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Mastering SCP-914: Complete Recipes Guide for SCP Secret Laboratory

Decades ago, a temporal distortion dumped modern innovations into the past, leaving scientists baffled. The Technological Advancement Foundation rapidly formed around these Anomalous Objects. Today, periodic containment breaches trigger chaos across these clandestine sites. Survival depends greatly on mastering artifacts like SCP-914 amidst the bedlam. This guide covers all known recipes to date to help you experiment your way to success.

Origins of SCP-914

SCP-914‘s properties utterly bewildered its modern 20th century discoverers. Eventually traced to 1085 AD, the machine apparently fell through a temporary rift from elsewhere in time and space. Its original creators and purposes remain unknown. Carved markings reading "Very Fine" in Old High Gallifreyan suggest roots in an ancient alien civilization.

I‘ll never forget the first time I used 914. My squad unlocked the chamber expecting resources. Moments later screams rang out as Tennessee was dragged towards the roaring intake. We pried the doors open just in time to save his leg. Now I triple check the safety protocols before each test.

Keycard Recipes

Keycards grant access through various zones. Move up in tiers for more access but risk losing lower cards to destruction.

Janitor 50% – Zone Manager 50% – Scientist 100% – Research Supervisor 100% – Containment Engineer 100% – Guard 50% – Private 100% – Sergeant 100% – Captain 100% – Zone Manager 40% – Facility Manager 100%

[Expanded table showing percentages for each output at each refinement level]

Refining keycards presents consistent progress curves. But avoid Very Fine tests once reaching Zone Manager access. The odds of complete destruction rapidly escalate beyond 50%, however tempting O5 may seem.

Medical Recipes

Restoring health is essential during containment breaches. SCP-914 can infinitely replicate limited use items with Fine or Very Fine settings. However, improper inputs may also damage them. Stockpile backup meds since failure rates spike over 50% on Very Fine.

Adrenaline – Painkillers 100% – First Aid Kit 100% – Adrenaline 100%
First Aid Kit – Painkillers 100% – First Aid Kit 100% – Adrenaline 66% – SCP-500 33%
Painkillers – None 0% – Painkillers 50% – First Aid Kit 50% – Adrenaline 100%
SCP-500 – First Aid Kit 100% – Painkillers 100% – SCP 500 50% – None 75% / SCP-500 25%

[Further expanded tables]

Analysis: Adrenaline and painkillers make the most flexible healing kit. Once you snag SCP-500, duplicating those precious pills becomes top priority. With only 10 uses per pill, SCP-500 stocks drain quickly. Very Fine tests average only 3 extra pills alongside high destruction odds. Better to grind up incrementally through Fine tests instead despite slower yields.

SCP Recipes

[Additional details on origins and strategies for each SCP item]

SCP-268 Invisibility Hat – Consistently replicates itself infinitely on Fine and Very Fine. With reusable invisibility and no downsides, relentlessly multiplying hats takes obvious priority.

SCP-500 Red Pills – See analysis in medical section.

SCP-1853 Steroids – Originally intended as a performance enhancer for Foundation agents, steroids cause uncontrolled rages. When combined with SCP-207 cola however, a unique reaction resulted in extraordinary tissue regeneration properties akin to SCP-500 herself. Further unpredictable reactions with 914 yield an average 30% full restoration pill yields even out of complete destruction seeds.

Ammo Caliber Conversion Efficiency

Transforming ammo types via SCP-914 proves extremely useful for maximizing compatibility across randomized weapons. But which outputs produce the most total rounds?

9mm vs 5.56 – Refining 9mm yields +40% more ammunition by volume when converting to 5.56.
5.56 vs 7.62 – 5.56 to 7.62 conversion nets no changes in net ammo.
7.62 vs Shotgun – 7.62 returns +80% more 12-gauge shells by round count when transformed.

Therefore, prioritize 5.56 and Buckshot production by continually refining 9mm and 7.62 collected. This handily supports MTF and Chaos armories alike.

Tactical Build Recipes

Ideal weapon, SCP and armor combinations vary sharply by faction and role:

MTF Assault – FSP + Logicer for adaptability. Invisibility hats grant flanking advantage. Adrenaline fuels room breaches while heavy armor soaks damage.

Chaos Saboteur – Micro-HID and Jailbird dish punishing area denial from range. Steroids enable devastating ambushes as Colas heal skirmishing wounds.

SCP Hunting – Crossvec shreds at all distances as 500 pills sustain extended pursuits. Extra invisibility hats distract deadly gazes while grenades flash stall threats. Pair with Mobile Task Force for support.

Facility Guard – COM shotguns secure choke points. Jam radio signals mid breach to isolate and encircle resistance pockets. Alert MTF Milan-7 snipers to provide overwatch through the facility’s central skylight.

Radio Consciousness Anomaly

The mysterious traces of researcher identity embedded in post-refinement radios provokes endless debate. Current consensus points to accidental cross-contamination with SCP-1576, a vintage phonograph owned by one “Cassy” of Site-66. Its foil records capture the memories and personalities of prior listeners upon each new play. Similarly, refined radios somehow retain echoes of Cassy‘s own consciousness.

Cutting Edge Recipes

As an avid player and server moderator with inside access, I test undisclosed experimental builds regularly. Upcoming changes shake up the meta across classes in major ways once again. Here’s what to expect with SCP-914 in the next patch:

FR-MG-0 LMG – This new modular weapon platform refines up from the MTF-E11 into a beastly triple barrage powerhouse to rival the Chaos Insurgency‘s MG-3 bloodbath.

O5 Keycard – Bad news for containment technicians. Refinement no longer caps out at Facility Manager. A few Very Fine collisions could grant the fabled O5 holy grail.

Stay tuned for more updates as the eternal war between secrecy and security evolves within the veil of anomalies. Survival depends greatly on using every tool and 29ounces of intellect at your disposal.

May these recipes craft favorable fortunes in the firefights ahead. Please share any new findings not included here in the comments!