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13 Best Real SoundCloud Promotion Services (Organic Traffic)

Are you wondering about the best SoundCloud promotion service to use? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best SoundCloud promotion service that you can make use of for organic engagement.

The options for promoting music online are practically endless at this point. You can still use tried-and-true strategies for getting your music heard by record companies. Still, these days, you also have access to potent music streaming services that can help you reach a wider audience and get your music in front of more appropriate people. One such service is called SoundCloud. They launched in 2007, and since then, they've grown to become one of the finest entry points for many independent bands, on par with Spotify and Apple Music.

The main conclusion is that everyone who wants a chance at making it big in the music industry should check out Spotify. SoundCloud is the de facto hub for unsigned bands and musicians to share their creations and build an audience outside the mainstream music industry. If your SoundCloud page is popular and often shared, liked, reposted, and played, you will be taken more seriously as a musician and more likely to get exposure.

In this article, I will show you the best SoundCloud promotion service you can use.

1. Daimoon Media — Best for organic music promotion

Daimoon Media for SoundCloud

  • Price: Cost around 99 USD (for SoundCloud Repost Campaign package)

Daimoon Media claims to be a no-frills music promotion and marketing solution for SoundCloud, and they believe you can start advertising your SoundCloud services immediately. They think they assist their customers in becoming noticed by the correct audience, and they have even classified their features into numerous groups.

Their website seems to have a wealth of information about their services, and they claim to have collaborated with several prominent record labels. From what we can understand, getting in contact with them and gaining access to more resources for expanding your SoundCloud presence is simple.

2. Media Mister — Provides the best customer service for effective and easy promotion

Mediamister for SoundCloud overview

  • 100 SoundCloud Followers cost: 5 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Likes cost: 5 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Plays cost: 2 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Reposts cost: 4 USD

Among the several SoundCloud advertising platforms, Media Mister is likely one you are familiar with. Why? Since they've been around for a while, we figure they know what they do when advertising their clients' SoundCloud pages. Naturally, they also assist with other social networking platforms, allowing you to centralize all of your online activity with a single vendor.

3. Followersup — Best for online brand promotion

Followersup for SoundCloud overview

  • 100 SoundCloud Followers cost: 3 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Followers cost: 3 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Plays cost:5 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Reposts cost: 10 USD

If you're familiar with Media Mister, you're undoubtedly familiar with Followersup and vice versa. To assist you with every facet of your online presence, Followersup, a SoundCloud marketing service, has a wide range of functions. This implies that you aren't limited to only SoundCloud for support; other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are just as useful.

The good news is that you don't have to accept assistance with anything if you don't want to. In reality, you can decide for yourself as soon as you visit their website. The homepage displays the features in tabs organized by the kind of social network you're looking to expand. Select the appropriate social media platform, and go to the next screen, where you can specify the level of participation you want to expand your reach.

4. UseViral — The best organic promotion service with 100 percent account and content promotion online

UseViral for SoundCloud overview

  • 100 SoundCloud Followers cost:5 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Followers cost: 3 USD
  • 1000 SoundCloud Plays cost: 3 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Reposts cost: 3 USD

Promote your SoundCloud account or content across many platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and even Reddit, with the aid of organic marketing firm UseViral. It's a great way to broaden your music's reach and find new listeners to add to your SoundCloud playlists.

They claim to be able to do this by using the promotional resources of their network of more than 5,000 websites and applications. These folks also boast about their exceptional customer service. They claim that they will investigate your account to assist you in finding people who are likely to like your music and follow you if you pay them.

Finally, they boast that they are the only company that offers a guaranteed outcome, unlike the competition. So, you get what you pay for with these individuals.

5. SidesMedia — Best for gaining real followers for optimal engagement

SidesMedia for SoundCloud overview

  • 100 SoundCloud Followers:5 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Followers cost: 3 USD
  • 1000 SoundCloud Plays cost: 3 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Repost cost: 3 USD

As a SoundCloud marketing solution, SidesMedia claims to be dedicated to only providing its customers with genuine listeners. They claim that actual individuals inside their network make these profiles and split the profits from listening to your music. This suggests that not only will people be interested in what you have to say, but they are actively seeking out your SoundCloud profile.

They have a genuine interest in helping you get the word out about your music and won't stop once they've started. Using this method to boost your SoundCloud popularity has the benefit of being entirely risk-free. There is no possible damage to your good name, and they are in accordance with SoundCloud's rules.

Their patented growth engine promises to maximize your exposure, following, and interaction with no effort on your part.

6. SoundCloud Pro — Best for tracking growth

  • Price: SoundCloud Pro Unlimited costs: 12 USD monthly (when billed yearly)

If you're looking for a SoundCloud marketing service, go no further than SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud's offering to its customers.

These tools make it simple to monitor progress and provide insight into how various content elements are doing over time. You can use this to find out which songs are the most popular and aren't performing so well.

SoundCloud charges a fee for this service and often requests annual payments from its customers. Like the other services on this list, you'll need to research whether this strategy is best for your SoundCloud page.

7. SoundOnHeat — Promotes by sending your tracks to real people for engagement

  • Soundcloud Repost Campaign: 250k Followers cost: 35 USD
  • Soundcloud Playlist Campaign: Basic Plan cost: 25 USD
  • Soundcloud Track Campaign: Basic Plan cost: 10 USD

Using SoundOnHeat, you can increase the number of targeted listeners for your tunes on other platforms in the hopes that they will become dedicated fans. They provide initial setup assistance for social media campaigns and many pricing tiers to ensure you aren't forced to follow the crowd.

The fact that they are a natural SoundCloud advertising service means that the people that listen to your content did it out of pure curiosity. They claim that one hundred percent of their current customers would buy from them again and suggest them to others because of how happy they are with the product.

Each plan includes 100 percent actual interaction, organic reach, and targeted social media campaigns, and they guarantee to begin working on your SoundCloud promotion within 12 hours after payment.

8. Hype Edit — Best for growing audience and gaining new fans

Hype Edit for SoundCloud overview

  • Price: FREE (for the Rookie plan) and 9 USD monthly (for the Pro plan)

It is Hype Edit's mission to assist its clientele in expanding their SoundCloud fanbases and attracting more genuine listeners. One of the first things they stress is the universality of their tools, meaning that it doesn't matter what subgenre of SoundCloud music you're a part of; they can help you out. They provide a SoundCloud music marketing service that can boost your track's visibility in the platform's top 100 rankings and newly released tracks.

Hype Edit is dedicated to assisting its customers in staying abreast of the ever-evolving SC promotion business and offers ongoing education and training in this area. You can study their blogs and YouTube videos to find out how the most famous musicians market their music and interact with their fans, and then use those strategies to promote your work. In my opinion, this is the most all-inclusive SoundCloud advertising service out there.

9. SubPals — Trustworthy and reliable SoundCloud promotion service

SubPals for SoundCloud overview

  • 100 SoundCloud Followers cost: 15 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Likes cost: 15 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Plays cost: 10 USD
  • 100 SoundCloud Reposts cost: 15 USD

SubPals claims to be a legitimate SoundCloud marketing service that can rapidly expand your music's fan base. They also have a YouTube channel where they answer questions, and their website proves that the reviews on Trustpilot are genuine. They boast of being user-friendly and offering no-cost alternatives if you are currently strapped for cash.

The setup procedure is very painless and can be accessed at any time with the aid of their helpful support staff. If you plan on taking your SoundCloud marketing this year seriously, this is the business you want on your side.

10. Audience Gain — Best for monetizing your music

Audience Gain for SoundCloud overview

  • 1000 SoundCloud Followers cost: 12 USD
  • 10000 SoundCloud Followers cost: 10 USD

A leading organic SoundCloud marketing service, Audience Gain is eager to help you start making money from your music as soon as possible. They recognize that other artists are vying for attention in the music business, so there is little time for you to spend before the chance passes.

The company has verified evaluations on Trustpilot, one of the greatest third-party sites for customer testimonies, which pops up immediately when you visit their website. You'll also see a chat box there, so you can get in contact with them right away and have a conversation with a pro about your goals for your SoundCloud music in the next year.

11. Social Empire — Offers over five million targeted users for effective outreach and engagement

Social Empire for SoundCloud overview

  • 100 SoundCloud Followers cost:49 USD
  • 500 SoundCloud Plays cost:49 USD

Given Social Empire's excellent customer feedback, SoundCloud has been able to rapidly expand its social media presence thanks to the efforts of this company. You will see a rise in SoundCloud plays and likes. They are a legitimate SoundCloud marketing business that offers assistance with YouTube and Instagram, drawing from their private network of over 5 million targeted users to expand your audience effectively.

They'll also help you get the word out about your SoundCloud account on other platforms like Twitter. I recommend this SoundCloud promotion service if you want to make the most of influencer marketing and get your music in front of the appropriate people.

12. Online Music Promotion — Real SoundCloud promotion service with high-quality features

Online Music Promotion for SoundCloud overview

They claim that their goal as a legitimate Soundcloud marketing agency is to provide customers with the best tools possible to achiesucceedhatever field or subgenre they choose. They claim to have a trustworthy support staff comprised of music-loving specialists. It won't cost you anything more to contact them whenever you need to.

They claim that using their tools can help you make an everlasting impact on your listeners, encouraging them to continue following you on SoundCloud. Having them on your side is going to make a huge impact; of course, you still need to be able to provide high-quality content to supplement a service like this.

13. Repost Exchange — Best for music promotion

Repost Exchange for SoundCloud overview

  • Price: FREE (for the Basic plan), 12 USD monthly (for the Artist plan), and 25 USD monthly (for the Network plan)

To better understand what is and is not working for its customers, Repost Exchange is dedicated to assisting them in not just promoting their music but also expanding their networks and gathering honest feedback from their fans. The greatest method to market your music on SoundCloud is to collaborate with other producers rather than compete with them.

When users contribute to the Repost Exchange community by reposting songs they like, they get rewarded. The more your content strategy takes use of the fact that SoundCloud is populated by individuals who share a love of music with you, the better off you will be. If you want your music to be successful on SoundCloud, you need to expand your network and become an integral part of the community with the aid of our genuine marketing service.

Tips for Effectively Promoting your Tracks on SoundCloud

1. Consider SoundCloud Pro

You should consider joining up for the pro version of SoundCloud if you wish to use it for real advertising. The free version is OK for casual use, but if you want to go anywhere with SoundCloud, you should upgrade. SoundCloud Pro's many features, including enhanced marketing and distribution options, are designed to help you generate more money.

In addition to being able to access better data and analytics about your music, you can also monetize your work in the hopes of landing a distribution agreement. You already know that in order to earn a buck in the music business, you have to pay a buck, so investing in SoundCloud Pro and making use of the services we've mentioned can only help your career.

2. Apply Search Engine Optimization

Using search engine optimization (SEO), which you likely already know something about, is a great way to increase your SoundCloud listenership. It's crucial that your listeners be able to instantly recognize your sound and locate you across several channels, not just SoundCloud. Providing no context for your music makes it difficult for fans to locate you and engage with you.

Check that they understand your title and tags. Make sure the titles appear nice and can be easily read. It will be convenient for your listeners, and if you apply the correct tags, it will also be simple for them to locate your music on Google. Maintain a professional tone and avoid making it clear that you're just attempting to get your title stuffed with loads of tags.

3. Get your SoundCloud Account Setting Tweaked

Modifying your SoundCloud account settings to meet your specific requirements is another great approach to get the most out of your profile. You can make your content available just as a stream by selecting this option. This will prevent your music from getting viral and will prevent your fans from downloading your tunes. If they can only listen to them on SoundCloud, your stream numbers will increase.

Putting part of your content behind a paywall is another option. It is typical practice to promote many releases at once by making certain tracks accessible for free on SoundCloud. This can entice listeners to seek out your music on other platforms, but keep in mind that not all of your SoundCloud admirers will migrate to Spotify.

4. Engage with the SoundCloud Community

Being featured on a song or doing a remix with someone isn't the only method to make connections in the music business. If you're serious about making an impact on the platform, expanding your fan base, and gaining exposure for your music, all you have to do is engage with your fans and other musicians.

You can interact with others on the platform in a variety of ways, including leaving comments, resharing content, sending private messages, and joining groups, but it's important to use discretion and only interact with individuals and posts that you find interesting. To move forward, there's no use in spamming your audience and other people's feeds with stuff; doing so will just make you unpopular.

5. Remix

There are a few various approaches you can take to remixing in order to further your career in the music industry. The first is that by putting your own spin on a well-known tune, you can introduce your own style to a whole new group of people and perhaps win over some of them as fans. However, before you produce a cover of someone else's song, be sure you get their permission to do so.

Rapping over another musician's track is another method. People are more inclined to listen to a song if it has one of their favorite rhythms; therefore, this is a great chance to make some interesting content. Make sure you're just doing it for publicity and not to cash in on someone else's work. Here's when things may start to get complicated.

6. Engage in Collaboration

The capacity to work together is a major force in the music business. Your favorite musicians have probably all worked with other household names at some time in their careers, and the results have likely boosted both of their profiles. Working with another musician increases the likelihood that your music will be heard by those who aren't already familiar with it.

Working with other musicians in the industry can be done in a number of ways: you might create your own music and sell some of the beats you generate to other musicians; however, you would do well to make sure that the musicians you work with are stylistically compatible with your own. Nonetheless, even if you aren't a producer, you still have the option of pursuing song features.

In order to get the most out of a song feature for promotional purposes, you'll need to be more hands-on and communicate often and effectively with the artist you're working with.

7. Use Instagram

If you want to be taken seriously as a musician and further your career, Instagram is a must-have tool. You can use Instagram live and Instagram stories in addition to your regular Instagram feed to give your followers a glimpse into your life and encourage more personal interactions with them. To direct people to your SoundCloud profile, you can use your Instagram account as a funnel.

8. Use Twitter

It could be difficult to imagine, but Twitter used to be a fantastic platform for rappers to increase their fanbase and profile. If you want to engage in two-way contact with your followers on Twitter, you should focus on providing content that is both innovative and personable. Spread the word on Twitter and on SoundCloud if you wish to engage with your audience via the latter.

9. Use YouTube

OK, so let's have a little conversation about YouTube. Putting your tracks on YouTube can help you reach a wider audience, and you can do it without even posting a music video if that's not your thing. A poorly produced video of your music accompanied by a picture is preferable to no upload at all. Making sure you have a following on the platform is crucial since you never know when you can decide to release music videos, and you need an audience to receive them enthusiastically.


Q. Is it safe and secure to use the SoundCloud promotion service?

Yes. This list includes only reputable businesses that I've personally used and can recommend without reservation. However, not all businesses in this field can be trusted; thus, it helps to be aware of red flags so that you can avoid being taken advantage of by scammers.

Q. What is the cost of the SoundCloud promotion service?

SoundCloud bases its rates for advertising on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) approach, which measures how many times your ad is shown to a certain number of people. In order to save costs, CPMs were cut in half as of April 27, 2021. A cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) of 10 USD indicates a payment of 10 USD rather than 20 USD for every one thousand impressions (views).

Q. Is it free to use the SoundCloud promotion service?

If you want to distribute your music on Instagram, Apple Music, Spotify, and more and retain 80 percent of the earnings, you can join up for SoundCloud's Repost by SoundCloud, a distribution and marketing engine, at no extra cost.

Q. What is the best way to go viral on SoundCloud?

Gaining widespread attention on Soundcloud requires updating your profile and posting content that resonates with your audience. Your Soundcloud profile can become viral if you're good and put in the time and effort to promote it.


Our recommendations for top-tier providers that promote SoundCloud have been outlined above. I get that it's a complex sector with a lot of moving parts and that businesses like this one are mostly unchecked by the government. This freedom allows them to provide whatever services they choose without worrying about the safety of their customers.

Your best option for maintaining a positive reputation and advertising your SoundCloud in a manner that will keep it sustainable over the long term while you build those crucial contacts in the music business is to stick with firms like the ones I listed in this article.