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The Fanatic Location in Tower of Fantasy

My History with Tower of Fantasy‘s Toughest Bosses

As a long-time Tower of Fantasy player and guild officer who has defeated countless world bosses, I‘ve developed specialized strategies for taking down these challenging enemies. The Fanatic remains one of the most formidable foes for even veteran players. Over many weeks, I became obsessed with discovering The Fanatic‘s location and creating an optimal plan just to be able to farm this boss.

After achieving multiple Fanatic kills through trial and error refinements with my main squad, I published guides to help other struggling players locate and beat The Fanatic based on my proven methodology. My advice comes not only from researching the game innately for years, but drawing from painful first-hand lessons burned into memory through many Fanatic battles lost.

Read on for an expanded guide leveraging my hard-earned expertise to master finding and defeating The Fanatic along with other hidden bosses in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy‘s Diverse Bosses & Enemies

As an open-world RPG with constantly expanding content, Tower of Fantasy contains a massive bestiary of distinct enemies and sinister boss characters. Let‘s overview a few notable examples:

Standard Enemies

Tower of Fantasy‘s areas contain an array of basic enemy types with different behaviors and threat levels:

  • Bandits – Roving melee gangs who swarm targets.
  • Hyenas – Mid-range armor shredder units supported by other variants.
  • Frogs – High mobility poison dealers requiring ranged counters.

…And dozens more.

Elite Opponents

At higher World Levels, standard enemies gain enhanced abilities and bonus attributes, transforming into formidable elite foes. For example:

  • Berserk Bandit – Attack +30%, Crit Rate +15%
  • Venomous Frog – Poison DoT +50% Damage
  • Beam Hyena – Unblockable laser attack


Finally, epic battles await against Tower of Fantasy‘s dangerous boss characters with distinct personalities, vastly inflated stats, multiple health bars and complex mechanics. To highlight just a few:

  • Claudia – Flips between physical/ranged stances mid-fight. Summons adds.
  • Cobalt – Enters berserk modes with massive area attacks. Highly mobile.
  • The Fanatic – Extreme defense and HP. Devastating AoE hammer combos. Enrages at low health.

Now let‘s focus our analysis specifically on the brutal boss guarding coveted upgrades known as The Fanatic…

Why The Fanatic is Considered Among the Toughest Bosses

The Fanatic is categorically one of the hardest world bosses for even seasoned crews to dismantle in Tower of Fantasy. Unlike early game opponents, brute forcing The Fanatic fails utterly. To achieve victory, players must concoct specific counter-strategies accounting for his sweeping hammer combos and immense durability.

Let‘s examine his capabilities more closely:

Overwhelming Offense

The Fanatic‘s weapon of choice is a gigantic warhammer he wields with reckless abandon. His moveset consists primarily of punishing area damage attacks:

  • Spin2Win – Spins with hammer outstretched hitting all nearby targets multiple times. Inflicts Annihilation.
  • Quake Slam – Smashes hammer down creating a linear shockwave knocking back and damaging any target in its path.
  • Leap Smash – Jumps high in the air before crashing down with an earth-shattering hammer slam that heavily damages and stuns all nearby opponents.

Impenetrable Defense

While The Fanatic‘s raw damage output requires careful evasion strategies, his massive HP pool and physical armor pose another formidable barrier.

At level 50, he boasts:

  • 5 Million HP – Among the highest of any open world boss.
  • 80% Damage Reduction from Armor.
  • High Elemental Resistance – 25% across all elements.

This extreme durability enables him to outlast poorly optimized groups through attrition. You must devise methods to counter his protection.

Enraged Phase

Just when you think you‘ve worn The Fanatic down after depleting multiple health bars, his Enrage mode activates…

Upon reaching critical HP thresholds, The Fanatic‘s eyes begin glowing as he draws deeply on some infernal energy source. During Enraged states, his attack speed and hammer combo frequency double while gaining 50% Damage Reduction allowing him to quickly wipe unprepared teams.

Beware underestimating this boss! Now let‘s examine how to hunt down and defeat The Fanatic.

Step-by-Step Guide: Locating and Farming The Fanatic

Finding The Fanatic‘s hidden sanctuary tucked away deep in the wilds of Warren Snowfield requires completing a specific chain of events to pull back the proverbial curtain. Allow me to guide you step-by-step including hard-learned strategic advice for claiming The Fanatic‘s precious upgrade materials as farming loot:

Step 1) Establish a Forward Camp

Before setting out, travel to Warren Snowfield and activate the nearest Waypoint Statue. I suggest the frozen lake Teleportal Statue. From this camp, you can easily respawn and reuse the statue‘s healing well to refill your vitality bottles while hunting The Fanatic.

Warren Snowfield Waypoint Statue

Warren Snowfield Waypoint Statue

Step 2) Complete the "Heely‘s Secret" Quest Chain

Seeking the Fanatic directly without clues proves an exercise in futility given how well hidden his sanctum lies. Instead, enlist the guidance of a quirky NPC named Heely who gradually leads you closer to that secret stronghold through his rambling requests.

  • Locate Heely near the Warren Snowfield statue and initiate his quest line.
  • Help Heely solve issues with the Abandoned Thermal Power Plant.
  • This rewards Hykros‘ Broken Access Card to unlock a Maintenance Passage.
  • Traverse the sweltering Maintenance Passage filled with radiation traps while assisted remotely by an anxious Heely.
  • Next return to Heely and get rewarded with access to his inner Secret Base where The Fanatic lurks!

Step 3) Entering the Hidden Base

Approach the unassuming Ice Rockface at these coordinates revealed by Heely‘s quest chain completion:

  • Location: Northwest Warren Snowfield
  • Coordinates: -386.7, -374.1

You‘ll discover an intimidating Steel Gate barring entry to the hidden base. Use your jetpack or a well-aimed Frost Missile from my Mecha to leap the obstruction.

Steel Gate Barring Entry

Steel Gate Barring The Fanatic's Base

After bypassing the gate, expect opposition from elite Hyena guards including Beam Hyenas and Venomancers. Dash past or plow through them until reaching the very back of the winding base…where The Fanatic himself suddenly springs forth from a meditative pose, hammer primed to crush all trespassers!

Step 4) Defeating The Fanatic – Optimized Strategies

Now comes the true test. While discovering The Fanatic‘s closely guarded hideaway represents a major accomplishment, defeating this unrelenting titan to reap his upgrade materials requires masterful coordination.

Let‘s review specialized strategies I‘ve refined through grueling first-hand trials against The Fanatic using optimized team compositions:

  • Must Break Armor First – The Fanatic‘s massive HP pool outlasts uncoordinated bursts. You need consistent Corrosion effects to gradually break through his sturdy 80% physical reduction allowing actual HP damage. Venomancer Hyenas in the area can help.
  • Freeze/Stun Hammer Combos – Hammer spin moves leave him vulnerable afterwards. Watch carefully and time disruptive CC effects like Changyu‘s Ice Zones to create DPS windows.
  • Healer Mandatory – The Fanatic hits relentlessly. Don‘t greed extra DPS without a dedicated healer keeping our tank and shatter units alive. I recommend Cocoritter or Nemesis. Pepper heals during every burst rotation.
  • Conserve Discharges – His 50% damage reduction Enrage mode combined with lethal 360 hammer swings quickly overwhelms unprepared crews. Coordinate discharges until extra firepower needs arise.
  • Lava Pools – The Fanatic‘s throne room contains bubbling lava pits creating environmental weapons. Bait his leap slams into those pools for periodic burn damage. Every bit counts during this endurance match.

While an uphill battle even with ideal teams, felling this (%(5)d%) Tower of Fantasy boss remains feasible through proper preparations and patient strategy adjustments. Expect multiple attempts while ascending the learning curve. Fanatic victories earn upgrade materials for empowering beloved equipment.

Soon you‘ll join the elite few players who can reliable farm The Fanatic‘s challenging encounter!

Additional Hidden Bosses Worth Hunting

Beyond the notorious Fanatic, Tower of Fantasy contains other secretive bosses that don‘t simply roam populated zones. Ancient Astra Shelter houses one such epic encounter against an oversized amphibian named Fifis with special material drops I frequently farm.

Fifis, Gigantic Frog King

Location: Ancient Astra Shelter, Warren Snowfield

Notable Drops: Gold Armaments & Equipment for major CS boosts

Let‘s overview this showdown!

While less punishing than The Fanatic, toppling King Fifis still requires breaking his initial shield layer. Helpfully, smaller Elite Frog adds summoned during the battle contribute shield corrosion when destroyed. Without removing Fifis‘ protection, he easily outlasts impatient groups by hopping around while channeling potent DoT venom attacks and lashing tongue grapples.

Once vulnerable though, unload your heaviest discharge combos before the next shield phase begins! Similar to The Fanatic, don‘t leave home without your trusty healers since Fifis hits relentlessly plus afflicts stacking DoT poisons that quickly overwhelm solo tanks.

As a renouned MMO veteran and longtime Tower of Fantasy specialist, I hope this expanded boss guide proves useful for surmounting these and other notorious encounters guarding precious upgrade materials. Let me know in comments if you have any other questions seeking hidden bosses!