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15 Best Snapchat Saver Apps: Save Everything Secretly (2023)

Do you want to save and download snaps to your device but don’t know which app to use? This article provides the top Snapchat saver applications to make your Snapchat experience easier.

One of the most widely used messaging applications is Snapchat. It’s a social media app that lets users send and receive temporary media with their pals. This is a key aspect that sets it apart from similar social media programs.

What if, however, you wish to revisit a previously seen message, video, or photo? Don’t fret, however; there are applications you can download from elsewhere that will come to your aid in this situation. Here are some of the top Snapchat clients available for downloading and saving Snaps you’ve previously watched.

1. SnapBox Saver — Helps you Save Snaps to Your Phone Memory

SnapBox Saver Apps

  • Price: FREE to use
  • Compatible with: Android and iOS devices

This amazing Snapchat application has been in the game for quite a long time, which makes it reliable.  It is compatible with both Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems. Snaps and videos can be downloaded to the device with a single swipe. To utilize this application, you’ll need to momentarily check out Snapchat and save snaps to your device’s storage.

2. SaveMySnaps — Best for Saving Snaps and Sharing Snaps via Emails and Social Networks

SaveMySnaps Apps

  • Price: FREE to use
  • Compatible with: Android and iOS devices

Additionally, Android users can download SaveMySnaps, a Snapchat capture software designed particularly for them. Snaps can be saved and sent to loved ones later. This software is awesome since it adds functionality that Snapchat lacks.

When you see or save a snap, the person who sent you the snap will not know until you agree to use SaveMySnaps to store or download the snap. Compared to other Snapchat saving applications, this one has more features and functionality.

3. SnapCrack — 100% Free Snapchat Saver Application

SnapCrack Apps

  • Price: FREE to use
  • Compatible with: Android and iOS devices

This amazing and widely-used application allows you to store Snapchat content like stories and snaps easily. Among Snapcrack’s many neat functions is the option to share your captured images with pals.

4. SnapSave — One of the Oldest Snapchat Savers

SnapSave Apps

  • Compatible with: Android and iOS devices

You can store photos and stories from Snapchat using Snapsave, one of the first such applications. It provides a simple and fast method of storing media without interrupting your work in progress.

5. MirrorGo — Most Advanced Snapchat Saver App

MirrorGo Apps

  • Compatible with: Android devices

For those who own an Android device, MirrorGo is a recording app tailor-made for your mobile device. It enables a wireless display of a user’s device on a computer monitor or projector. Mirroring films and games is possible as well. If you want to preserve a particular snap, you can do it using this Snapchat saver, which also records your screen and lets you take screenshots.

6. QuickTime — Best for Snap Recorder

QuickTime Apps

  • Compatible with: Android and iOS devices

With the lightning cord, you can transfer the application from your Mac to your iPhone for installation. You’ll need a Mac and your iPhone, so taking precautions when recording is recommended.

It might be awkward if you don’t plan to take a photo or video when traveling. This app’s feature, however, makes it possible to capture a snapshot without leaving any traces behind; therefore, it’s a perfect tool for covert photography.

7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder — Best for Recording Screen Activities

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Apps

  • Price: FREE to use
  • Compatible with: Android devices

For simple and effective HD photo and video recording, go no further than Apowersoft Screen Recorder. This is the best option to combine your recorded speech with the photos. This app makes it easy to save photos and videos from your Android’s front-facing camera, which is especially useful for adding your face to gameplay videos and cropping the images you take.

8. DU Recorder – Best Snapchat Saver App with In-built Video Editor

DU Recorder Apps

  • Compatible with: iOS devices

This robust Snapchat screenshot tool gives Android and iOS users a wide range of useful features. This program can record both the internal and external audio as well as the screen in High Quality simultaneously.

To further customize your recorded videos, this application also includes a video editor. In addition to the functions mentioned above, this program allows you to customize the video’s output quality and frame rate. You can work on your Snapchat stories in private without interrupting your day.

9. Screen Recorder — Effective for Snapchat Saving and Screen Recording

Screen Recorder Apps

  • Compatible with: Android devices

If you want to record your screen and your face on video, try this Indian application. Software developers that need to produce a video tutorial for their apps have found this app helpful so far.

Whether you’re in a live conversation with a friend on Snapchat or just watching some video, or listening to some music, you can utilize it. Screen Recorder is an excellent way for worried parents to keep tabs on their children’s online activities. Free of charge and packed with features, this program can provide professional-grade results.

10. Snap Stories Saver — Easy Saver for Downloading Videos and Images from Snapchat to Phone Gallery

Snap Stories Saver Apps

  • Price: FREE to use
  • Compatible with: Android devices

Images and videos sent to your Snapchat account can be saved to your device’s gallery with the assistance of this application. This program streamlines downloading photographs and videos from Snapchat without a password or registration. This program makes it easy to browse through your video library, eliminate unwanted clips, and share your discoveries.

If you’re playing a particularly taxing game on your phone, you can still utilize this application to capture gameplay footage. This program can secretly record your screen and capture screenshots. You can now get this application and quickly and conveniently get everything on Snapchat.

11. SnapKeep for Snapchat — Best for Saving Live Snapchat Stories

SnapKeep for Snapchat Apps

  • Price: FREE to use
  • Compatible with: Android devices

The Snapchat story-saving tool SnapKeep is the most lightweight option available. SnapKeep for Snapchat is the most helpful tool if you want to archive your Snapchats for posterity. Nobody except the sender will know who you are.

Snaps can be uploaded and saved, many lines of text can be added, and a full-color palette and gradations of those colors can be used for drawing. This program will automatically download any photographs or videos that you haven’t viewed yet while you’re gone and store them in your device’s gallery. If you have an iPhone, that’s the greatest device to use.

12. Casper — Easy-to-use Snapchat Story Saver


  • Price: FREE to use
  • Compatible with: Android devices

Get Casper if you want a Snapchat-like UI. This updated screen recorder for Snapchat allows you to capture both regular snaps and Snapchat stories. It’s been updated with additional features, including stickers, filters, the ability to share photos with others, and more, and it is now accessible for Android smartphones.

This is an excellent option if you’d want to store photos from your phone without having to sync them with the computer. Keep in mind that it is not endorsed by Snapchat Inc., and hence you should exercise caution while using it.

13. IOS Screen Recorder — Best for Taking Snapchat Screenshot on the go

IOS Screen Recorder Apps

  • Compatible with: Android and iOS devices

Using the iOS Screen Recorder App, you can wirelessly mirror the display of your iPhone or iPad on your Mac or Windows computer. If you want to preserve Snapchats for later private viewing, this is one of the finest apps.

A video of the user’s screen activity can be recorded and stored inside the app. The recording’s quality and size can be adjusted on the fly. In addition, you can record your screen for as long as you choose.

In addition, you can capture snapshots of your Snapchat story using iOS Screen Recorder. Using the application’s built-in picture editor, you can annotate screenshots. The screenshots can also be shared straight from the app. In other words, it works with both iOS and Android gadgets.

14. SaveStory — Best for Capturing Anything and Everything

SaveStory Apps

  • Price: FREE to use
  • Compatible with: Android devices

SaveStory, perhaps the most popular Snapchat saver tool, provides a straightforward, streamlined, and efficient means of archiving your Snapchat material. I like it since it has a simple design and powerful but intuitive tools.

SaveStory is a free app that can be downloaded on any Android or iOS smartphone. Both still images and videos can be captured and stored, and Snapchat Stories can be downloaded. It’s possible to save photos without revealing your identity or phone number.

15. Private Screenshots — Best for Taking Screenshot of Snapchat Images, Videos, and Chats

Private Screenshots Apps

  • Price:90 USD per item
  • Compatible with: Android devices

This is an official Snapchat add-on that does exactly what its name implies: it allows users to secretly capture Snaps and preserve them for later viewing. This program captures a snapshot of the snap as soon as it is opened, allowing you to save it secretly.

It’s worth noting that although Private Screenshots is a terrific method to store Snaps, the app doesn’t enable video Snaps at this time. You’ll have to search elsewhere if you want to save both still images and moving ones.


Q. How do I save images anonymously on Snapchat?

The desired snap must first be opened before it can be downloaded. The updated snap will now include a “Download” option in its bottom right corner. Phantom introduced this option, which provides access to other customization options. When taking a Snap, if you want to save it to your photos without telling the other person, you can do so by clicking the “Save to Photos” option.

Q. Are Snapchat saver apps illegal?

No. Snapchat saver applications are legal to use and do not put you at any risk of getting your account banned.

Q. Is screenshotting on Snapchat illegal?

In the United States, it is not illegal to capture a screenshot. Still, it would be considered revenge porn if someone were to take a screenshot of a nude selfie and distribute it to someone else without their knowledge, causing the original sender anguish.

Q. Can Snapchat tell whether your screen is being recorded?

Remember that even though Snapchat alerts you when someone films your screen, there are third-party applications that can bypass this protection. Carefully consider what you share on Snapchat as on any other social networking site.


If you own an Android or iPhone, you can be certain that any of the applications above will allow you to save Snapchat videos easily. If you’re concerned that an app did not work with your device, you should probably check the app’s description. You can begin utilizing these Snapchat time-savers without creating an account or logging into your current one.

Before installing a program, it is recommended that you read evaluations written by other users to get a more in-depth understanding of it. When you next wonder how to keep your Snapchat stories, you now know. Use these applications as your solution.