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How to Fix "Something went wrong. Try reloading" on Twitter

Twitter is a ubiquitous social media platform used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Its real-time updates, trending topics, and viral hashtag conversations have become ingrained into modern digital culture. However, even the most advanced and popular software can experience bugs, glitches, and errors from time to time.

One of the most common and cryptic error messages Twitter users encounter is the dreaded "Something went wrong. Try reloading." This frustratingly vague notice can prevent you from accessing your feed, viewing profiles, tweeting, and all other core Twitter functionalities.

As a social media expert who has managed countless brand accounts on Twitter, I‘ve troubleshot this error more times than I can count. In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll learn what causes the "Something went wrong" message, how to fix it on iOS, Android, desktop, and via any web browser. I‘ll also provide some pro tips to avoid it in the future based on my 12 years of experience in the industry.

Let‘s get tweeting again!

What Triggers the "Something Went Wrong" Error on Twitter?

Through my years of analyzing and troubleshooting this error for clients, I‘ve narrowed it down to a few key technical causes:

Server Outages at Twitter

With over 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter relies on a vast server infrastructure to handle all that traffic and data. Like any tech company, their servers occasionally go down for maintenance or get overloaded and crash. Checking Downdetector‘s Twitter status page can confirm if outages are causing platform-wide issues.

Exceeding Twitter‘s Daily Limits

To prevent spam and abuse, Twitter enforces daily usage limits on various actions like:

  • Likes: 1000
  • Retweets: 1000
  • Follows: 400
  • Unfollows: 400
  • Direct messages: 250

Surpassing these thresholds triggers rate limiting and the "Something went wrong" error message. Limits reset after 24 hours.

Poor Internet Connection

Accessing Twitter on a weak WiFi network or congested mobile data can cause connectivity issues, preventing pages and feeds from loading properly.

Outdated Twitter App

Running an outdated version of Twitter‘s mobile apps makes you more vulnerable to bugs and glitches that the company may have already patched in newer versions.

Corrupted App or Browser Cache

A damaged cache can serve corrupted data to the Twitter app or website, leading to errors and malfunctions.

Incompatible Browser Extensions

Some browser add-ons like ad blockers are known to cause conflicts with Twitter‘s code and break functionality.

Random Platform Bug

As with any complex software, slip-ups in Twitter‘s code can sometimes lead to temporary glitches that cause "Something went wrong" messages, before being quickly fixed on their end.

Now that we understand the likely technical culprits, I‘ll provide actionable solutions tailored to the platform you access Twitter on.

Fixing "Something Went Wrong" on Twitter‘s iPhone App

Based on assisting numerous clients, these are my top troubleshooting tips for Twitter‘s iOS app:

Force Quit and Relaunch the App

Fully force quitting the Twitter app from your recent apps menu clears out any glitched memory states or processes. Relaunching then reloads a fresh instance. This quick restart solves many transient errors.

Update to the Latest iOS Version

Installing Twitter‘s newest iOS update eliminates any bugs that the company may have patched since your current version. Set auto-updates to on if possible.

Disable Background App Refresh

Disabling background data for Twitter via Settings > General > Background App Refresh conserves bandwidth that could be causing loading issues. You can toggle it back on later.

Reset Network Settings

If you suspect a network connectivity bug, reset your iPhone‘s network settings via General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This refreshes the slate, resolving any corrupt configs.

Delete and Reinstall the Twitter App

Completely deleting the Twitter app erases any stubborn glitched data. Download a fresh instance from the App Store. This has helped in some rare stubborn cases.

Try Twitter‘s Mobile Website

As a temporary workaround, access in Safari. The lightweight mobile site avoids any app-specific bugs.

Contact Twitter Support

For persistent unresolved errors, reach out to Twitter‘s support team with your issue. They can investigate potential account-specific problems.

Fixing "Something Went Wrong" on Twitter‘s Android App

If you encounter the error on an Android device, these troubleshooting methods often prove effective:

Force Stop the App

Force stop Twitter from your Android settings or app manager. Then relaunch – this clears any app freezing or crashing issues.

Clear App Cache and Data

Wiping the Twitter app‘s cache and data via Android settings provides a clean slate if corrupt files are causing problems.

Uninstall App Updates

Remove any Twitter app updates from your Android‘s app manager. Reinstall updates from the Google Play Store to refresh the code.

Try Twitter Lite App

Install Twitter‘s slimmed down Twitter Lite app from the Play Store. Its barebones interface avoids heavy data demands.

Reset Advertising ID

Reset your advertising ID via Google Settings > Ads > Reset Advertising ID. This clears up any corrupted data Twitter may use for ads or analytics.

Factory Reset Your Android Device

If all else fails, a full factory reset of your device wipes any system-level glitches. Remember to back up data first.

Fixing "Something Went Wrong" on Twitter‘s Website

For desktop Twitter access, these web-specific steps can get you back up and running:

Try Incognito/Private Browsing Mode

Open an incognito window and navigate to This prevents any browser extensions or account settings from interfering.

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Empty your browser‘s cache and cookies to remove any corrupted temporary site data or login credentials being used.

Test Different Web Browsers

Try accessing Twitter across multiple installed browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. Isolate any browser-specific conflicts.

Disable Browser Extensions

Temporarily disable any installed browser extensions and test if Twitter loads correctly. Some add-ons break site code.

Reset Browser Settings to Default

If Twitter works in incognito mode but not normally, reset all browser settings to default values via settings. Complex customizations can cause issues.

Update Your Browser

Install the latest version of your chosen web browser. Updates often patch bugs and boost compatibility with sites like Twitter.

Try Different Twitter Client Apps

For a temporary workaround, access Twitter via third-party client apps like TweetDeck, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social while troubleshooting.

Avoiding "Something Went Wrong" Errors on Twitter

While occasional Twitter bugs are inevitable, you can minimize occurrences by:

  • Spreading out your daily Twitter activity to avoid rate limits
  • Keeping apps and browsers updated
  • Using strong, fast internet connections
  • Clearing caches/cookies to prevent corrupted data
  • Reporting persistent errors immediately to Twitter support

Based on my experience managing social accounts in the industry, slow and steady wins the race. Don‘t overdo actions like trending hashtag interactions or power liking. Moderation and proper troubleshooting keep you tweeting happily.


I hope these evidence-based troubleshooting tips help you swiftly resolve Twitter‘s "Something went wrong" error on any device. As this platform continues evolving, new bugs are sure to emerge, but I‘m confident the solutions outlined above will have you back interacting and reacting to tweets in no time. Stay calm, take a methodical approach, and don‘t hesitate to contact Twitter‘s support team if an issue remains unresolved. Here‘s to smooth platform functionality moving forward!