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How to Fix "This Channel Can‘t Be Displayed" on Telegram

Telegram has exploded in popularity in recent years as a feature-rich, secure messaging app. With over 500 million monthly active users and counting in 2022, it‘s one of the largest social platforms globally.

And with massive growth comes growing pains – like users encountering more issues and errors that require troubleshooting. One common example is the message "This channel can‘t be displayed" when trying to join certain Telegram channels.

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll learn exactly why you‘re seeing this error, and how to fix the "This channel can‘t be displayed" issue on both iPhone and Android so you can access all blocked channels.

Why Does Telegram Say "This Channel Can‘t Be Displayed"?

First, let‘s dig into why this frustrating error message appears in the first place.

Telegram has a sensitive content filter enabled on by default. This prevents users from accessing channels that contain adult content, including:

  • Pornographic images and videos
  • Graphic violence
  • Illegal activities
  • Other NSFW material

Their algorithm actively scans public Telegram channels and blocks those detected to have potentially offensive or dangerous content.

Telegram enacted this filter to limit the spread of objectionable material and illegal activities through public Telegram channels. However, the tradeoff is law-abiding adult users can be blocked from channels they wish to access.

When you attempt to join a channel flagged by their filters, you‘ll see the notice:

"This channel can‘t be displayed because it was used to spread p****graphic content"

This message indicates the channel has been automatically blacklisted. But have no fear – you can fix this by disabling Telegram‘s default content blocking.

How to Turn Off Telegram‘s Sensitive Content Filter

The good news is you can disable Telegram‘s automatic channel blocking. The bad news is that this option is only available on the desktop version of Telegram.

On iPhone, Android, or the web app, there is no setting to control sensitive content filtering. You‘ll need to download Telegram Desktop to access the required options.

Here are the steps to get full access on desktop:

1. Download Telegram Desktop

First, go to and download the Windows, Mac or Linux application installers:

Telegram Desktop download options for Mac, Windows, Linux

Make sure to grab the correct file for your operating system. The Windows download is an .exe file, while Mac is a .dmg file.

Linux users can install directly using the Snap Store or download the .tar.xz file.

Some key advantages of Telegram Desktop include:

  • Access to settings not available on mobile
  • Larger interface and notifications
  • Easy file sharing and switching between chats
  • Sync with mobile so all messages available on both

2. Open Telegram Desktop and Scan the QR Code

Once downloaded and installed, open the Telegram Desktop application on your computer.

You‘ll be greeted by a screen prompting you to scan a QR code to link your account. This synchronizes your existing Telegram account on mobile with the desktop client.

Here‘s how to scan the code:

  • On your mobile device, open the Telegram app and tap your profile photo > Settings > Devices.

    Open Telegram app on mobile

  • Tap Scan QR code and point your phone‘s camera at the QR code displayed on your computer screen.

    Scanning QR code on mobile

  • Telegram on desktop will now automatically link to your account. Your messages, contacts, and data will sync across both platforms.

3. Open the Menu and Select Settings

With your desktop and mobile clients now connected, let‘s adjust your sensitive content preferences.

In the Telegram Desktop application, click the menu button in the top left corner to open the side menu.

Telegram Desktop menu button

From the menu, choose Settings to access your account options.

Choosing Settings in Telegram Desktop menu

This is where you can manage your content filtering preferences.

4. Go to Privacy and Security

On the Settings page, click on Privacy and Security on the left sidebar.

Selecting Privacy and Security in Telegram Desktop Settings

Here you can configure your sensitive content options.

5. Enable Disable Filtering

Under the Sensitive Content section, toggle the Disable Filtering option to the ON position.

Disabling content filter in Telegram Desktop

This disables Telegram‘s default blocking of channels that contain pornography, violence, illegal content, and other adult material.

Warning: With the filter disabled, you may encounter more objectionable content in public Telegram channels. Enable with caution!

6. Restart the Telegram App on Your Phone

For the updated privacy settings to apply on your phone, you need to restart the Telegram mobile application.

On iPhone, double press the home button and swipe up on Telegram to force close it. On Android, open your recent apps menu and swipe Telegram closed.

Then re-open Telegram – it will now connect with your filtering disabled preference.

Try joining the channel that was displaying the "This channel can‘t be displayed" error again. It should now let you access the previously blocked content on both desktop and mobile!

Resolving "Channel Can‘t Be Displayed" – Recap

Let‘s summarize the steps to fix the "This channel can‘t be displayed" error for good on Telegram:

  1. Download and install Telegram Desktop on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux)
  2. Open Telegram Desktop and scan the QR code using your mobile app to link accounts
  3. Access the Settings menu in Telegram Desktop and select Privacy and Security
  4. Turn on Disable Filtering to stop blocking of sensitive channel content
  5. Force quit and relaunch Telegram on your mobile device

Remember, this filtering can only be adjusted in the desktop settings. But the changes apply network-wide to all your linked Telegram apps after restarting.

You should now have unrestricted access to previously blocked channels moving forward. Keep in mind you‘re allowing all sensitive content now, so maintain caution when joining public groups.

Advanced Telegram Tips and Tricks

Now that you know how to fix content blocking issues on Telegram, here are some bonus power user tips:

Enhance Security

  • Enable two-step verification for enhanced account security
  • Control which apps can access your account in Settings > Privacy and Security
  • Delete messages in private chats to remove permanently from all devices

Organize Chats

  • Create custom folders to group your chats, channels and contacts
  • Pin your most important chats to the top of your list
  • Mute annoying groups instead of leaving them

Discover Bots

  • Search for bots to find those that provide weather, news, memes and more
  • Interact with bots within your chats to get quick information
  • Check out @botlist to browse Telegram bot directories

Customize Appearance

  • Apply custom themes to change colors and backgrounds
  • Add background patterns and night mode for better visibility
  • Upload your own chat backgrounds and experiment with colors

Enhance Group Management

  • Add custom titles for admins to designate roles
  • Slow mode limits how often members can post to prevent spam
  • Delete messages from multiple users at once for channel moderation

We hope these tips help you master Telegram on both mobile and desktop!

Frequently Asked Questions About "This Channel Can‘t Be Displayed"

Here are answers to some common troubleshooting questions about fixing Telegram‘s content blocking:

Q: Does disabling the filter on Telegram Desktop also disable it on my phone?

A: Yes! Once you toggle off the sensitive content filtering in Telegram Desktop‘s settings, it lifts restrictions across all your connected apps after you restart them.

Q: Can I disable the filter on iPhone/Android without downloading Telegram Desktop?

A: Unfortunately no – the option is only available on the desktop client. Mobile versions do not have a built-in way to disable this filtering.

Q: What type of content does Telegram block when the filter is enabled?

A: Primarily pornographic, violent, dangerous and illegal content. But sometimes channels get incorrectly flagged, blocking access unfairly.

Q: Will turning off filtering cause all blocked channels to become accessible?

A: Yes, any previously blocked channels will become available once you restart your Telegram apps after disabling the filtering. Exercise caution, as you‘ll see unfiltered content!

Q: Is it possible to just disable the blocking for specific chats/channels rather than everything?

A: Telegram only provides a global on/off toggle for the filtering. There‘s no way to selectively disable it for individual chats or channels.

I hope these FAQs provide more insight into how Telegram‘s sensitive content blocking functions – and how to finally gain full access by disabling filtering.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!