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Unlocking the Secrets of Supply Pod 2 in Tower of Fantasy‘s Artificial Island

Tower of Fantasy‘s version 1.5 update brought more than just stability improvements and bug fixes – it introduced an entirely new region known as Artificial Island. This neon-tinged landmass floating amongst the cliffs of Aesperia offers some of most complex and rewarding challenges the game has seen yet. One such challenge comes in the form of Supply Pod 2, a well-hidden pod locked behind portal puzzles and precise platforming. Today, I‘ll be your guide across the dizzying precipices of Artificial Island to uncover the secrets within this elusive prize.

Artificial Island and the Allure of Supply Pods

Supply pods have always played a key role in exploration and progression in Tower of Fantasy. These containers offer all manner of tantalizing goodies, from upgrade materials to cosmetics to even rare Gold Nuclei for pulling advanced weapons. Artificial Island ratchets up the stakes however, hiding its pods amongst cyberscapes and gravity-defying architecture demanding player‘s full attention.

Supply Pod 2 is a standout for how well concealed it is. Based on crowd-sourced data from many hours of hunting, the expected yield includes:

  • 220-350 Dark Crystals
  • 8,000-15,000 Gold
  • 1,200-1,800 EXP
  • Rare enhancement materials
  • Chance (~5%) at exclusive Gold Nuclei

For perspective, a single pod can reward the equivalent to multiple days worth of standard daily progression. This makes mastering Artificial Island‘s portal puzzles and platforming game a worthwhile endeavor.

Navigating the Maze to the Barrier Portal

From Simple Pier, head west to the small landmass with Supply Pod 1. Instead of stopping, launch yourself into the brightly lit sky with your jetpack and hang a sharp southeast towards a distant glowing red barrier portal. Using stamina sparingly with jetpack boosts, inch your way through the empty air until the portal comes into focus.

Be ready to adjust your angle of approach as the portal flickers amongst the transparent geometry jutting out from the sea of clouds below. One useful tip is to reset your flight by diving into the clouds and instantly jumping to refresh your stamina. exploits like this demonstrate little known secrets that only a dedicated Artificial Island explorer would know!

Solving the Puzzle Cube Platforming

Upon entering the barrier portal, you‘ll emerge on a small island peppered with mysterious nobbed cubes. These cubes can interface with special wall panels and project platforms into the environment. To progress, drag cubes to activate panels and create a path deeper into the island interior.

This is easier said than done however. The projected platforms only last a few seconds before dissipating, forcing you to think critically about cube placement order. Don‘t be afraid to experiment and backtrack as you develop a solution – there is more than one viable path forward.

One recommendation is to first connect an easy stationary platform to the island entry point as a staging ground for moving cubes. From this safe vantage, precision glide tosses can hit far away panels to unlock more real estate and approach angles. Gradually expand your navigable area until discovering the supply pod pier.

Unearthing the Treasures Within

After demonstrating your cunning spatial awareness and glide tossing skills, Supply Pod 2 awaits! Make sure to soak in the scenery too – this hidden alcove has breathtaking views of Artificial Island‘s alien structure and golden data pillars filling the endless skybox.

Interact with the pod to pry it open and collect your reward. As mentioned earlier, the payoff is quite handsome – expect a miniature jackpot of dark crystals, gold, upgrade materials and potentially even an exclusive Gold Nucleus. With careful planning and some gravity-defying parkour, you‘ll be handsomely compensated for mastering Artificial Island‘s arcane secrets.

Parting Thoughts

While this guide covers unlocking Supply Pod 2 specifically, it only scratches the surface of everything Artificial Island has to offer. Use the techniques outlined here as a blueprint for finding more pods secreted away off the beaten path. I‘m still uncovering new shortcuts and rewarding puzzles even after hours of exploration. The challenge and continual sense of discovery is why Tower of Fantasy‘s new region has me hooked. Hopefully this breakdown serves as motivation to give Artificial Island‘s magical floating islands a closer look yourself sometime soon!