elite enemies and High Value Targets offer increased key drop rates. I recommend equipping Cold Blooded to avoid being detected by Heavy units.

Completing Contracts – Certain contracts like High Value Targets provide keys as part of the loot reward upon successful completion. If you see keycard icons on a contract, prioritize those first.

Looting Supply Boxes – Supply boxes generously scattered around the map have a small chance of containing keys. Always check to see if they hold any hidden keys!

Mix up strategies to grab this vital Sawah key. Fortune favors the bold. Next we’ll examine why this key is so game-changing.

Evaluating the Exclusive Loot Within Sawah Crypto Mining Farm

Gaining access to the Sawah Crypto Mining Farm provides handsome rewards. Let’s overview the rare contraband housed inside:

  • Weapon Blueprints – Gain access to the most powerful base weapon blueprints in DMZ for custom loadout advantage

  • Attachments – Discover unique gun attachments like thermal hybrid sights to kit out your weapons

  • Lethal/Tactical Equipment – Restock on lethal and tactical equipment like C4, claymores, flashbangs, etc.

  • Armor Plating – Replenish your armor plates to enter engagements at full strength

  • Killstreaks – Secure game-changing killstreaks like Sentry Turrets and Cluster Bombs

  • Exfiltration Intel – Obtain key intel for high-value extraction points offering lucrative rewards

As you can see, the loot available at the Sawah Farm provides major boosts to your firepower and survivability. Having this exclusive gear can easily tilt matches in your favor.

Below we’ll go over tactics to safely extract with your hard-earned prizes from this lucrative area.

Extracting Safely with Your Loot from Sawah Farm

The keys to victory don’t end when you breach the Sawah Farm’s doors. You still need to successfully exfil from Al Mazrah with your newly acquired loot.

Here are tips to escape safely with your haul:

  • Check the Map – Choose an extraction point far from the Sawah Farm to avoid other players. Aim for extractions on the outskirts.

  • Travel off Road – Stick to fields, forests, and other natural cover when moving to your extraction point. Avoid main roads to reduce running into enemies.

  • Stay Crouched – Maintaining a crouched position makes you a smaller, harder to detect target. Only sprint when absolutely necessary.

  • Move Methodically – Progress carefully from cover to cover while checking your six. Assume danger is nearby.

  • Use Vehicles Wisely – Vehicles can help you cover ground quickly, but also reveal your position. Disembark before getting too close to your extraction.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to bank your hard-earned Sawah loot consistently.

Expert Tips for Dominating DMZ Matches

Beyond securing the Sawah Farm key, mastering DMZ requires broad strategic mastery. Here are insider tips from my extensive experience for rising to the top:

  • Learn Loot Tiers – Study loot quality levels so you know what to grab and what to leave behind. High value loot is key.

  • Master Weapon Handling – Winning firefights requires excelling with various weapon types beyond your custom loadouts.

  • Explore the Map – Uncover stashes, lore, and scenic views off the beaten path. Adventure leads to rewards.

  • Choose Missions Wisely – Certain missions like Raid the Armory are high-risk but can set you up with powerful contraband.

  • Extract Early and Often – Don’t get greedy. Even small loot hauls add up over time. Get in and get out.

Put these advanced strategies to use in your matches. Now let’s recap the key lessons around conquering the Sawah Farm.

In Summary

  • The Sawah Crypto Mining Farm key consistently spawns in the Sawah Village POI building
  • This key provides access to the rarest loot in DMZ like elite weapon blueprints
  • Also target AI enemies, contracts, and supply boxes for chances at the Sawah key
  • Extract safely from the outskirts with your new gear to fully capitalize
  • Implement additional tips like learning loot tiers and exploring the map to dominate matches

Unlocking the Sawah Farm vault thrusts your DMZ potential into overdrive. You now have the insider knowledge to regularly secure this game-changing POI. Employ the combat, navigation, and extraction tactics provided here to get the leg up over the competition.

The open world of DMZ awaits. Now get out there, find that Sawah key, and seize victory!