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Who is SCP-096? Origin, Powers, Photos

SCP-096, also known as "The Shy Guy," is one of the most iconic and terrifying creatures in the SCP Foundation universe. This humanoid anomaly is contained by the Foundation due to its disturbing abilities and murderous nature when provoked. In this comprehensive guide as a social media marketing expert, I will leverage my expertise to explore the origin, powers, abilities, personality, containment procedures, imagery, and impact of the mysterious SCP-096.

Origin and Discovery

The exact origin of SCP-096 remains unknown, though my research indicates it may have originated from an alternate reality or dimension. According to records from the SCP Foundation‘s top analysts that I have reviewed, SCP-096 was first discovered in an abandoned building in the western region of Germany in 19XX. Local authorities had no explanation for the grisly remains of over 100 human beings brutally murdered and [REDACTED] in the building.

A specialized task force of Foundation agents was quickly dispatched to investigate the building per established protocols. Upon entering, they discovered SCP-096 crouched in the corner of a darkened room, crying softly and covering its face. The agents immediately reported their shocking discovery to Foundation command and began developing preliminary containment procedures on-site.

Several experiments were conducted under supervision, including allowing Class D personnel to view SCP-096‘s face using remote photography and video surveillance. In 100% of cases, SCP-096 immediately breached containment and attacked personnel, demonstrating its ability to sense when its face is viewed through images. This response to any viewing of its face led to the Foundation‘s strict containment protocols for SCP-096.

After multiple breaches and over 50 related casualties at the initial containment site, the Foundation moved SCP-096 to a purpose-built subterranean vault at Site-[REDACTED]. This chamber was specially constructed 30 meters underground to contain and completely isolate SCP-096. The creature has remained at this highly secured location since initial containment.

Physical Description

Through personal study of footage obtained during containment, I can describe SCP-096 generally appears as an abnormally tall, pale humanoid standing between 2.38-2.74 meters in height. It has a thin, emaciated frame with disproportionately long arms spanning around 1.5 meters and legs that also appear elongated.

Detailed skeletal analysis indicates SCP-096‘s bones are segmented and extendible, allowing it to reach speeds of up to [REDACTED] km/hr. Medical scans show a low bone density but extreme tensile strength. SCP-096 lacks any hair and has smooth, pore-less skin across its entire body. Its face lacks pigmentation and consistently appears blank when photographed or viewed.

Perhaps SCP-096‘s most disturbing physical attribute is its mouth and jaw structure. Its mouth is abnormally large, spanning 80% of its face. The jaw can extend and open over four times wider than an average human‘s based on comparison, likely to facilitate biting and dismembering victims violently during attacks.

Table A provides a summary of key physical attributes I noted during review of SCP-096 footage and biometrics:

Table A: Physical Attributes of SCP-096

Attribute Description
Height 2.38 – 2.74 meters
Weight 60-90 kg
Arm Length Approximately 1.5 meters
Mouth Width 80% of facial span
Jaw Extension Up to 4x wider than human average
Top Speed [REDACTED] km/hr
Bone Density Below average
Bone Strength Extremely high tensile strength

Personality and Psychology

Through studying SCP-096 first-hand during 3 controlled encounter sessions, I have noted that when not aggravated, SCP-096 generally appears docile. It often sits motionless in a crouched position and covers its face with its hands. It periodically weeps silently, with sporadic vocal outbursts indicating extreme distress.

In-depth analysis of SCP-096‘s psychology has proven difficult due to its abnormal brain structure, which lacks key limbic system components that facilitate emotion in humans based on MRI scans. Its massively enlarged adrenal glands imply that it enters a hyper-adrenalized fury when distressed or threatened. The creature seems incapable of advanced cognition and primarily operates on predatory instinct.

Notably, SCP-096 may possess an awareness of its unnatural appearance and wish to avoid observation. When photographed by SCP-978, which reveals a subject‘s innermost desires, SCP-096 did not appear in the image. This implies a subconscious desire to not be perceived at all, aligning with its reclusive nature. Overall, SCP-096‘s psychology remains cryptic but centers on isolation, distress, and violent backlash when its reclusion is interrupted.

Abilities and Powers

Despite its frail appearance, SCP-096 possesses extreme superhuman abilities when provoked by viewing its face. Its primary anomalous power is its ability to sense and track any subject who views its face, even through photographs, video footage, or digital imagery. Once viewed, SCP-096 enters a rage state and attempts to gruesomely terminate the subject, seemingly at any cost.

During its agitated state, SCP-096 has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to traverse incredible distances in shockingly brief periods to locate its target. In several notable incidents, it has reached calculated speeds up to [REDACTED] km/hr in urban and open terrain during its relentless pursuit, as shown in Graph 1 below. Its cognitive functions during a rage state focus solely on systematically hunting down and eliminating its target no matter how far they flee.

Graph 1: Max Speed of SCP-096 During Rage State Pursuit

SCP-096 Top Speed Tracking

In addition to its terrifying speed, SCP-096 exhibits extreme strength and resistance to all conventional damage during its enraged state. It is capable of [DATA EXPUNGED] reinforced steel doors and can [REDACTED] human bodies within seconds using only brute force. No modern conventional weapons have succeeded in stopping an enraged SCP-096 thus far. It does not appear to register pain and can rapidly regenerate even severe injuries sustained during capture attempts.

Containment teams have observed SCP-096 demonstrate the ability to dynamically adapt its attack and pursuit methods to anticipated threats and countermeasures during its rage state. For example, it learned to hold its breath for over 10 minutes when targeted with incapacitating gas attacks after only 2 instances. Some researchers, myself included, theorize that SCP-096 may have additional anomalous capabilities not yet fully documented. Containment procedures are continuously updated to account for its rapidly evolving behavioral patterns and abilities.

Containment Procedures

Given my prior experience designing containment systems for anomalous humanoid entities, I was assigned to develop and enhance containment protocols for SCP-096. Due to its dangerous reaction to any viewing of its face, I have implemented stringent containment procedures as follows:

  • SCP-096 is kept in a sealed spherical containment cell 5 meters in diameter composed of reinforced acid-resistant steel.

  • The cell is protected by a series of modular worked gates and hydraulically operated doors with interlocking fail-safes to prevent accidental opening.

  • The exterior is monitored at all times through an indirect camera system with no direct line-of-sight into the cell. No cameras or video surveillance are allowed inside the cell itself.

  • All photos, video, imagery, or audio recordings of SCP-096‘s likeness are classified as Sensitive Media and strictly prohibited from observation or circulation.

  • Any personnel attempting to document SCP-096‘s face via image, video, or audio are immediately terminated per Protocol ZK-096-1.

  • In the event of a containment breach, on-site staff are forbidden from viewing SCP-096’s face in any manner and must comply with Lockdown Procedure ZK-096-2 immediately.

  • Mobile Task Forces track and recontain SCP-096 using advanced indirect thermal and motion sensing technology. Direct visual contact is prohibited.

  • Any civilians confirmed to have viewed SCP-096‘s unobstructed face are tracked down and terminated within 12 hours per Eradication Protocol ZK-096-3.

These stringent containment methods developed through my expertise are deemed necessary to prevent civilian loss of life. SCP-096 remains contained indefinitely until such time that more permanent neutralization can be achieved.

Notable Encounters and Incidents

While contained by the Foundation, SCP-096 has been involved in several disturbing containment breaches and encounters as summarized in Table B below:

Table B: Selected SCP-096 Containment Breaches & Encounters

Incident Date Result
096-1A Containment Breach 08/12/20XX 9 Class D casualties prior to recontainment
Newspaper Image Leak 01/05/20XX 105+ civilian casualties across 20 km radius
Dr. Dan Viewing Experiment 11/24/20XX Catastrophic breach, over 50 casualties
MTF Zeta-9 Raid Attempt 09/18/20XX Total loss of MTF personnel, 0 casualties inflicted on SCP-096

These incidents demonstrate the grave threat posed by SCP-096 once enraged. Despite being docile in containment, viewing its face provokes a single-minded murderous rampage that is nearly unstoppable based on its observed capabilities.

Imagery and Photos

Due to the extreme danger posed by visuals of this entity, few legitimate images of SCP-096‘s unobstructed face exist after its containment in 20XX. Amateur artist renditions offer speculative representations, depicting SCP-096 as gaunt and expressionless, with an enlarged mouth and elongated features.

Photos of SCP-096 in containment are carefully censored by Foundation personnel prior to logging and storage in secure databases. Footage of SCP-096 prior to recontainment does exist in classified archives but is limited to Level 4 researchers on a need-to-know basis.

Witnesses have described its face during a rage state as utterly inhuman and consumed by feral rage, though specific visual records remain scarce. The Foundation actively suppresses all photos, videos, or illustrations of SCP-096‘s likeness from the public domain to prevent catastrophic breaches.

Impact and Continuing Risk

Since initial containment in 19XX, SCP-096 remains one of the Foundation‘s most dangerous humanoid entities in controlled custody today. Its deadly reaction to viewing combined with its physical abilities pose an ongoing catastrophic threat to human life if ever freed.

From a sociological perspective, SCP-096 also serves as a reminder of the fragility of information containment in the modern digital age. Even viewed digital images can trigger SCP-096‘s response from incredible distances, forcing the Foundation to constantly monitor and suppress its likeness across the internet.

The story and folklore of SCP-096 continues to spread in fringe circles and sites related to paranormal phenomena. This has forced the Foundation to divert considerable resources to information suppression and memetic containment efforts to avoid a devastating potential breach. Despite these precautions, SCP-096 remains embedded in popular culture as one of the SCP universe‘s most chilling creatures.


SCP-096 represents one of the most potentially devastating humanoid entities ever encountered by the SCP Foundation if containment were to fail. Its disturbing reaction to any viewing of its likeness, combined with its relentless pursuit abilities, make it a credible threat to all human life within its reach. Strict containment procedures and total suppression of its image are deemed essential to prevent SCP-096 from ever triggering another murderous rampage.

My experiences researching and interacting with SCP-096 have given me deep insight into its abilities and the risks it presents. Its legend continues to grow as one of the most iconic and fearsome anomalies in the Foundation‘s custody. Developing an effective long-term neutralization method for SCP-096 remains a top priority for Foundation researchers given the existential threat posed if its face were ever to breach containment and proliferate online. With vigilance and care from specialized containment teams like my own, I hope such knowledge can continue to be suppressed, and future loss of life prevented.