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Decoding Secrets: How to Find and Speak to Professor Niamh Fitzgerald‘s Portrait in Hogwarts Legacy

As an esteemed Hogwarts professor renowned for her arithmantic genius, Niamh Fitzgerald spent her lifetime ensconced in the castle‘s depths deciphering magical obscurities through advanced numerological formulas.

Although deceased for over a century, Professor Fitzgerald‘s persona and unparalleled intellect live on through her enchanted portrait tucked away inside one of Hogwarts‘ secret rooms.

Speaking to Fitzgerald herself provides pivotal revelations that may further your own quest to uncover an ancient, potentially catastrophic magical force said to reside within the hallowed halls.

This guide will walk you through locating the concealed Map Chamber housing Niamh Fitzgerald‘s portrait in Hogwarts Legacy while analyzing the crucial clues she reveals.

Who Was Professor Niamh Fitzgerald?

Professor Niamh Fitzgerald stands today as one of Hogwarts‘ most distinguished professors from the 1800s for revolutionizing the field of Arithmancy and Numerology.

As skilled in mathematics as she was in manipulating magic, Niamh pioneered new divination methods based on advanced number sequencing and geometric spell casting. She published bestselling books like Unveiling the Future Through Calculating the Past.

Arithmancy Textbook Pages

Fitzgerald‘s advances brought new precision to the imprecise art of divination

Fitzgerald served as Hogwarts‘ Arithmancy professor and Head of Ravenclaw House for over 30 years. Though she kept largely to herself, Niamh took great interest in researching the castle‘s myriad magical obscurities.

Portraits from fellow professors and students from the era describe Professor Fitzgerald as "brilliant but bewildering" and "eccentric, yet exceptional". Her unparalleled contributions to Hogwarts left a lasting magical impact.

What Can Players Learn from Fitzgerald Today?

As an arithmantic savant dedicated to uncovering the obscure, Professor Niamh Fitzgerald undoubtedly uncovered her fair share of the castle‘s magical secrets before her death in 1868.

Speaking to her portrait in Hogwarts Legacy provides fascinating (if puzzling) new insights related to the player‘s own quest around containing an ominous, potentially world-ending ancient magic.

Let‘s walk through the process of finding where Fitzgerald‘s portrait has been concealed for over a century…

Step-By-Step Guide to Locating The Map Chamber

Gaining audience with the eminent Professor Fitzgerald first requires accessing one of Hogwarts‘ secret rooms dubbed The Map Chamber. Here is an easy step-by-step process:

1. Open Your Enchanted Map to the Secret Rooms

As a venerable school of magic, Hogwarts conceals all manner of hidden corridors, chambers, and rooms obscured from the average witch or wizard.

Accessing them first involves opening your Marauder‘s Map—a powerful magical map of Hogwarts passed down through generations. Zoom your map‘s view out completely:

Marauder's Map

Zoom out the Marauder‘s Map to spot the inconspicuous "Secret Rooms" icon

Scan the left-hand panel closely until you spot a small icon labeled Secret Rooms. Tapping this reveals the castle‘s hidden spaces lost to time.

2. Select "The Map Chamber" From Among the Secret Rooms

Upon tapping the Secret Rooms icon, a list of invisible chambers and other spaces appears. Curiously titled rooms like "The Clock Tower" and "The Boathouse" may pique your interest for later.

For now, choose the room listed as The Map Chamber to find Professor Fitzgerald‘s portrait.

3. Use Fast Travel to Teleport Straight to The Map Chamber

With The Map Chamber selected, a Travel option appears allowing you to instantly teleport to the room regardless of your current location.

Use fast travel to skip navigating the sprawling castle and transport directly into the hidden chamber.

Fast Travel

The Fast Travel option teleports your character directly into The Map Chamber

4. Seek Out Professor Fitzgerald‘s Portrait

Once inside, walk forward from the room‘s entrance and look right to spot an aged wooden door along the stone walls.

Open the door and ascend the spiral stairs to enter a portrait gallery with images of historic Hogwarts figures. Fitzgerald‘s painting hangs amongst them.

Professor Niamh Fitzgerald Portrait

Interact with Professor Fitzgerald‘s portrait to speak with her

5. Speak to Her Portrait to Trigger a Cutscene

Interact with Professor Fitzgerald‘s portrait to initiate a conversation. This triggers a cinematic scene where the professor materializes within an arithmantic matrix to relay an intense discovery.

Read on to uncover the secrets her numerological revelations contain…

Decoding Professor Fitzgerald‘s Encrypted Clues

Upon greeting you, Professor Fitzgerald promptly shares an unsettling discovery:

“The goblins are looking for something…Another ‘repository’. They’ve built drills to help with their search.”

This mystical message suggests goblins have launched mining expeditions across the wizarding world seeking lost troves of magical treasure and artifacts they believe wizards have secreted away.

Let‘s analyze the significance behind Fitzgerald‘s inside information and why the goblins‘ subterranean activities pose such dire concern…

Goblin Rebellions Through History

The goblin races across magical history books are painted as warlike peoples possessing advanced metalworking and stonemasonry skills evolved from their underground lifestyles.

Goblins have indeed crafted some of wizard-kind’s finest magical weaponry, armor, and stone structures over the centuries. However, their skills have also stoked bitter conflicts:

1612 Goblins rebel in Northern England over denied wand rights, storming villages and abducting witches as servants
1753 Goblin minters secretly manipulate Galleon currency, inciting bloody fiscal feuds between wizard creditors
1835 Goblins construct elaborate tunnels to infiltrate and loot wizard nobles‘ estates across Scotland and Ireland

Goblin rebellions have ignited over denied rights and wealth the goblins claim wizards have long persecuted them to control

As the above conflicts exhibit, goblins have long begrudged the authority and affluence wizard-kind has maintained over them for centuries through restrictive laws.

Professor Fitzgerald‘s inside scoop suggests the surly creatures now search monkey burial grounds lost for ages, uncovering whatever magical weapons or devices they can turn against their wizard overlords as payback.

Indeed, goblins possess their own powerful breed of magic deadly to wizard-kind. As Fitzgerald forewarns through her arcane numerology insights, their mining endeavors appear rather ill-omened…

Goblin Magic: A Grave Danger to Wizards

Beyond their penchant for crafting fine wizard wares and structures through metal-morphing and stone-shaping magic, goblins command their own wild breed of obscure sorcery centered around earth elementals.

  • Goblin shamans and kings wield devastating earth-based curses like Cave In (triggers underground collapses) and Ore Rain (impales enemies with rocky projectiles)
  • Armies marching to battle often send sorcerer units to hex opponents‘ camps by turning their water sources into Bog Sludge
  • Expert goblin forgemasters infuse weaponry and armor with Tectonic and Magma Focus enchantments causing equipment to channel fiery earth energy

This small sampling demonstrates why goblins digging up long-lost magical armories and digging into wizard lands sparks such dire concern. We can only imagine what long-buried threats they may still exhume.

How Goblin Activities Tie Into Your Quest

As later revealed through the primary Hogwarts Legacy storyline, your player character possesses a unique connection to an ancient form of magic rumored to have been sealed away centuries ago after nearly razing the wizarding world to the ground.

Without spoiling too much here, let‘s just say this powerful archaic force remains tied to the grounds of Hogwarts itself.

The goblins currently scouring the world for hidden repositories of magical artifacts and weaponry may unintentionally awaken or unleash dark forces better left undisturbed. Their mining endeavors likely relate to the ominous stirrings of primeval magic your own character seems fated to soon confront.

Could goblin tunnels breach long-forgotten catacombs still harbouring this catastrophic magic? Might it fall into their hands if unearthed? As a venerable Hogwarts professor versed in decoding magical obscurities, Fitzgerald‘s insights prove rather foreboding.

The goblin threat clearly warrants further investigation as you progress through the game…

Closing Thoughts on Seeking Fitzgerald‘s Guidance

Like any respectful Hogwarts professor, Niamh Fitzgerald devoted her life to studying and safeguarding its many mysteries. The encrypted revelations she unlocks through her portrait could greatly further your own quest.

As demonstrated in this guide, accessing the Map Chamber portal and speaking to Fitzgerald herself takes just a few easy steps. The clues she reveals afterward make the effort more than worthwhile.

Bear in mind goblin encroachments may tie directly into sinister happenings around ancient magical artifacts and long-imprisoned forces said to be stirring again across the wizarding world.

Heed my advice: make speaking to enlightening portraits like Professor Fitzgerald‘s a priority as you prepare to confront legendary evils thought lost long ago. The allies and wisdom they offer may determine the fate of Hogwarts itself.

Now venture forth and let the adventures await, young wizard!

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