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Spotify Receiptify: How to Make & Share

Music streaming platforms like Spotify make listening to music more accessible. As a music lover, you know that Spotify offers quality sounds and music from all genres worldwide. But Spotify has gone a notch higher by allowing music lovers to turn their music listening habits on the platform into a receipt.

You can now generate a Spotify receipt in seconds and join the trend of showcasing songs and artists you've been listening to with your friends on social media.

Here is a complete guide to help you create your own Spotify receipt and how to share it on social media. But first;

What is a Spotify Receipt?

What is a Spotify Receipt

A Spotify receipt is a digital receipt that visualizes your music streaming habits in a fun way. The receipt resembles your shopping receipts. You can create your Spotify receipt using an unofficial third-party website and tool called Receiptify. The tool can fetch all the data about the music you've been listening to on Spotify for the last 1 month, 6 months, or all time. It then analyzes the information and converts it into a personalized receipt featuring your 10 most-played songs.

Just like a bill, the receipt will display the singer's name, duration, and the total duration of the 10 songs as the total “amount” of the bill. Besides, the Spotify receipt also has a barcode to complete the features of a receipt. The receipt is shareable with your followers and friends on social media platforms.

How Receiptify Works

Receiptify makes a receipt ‘recertifies' your music streaming information from platforms like Spotify,, and Apple Music. Currently, the receipts allow you to make 3 types of receipts:

  • A monthly receipt
  • A 6-month receipt
  • An all-time receipt

The tool is open-source software. Visit the Receiptify website and go to the “About” section to access the code. All the data the tool collects is from official sources with no manipulation.

How to Make a Spotify Receipt

Making your own Spotify receipt with Receiptify is pretty simple. Here's a guide:

Step 1: Visit the Receiptify website( through any browser. You can also download the app. However, using the website is recommended for security reasons. You can use a phone, tablet, or PC.

Step 2: At the top of your screen, tap or click the green  Log in with Spotify button. Proceed to log in to your Spotify account using your credentials. If you are using Safari, you must unblock pop-ups. Go to Settings, select Safari, then choose Settings for In the Pop-up Windows, select Allow.

Allow Receiptify

Step 3: Allow Receiptify to collect and analyze your data. The system will take a few minutes to analyze and generate your Spotify receipt. Select the receipt category: Last Month, Last 6 Months, or All Time. Receiptify will display a receipt according to your selection.

Download Image

Step 4: Download the receipt by clicking the “Download Image” icon, and the copy will be downloaded on your device (phone/tablet/PC).

The Spotify receipt entails the following;

  • A fake order number, your name, and the date it's generated.
  • Name of the songs and artists listed under items description/count
  • The length of the songs (in minutes and seconds) is indicated as “”
  • The total duration all the songs add to is denoted as the” total amount.
  • A fake card number
  • A ‘Thank you for visiting!‘ note followed by a barcode at the bottom

How to Share Your Spotify Receipt

There are three ways to share your Spotify receipt to social media platforms;

  • You can tap/click the share button
  • Take a screenshot of the screenshot and share it manually as an image
  • Upload the downloaded image on your social media app and share it as any other image

Make your Spotify receipt go viral by including a custom caption and a hashtag #SpotifyReceipt. Don't be surprised when you attract a new list of friends with the same music taste as yours.

Receiptify Not Working?

Pop-ups are blocked

If you cannot generate your Spotify receipt, there are three probable reasons;

  • Pop-ups are blocked: Receiptify banks on pop-ups to access your music streaming account. Allow pop-ups, reload the website, and sign in again. This should resolve the matter.
  • High traffic on the website: With the rising popularity of Spotify Receiptify, the platform is experiencing a surge in users trying to generate their musical receipts. These high-traffic times can cause the platform to malfunction. If true, waiting some time before retrying to generate your Spotify receipt will resolve the issue.
  • Corrupt cache files: Web browser stores cache files for different websites, Reciptify included. The saved cache files are to give a better or faster web experience. However, sometimes, the cache files get corrupted, resulting in a bad experience for website visitors. Thus, if Receiptify is not working, your browser might have corrupt cache files. Clear your browser cookies and cache files, restart the browser, and log in to Receiptify.

Tip: If Receiptify is not working on your favorite browser, try switching to another browser. You can also change the device from a PC to a smartphone. If none of these tips works, the platform might have a problem.

Safeness of Receiptify

Receiptify is a safe platform to use. It doesn't collect your data besides the info it collects on your usage on the platform. According to the Receiptify website, the platform does not share data with third parties. All the information it gathers is used solely for generating your Spotify receipt.

The company recommends using its website to generate Spotify receipts instead of its app for additional security.

Top Benefits of Using Receiptify on Spotify

Receiptify on Spotify

Here are two key reasons why you should use the Receiptify feature on Spotify:

1. Track your spending

Receiptify is handy for Spotify users who want to monitor their expenditures on the platform. You can tell whether you spend your bucks wisely on Spotify through Spotify receipts.

2. Receive monetary compensation

Spotify has a compensation plan of paying users depending on how frequently they listen to songs from particular albums or artists. Through the Receiptify program, you can check and work on your eligibility to receive compensation.


Spotify Receipts are a fun way to tell friends and online followers about your favorite music and artists. Make your Spotify receipt, share it with your friends on social media, and start interacting with people with the same music taste as yours.