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8 Best Sites to Check TikTok Followers Count in Real Time

 How often do you use TikTok? Do you have a large following? Well, if you want to earn through TikTok, you need to have many followers. Business owners use these tools to check how viable your account is.

Ordinary people may want to check a creator’s TikTok followers for fun. However, if you are a business and want to advertise, then a TikTok’s influencer or creators’ followers is a crucial thing.

You can use these software/tools to check the real-time followers, likes, videos, and user engagement of a specific user. This will help you determine whether to engage the creator or not.

1. Livecounts

Livecounts overview

Would you want to check your favorite TikTok creator statistics in real-time? Well, you can use the Livecounts software to learn more. There is readily available information on social media, but how sure are you that that's accurate? Some creators tend to buy followers.

Therefore, you can use Livecounts to get the most accurate statistics. The data is gotten from the official API service provided by the social networks. Whenever there is new data, it is updated in 2 seconds.

When you want to search for a specific channel, click on the “change user” button, and you will see the follower count box. You can then type your creator's username. It will display the total number of likes, videos, followers, and following. As easy as that!

2. Tiktok counter

Livecountstiktok counter overview

TikTok counter is a tool that you can use to see how fast the followers of your favorite TikToker rise and fall. You get to see the followers count in real-time. Fortunately, it is a free tool and works with all TikTok users.

You need to search for who you want and get the live count instantly. However, it is not directly related to the TikTok app. It also shows the user's followers' timeline, number of likes, followers, and earnings per month through TikTok.

3. Tiktok Realtime

Tiktok Realtime overview

This is another ideal platform that you can use to track your TikTok followers in real-time. You can also check data for your favorite TikTok creator.

In addition, TikTok real-time offers TikTok fan comparisons with live counting, TikTok live view count, and most popular TikTok videos.

The application also has a recording and editing utility for video selfies so that you can record your clips. You can also see the TikTok counter in real-time.

4. Purpify Titkot livecounts

Purpify Titkot livecounts overview

The Purpify Tiktok livecounts is another ideal TikTok follower counter that allows you to see the current followers. You need to click on search TikToker, search on literally every creator, and view him or her on the TikTok counter.

The comparison tool allows you to compare the follower count of two different TikTok users in real-time. You can also create an account and have it featured on the page.

5. TokCount

TokCount overview

Are you tired of constantly refreshing the page to see whether you have gained new followers? You can use the TokCount app to check a TikTok account's crucial statistics. The statistics may include followers, likes, videos, and following counts.

The statistics are refreshed every 5 seconds when your app is active. The app is 100% accurate, has a clean and straightforward UI, provides real-time data, and features your favorite users for quick access and easy search.

6. Cloutlog

Cloutlog overview

Cloutlog is another ideal website that shows you the most popular creators on TikTok. You get to see the most popular TikToks profiles that have reached 123 million, 100 million, 10 million, 5 million, 1 million followers, and much more.

They are categorized based on the number of followers. It shows you the followers added in the last 30 days, likes gotten, estimated earnings per post, average likes, and rate. It gives you a great overview of the TikTok profiles that stand out.

7. Live TikTok counter

Live TikTok counte

This is a Chrome extension that you can use on your computer in real-time. You can use Live TikTok Counter to track multiple TikTok accounts you are interested in. You get the data in a TikTok User Data report in one table and download the data in CSV/Excel format.

This makes it easy to share with others. In the case that your country can’t access TikTok, the extension also can’t work. However, you can use a proxy.

8. TokCount

You can use the tool to find out the TikTok live follower count, check the followers drop or rise, and get the daily analytics. It allows you to see the likes, following, videos, and followers.

TokCount also allows you to compare users, check the video view count, toggle to a dark theme, and use the android app and iOS apps. It is a great way to check the live followers in real-time.

How To Increase My TikTok Follower Count

Are you wondering how you can grow your TikTok followers? You can try this:

1. Choose a Niche And Audience.

Choose a Niche And Audience

If you want to increase your TikTok followers, you need to identify your target audience and produce the same kind of content that they would love to watch. Also, while on it, try to leverage the latest TikTok trends.

Let’s say that there is a new challenge; you can try to make videos emulating the challenge. This will create more people to follow you and see what you offer.

2. Be an Education Hub

People love learning new stuff, and if you consider getting educational content, you can easily garner new followers, especially if you teach people in a fun way and use the right TikTok hashtags effectively.

This will make it easy for people to get your content.  You can also consider cross-promoting your videos on different platforms to ensure more people can access them.

3. Regular Posting

tiktok post


Based on your target audience, consider posting when you think they will be using their phones. This is because if you post during break hours at 1 pm, 10 am, or in the evening, the chances are that more people will watch because of their flexibility.

You can also have dance videos that many people love watching. Ensure you have good content that will garner you many video views.

4. Consult or emulate other TikTok creators.

Also, you can try to engage with other TikTok creators and learn what they do to increase their follower count.

You can even check how they produce or promote their content to reach a level like theirs. Also, remember to use user-generated content.

5. Use a growth tool

Use a growth tool

Some TikTok growth tools are available. You can use them to increase your following at ease. You can also use a good specialized TikTok tool to add more followers.

It is also important to include a call to action on what users can do once they're done. You can also have prank videos that can help grow your TikTok following. The growth tool can also be used in other social media networks.

Increase Your TikTok Followers Count.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing apps that can help you to get passive income. You need to have valuable content that people will be willing to watch.

In addition,  focus on a niche and work towards adding more followers through your valuable content. Also, you can check the strategies other content creators are using that make them more popular. The beauty of TikTok is that it can be accessed through a mobile phone.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a TikTok user have fake followers?

Yes, a TikTok account can have fake followers. However, it is not as easy to know as Instagram and Facebook.

However, you will note that the account has strange followers number, people following, and engagement. It will also have an empty bio, low activities, unrealistic comments, and a few original videos.

2. How many followers do I need to make money on TikTok?

You can start earning when you reach 1000 followers. However, to get a good income, it is essential to have over 10,000 followers.

3. How to make money with TikTok

You can earn from being an affiliate to products, advertising, mentions, and other services. Also, you can make it by being a TikTok influencer, selling TikTok accounts, publishing sponsored posts, selling your products, collecting donations, becoming a TikTok consultant, or starting a talent management agency.