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9 Best Snapchat Username Checkers: Is Name Been Taken

If you want a perfect Snapchat username for your online identity or brand, consider getting help from these top-notch Snapchat Username Checkers. Explore the reliable tools that can offer fast, accurate, and free username availability checks across multiple social media platforms.

Snapchat is a platform with over 300 million daily active users globally; picking an outstanding username is quite a big challenge. With only a chance to search for one username at a go, this can be time-consuming, and one would need more time to come up with a name that is eye-catching to their targeted audience.

On Snapchat, a user can have a display name and a username where the display name is changeable, but the username is unique and can’t be changed regularly. One is allowed to change the username once a year. A unique Snapchat username is important as it helps create a unique identity or a good brand-building market. When creating a username, one should consider the audience they aim to target by using a name that will sell out their content and keep their profile creative and unique.

In this article, we have set aside a list of the best Snapchat username checkers to check whether the username you want is available. The username checkers can also create a username for you if finding a username has become difficult.



Brandsnag is a Snapchat username checker, a free, fast, and secure tool to confirm whether the Snapchat username you are thinking of using is available. One can check as many names as possible, and a name they can use should be on other social media platforms for consistency. It is also good to consider avoiding long usernames that are difficult to memorize and also use less special numbers and characters. Before coming up with a username, you can check whether branding is available to avoid disappointment, and then you can create a unique username of your choice.

To use Brandsnag, you can create an account or search for a username for free. So whenever you enter a name and search for it in the platform, you will have various responses: If the name is available to be claimed, it will show a tick and a button written: “Get it now.” If another user takes the username, you will see a wrong sign (X) with no “get it now” button. Another response you can get is a question mark sign (?), which you must manually check the username.

2. .inc Domains Username  Checker

.inc Domains Username  Checker

.inc Domains username checker is a free tool that allows you to quickly and easily check the availability of a name on Snapchat or any other social media platform. When choosing a username, branding is considered the most important aspect to guide you in finding a username, making it easier for people to find you. Using this username checker is easy and free, as one is not required to have an account to use the platform. The site is also safe to use as it does not share its user's information with third-party companies.

Using this free tool, it is very simple. You only need to enter the Snapchat username of your mind and click the “ Check Now “ button. You will be able to have some results that will show you where the username is available for use on various social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and many others. So if the username is written available, you can claim it by clicking the “Register” button. If it is written Not available, another user already has taken the name. The available and not available details are shown on every social media site, and for this case, you will check for Snapchat, and you can decide to check for other sites as well.



Namech_k is another tool you can use to check Snapchat usernames, and it can check over 90 social media accounts and 30 domains. The unique part of this platform is that it has come up with an option to enter any keywords you like in the search box, and then hundreds of names will be suggested for you.

Combining two different names to create one unique username is tough, so the platform helps you combine the words and create different usernames to choose the one you like most. The site will create a username that is short and easy to remember, making it easy for people to locate you. Anyone can use this platform for free to check a username's availability or get different username suggestions.

The platform has a friendly user interface where when you enter the name in your mind for checking, you can easily know which name is available. If, for instance, it's available to be claimed, it will show green, but if not available, it will appear the name as dim.

4. Checkmarks


Checkmarks is a social media username checker used to check the availability of a username on different social media platforms, including Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This platform uses an API to check all the available social media usernames across all the social media platforms. When you enter a username of your choice, it displays its availability on Snapchat and other media platforms and displays ‘username available'; if not, it displays ‘username unavailable’.

Searching for a username on checkmarks is free for only 1k username searches every month, which applies to personal accounts. For more than 1k searches, you need to sign up and have an active API subscription where you choose a premium plan though this mostly applies to those who are into business.

5. Sphinx Username Checker

Sphinx Username Checker

Sphinx username checker is one popular tool users use as it helps one generate a username depending on their nicknames, hobbies, what they look like, what they like, and important words they like. They can then press the spin option continuously until they find a username of their preference. Sphinx tells you the availability of the username you want on Snapchat and other social media platforms. If the name you want is available, it will display ‘available,' if it is not, it will say ”taken”.

You can also search for available usernames on other social media platforms like Gamertags, YouTube usernames, and nicknames. The site lets you create as many free personalized username ideas as possible. Sphinx has a username generator that generates hundreds of usernames from which you can choose. This helps save time thinking of a username only to discover the name is unavailable.

6. Analyzed


If you want to check the availability of a username on different platforms, then Analyzeid supports over 500 social media platforms. Using this platform, you can use the site to check the availability of a username on Snapchat, as it is fast and easy to use. It is simple to enter the username you are looking for and then click the check username button.

There is also a limit of words you can search for in a given period. To check the availability of many username checkers, you must sign in and subscribe to a monthly premium plan. For various reasons, you also get a money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with their services.

7. Checkuser


Checkuser is another tool you can use to check Snapchat username availability and get instant results if they are available or not. The platform also supports checking other usernames of over 70+ network sites, including Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, and many others. You do not need an account to use the site because it is a free-to-use platform.

If you have a name in mind on Snapchat, it is advisable to use one username across all social media sites, especially if you have a brand or want to be easily known. Then  Checkuser site will check for domain names and popular media to see if the name is available. When you enter a username on the checkbox, it will either say available if not taken or unavailable if taken on different popular social media platforms.

8. GitHub Snapchat Username Checker

GitHub Snapchat Username Checker

This platform favors people who are good at either coding or Python. You can follow this method to check the availability of a Snapchat username. If you are familiar with using Github, it will be good to use it, and you will get more accurate results. Follow these steps on GitHub.

Step1: Clone the repository:

First, visit the GitHub repository containing the code to check Snapchat username availability. From there, you can clone the repository to your local machine using the Git command:

git clone <repository_url>

Step2: Set Up environment:

Create a virtual environment in the cloned repository directory to manage dependencies:

cd <repository_directory>

python -m venv venv

Step3: Activate the virtual environment:

If you are using Windows or macOS, or Linux, you can activate the virtual environment.

For Windows, you can use this code


For macOS/Linux, you can use the following:

Source venv/bin/activate

Step 4: Install Dependencies:

You can install the required Python packages using pip

install -r requirements.txt

Step 5: Run the script:

Run the Python script provided in the repository to check the Snapchat username.

You will be prompted to enter the username and check by verifying its availability. Get the results based on the username on Snapchat.

9. Instantusername


Are you considering using the same username on all social media platforms to be like your Snapchat username? Then consider using Instantusername. Using this platform, it has access to over 100 social media platforms where you can quickly discover your dream username and use it consistently across various networks.

To get started, you can navigate the platform user interface, which is easy to use by inserting a username in the search area. Instantusername will comprehensively search the media platforms and determine whether the desired username is available. You will receive a list of all the networks where the username is currently available and where it is already taken. You can pick the most suitable username from the list to fit your Snapchat profile and suit your needs.


Q. Can I trust the results from a Snapchat Username Checker to be accurate?

The results generated strive to provide accurate results. However, there is always a slight chance of inaccurate due to possible changes in Snapchat username availability.

Q. Do Snapchat Username Checkers cost anything?

Most Snapchat checkers are free, but some have premium features or offer more extensive username search capabilities for a fee.

Q. Does Snapchat allow you to check username availability?

You can check username availability from Snapchat by checking one username at a time. Once a username is chosen and confirmed as available, it becomes fixed for the account. In snapchat, you can only change the name once a year.

Q. Are there any limitations to using a Snapchat Username Checker?

Yes, they are some limitations, especially for some checkers, which restrict the number of username checks you can perform in a certain time.

Q. Can I change my Snapchat display name?

You can change your display name as many times as you want, but it is restricted to the username, which can only be changed after one year.

Q. How does a Snapchat Username Checker work?

It sends a request to Snapchat's servers to check whether a particular username is available or already taken.

Q. Can a Snapchat Username Checker help users reserve a username?

No, it only checks the availability of a username, and it doesn't reserve the username for you. Therefore if the username you want is available, you can manually create an account on Snapchat using that username to secure it.


Using a Snapchat Username checker can save time and effort in finding the perfect username, creating a captivating username smoothly and more efficiently. The Snapchat mentioned above username checker can be useful to assist users in finding their ideal username. Try any of the above and experience a great experience that is smooth and hassle-free.