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How to Share Facebook Posts to Instagram 2023

Facebook and Instagram are two social platforms offer a variety of ad types that help businesses to gain more leads and sales. But did you know that one can share Facebook posts on Instagram? Read on from this post for more information on how you can share Facebook posts on Instagram.

There's no denying that Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms. Facebook serves as a great marketing tool to help businesses gain visibility over the web. And Instagram is the one-stop platform where you can share photos, videos, and live stories.

Requirements To Share Facebook Posts On Instagram

  • It would help if you first switched to a business account on Instagram.

Switch to a business account on Instagram

  • Your Instagram account must be linked to your Facebook page if you have one.

Facebook page if you have one

  • Set up a Facebook Business account or Meta Business Suite account. The Meta Business Suite is the new name for the legacy Facebook Business Manager.
  • Make sure that your Facebook Page and Instagram profile are public. If they aren't, you cannot share content from one platform to another without first changing their privacy settings.

Sure that your Facebook Page and Instagram

  • Use the same email address for both accounts to access them from either platform.
  • Incorporate the Instagram account into Facebook Business Manager (or Meta Business Suite)
  • Connect the Facebook page to the Facebook Business Suite.

How To Share Facebook Posts On Instagram

You can share Facebook posts on Instagram. This is a great way to increase engagement on your Facebook post and get more exposure for your business. You can share your Facebook posts as images and videos on Instagram, but you cannot include links in the caption or comments.

To share a Facebook post on Instagram:

Step 1: Go to the Facebook page you want to post to

Facebook page you want to post

Step 2: Click the ‘Publishing Tools' link under the Meta Business Suite on the left.

Step 3: Select ‘Share‘ from the dropdown menu and then click on ‘Share on Instagram'

Share on Instagram

Step 4: Click ‘Continue'

Step 5: You'll then be presented with a new screen where you can enter your Instagram username. If you don't have one yet, click on ‘Create an Account or ‘Sign Up and follow the steps to create one. Enter your username once your account has been created, and click ‘Continue.'

follow the steps to create one

Step 6: You'll now be provided with a list of your posts. Choose the position you want to share and then click ‘Save.'


Step 1: Open and select your business suite account if you do not find Publishing Tools on your page.

Select your business suite account

Step 2: Choose ‘Posts & Stories' from the left sidebar of the Facebook Business Suite.

Step 3: This will take you to the Posts & Stories section of your Facebook Business Suite account, where you can create new posts and stories. Click on ‘Create Post' or ‘Create Story' depending on what type of content you want to publish (text or photo).

Posts & Stories section

Other Ways To Share Facebook Posts On Instagram

This manual process can be time-consuming if you have multiple Instagram and Facebook pages. With Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc., you need to find another solution.

Use social media schedulers: Since you can't directly post from Facebook to Instagram, you'll need to schedule the post through the Facebook app or website. Several third-party tools make this process easier, such as Buffer and Hootsuite.

Use social media schedulers

Use an automation service like Zapier or Integromat: These tools allow you to automate specific tasks by creating “zaps” (or recipes), which are instructions that tell one app what to do when something happens in another. For example, if someone tags me in a photo on Instagram, I want it automatically posted on my Facebook page with a link to my Instagram profile so people can follow me there too!

Can't Share Facebook Posts On Instagram

Share Facebook Post To Instagram

If you can't share a Facebook post on Instagram, here are the most common issues you should fix:

  • You must have an Instagram business account to add it to the Facebook Business Suite and share it. You can't do this automatically on a personal Instagram Account.
  • Ensure you connect the Instagram account with your Facebook page.
  • Facebook users who want to share their Facebook posts on Instagram must create a Facebook Business Suite account.
  • If your Facebook accounts are not added to the Facebook Business Suite, you cannot share Facebook posts on Instagram.


Q. How Do I Automatically Post From Facebook To Instagram?

You can set up a posting schedule for your Facebook posts to automatically post on Instagram. Just click on the “Post” button on your post, then click “Schedule” and select “Instagram” in the dropdown menu.

Q. Why Can't I Post From Facebook To Instagram?

If you have multiple accounts, ensure you are logged into the correct account when posting from Facebook. You can also try logging out of both apps and logging back in to see if this resolves the issue.

If it still doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling both apps. If all else fails, contact [email protected] with your issue and include screenshots of any error messages you may have received when attempting to post.

Q. How To Share Facebook Post To Instagram On iPhone Or Android?

Download the Meta Business Suite app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This app is specially designed to share your Facebook Post On Instagram. The app also has many more features that you can use to post your ads on Instagram and Facebook pages.

Bottom Line

Creating a post on Facebook that you can share on Instagram is easy. All it requires is for your Facebook and Instagram accounts to be linked. After that, you can create content on Facebook and then decide how you want to share it. Finally, you sharpen your design skills in Canva and preview the final Instagram post to see if the cut-off posts look good enough.

You can now share your favorite Facebook posts with your Instagram followers without leaving one app and entering ‌another. The best part is that this is a built-in function, so without the hassle of downloading a separate program, all you need to do is follow the steps below!