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7 Best Tiktok Username Checkers: Check a Username is Taken

Do you want to create a new TikTok account but still struggling to find a catchy username that you can use? It is common to experience the hassle of manually finding a username as it is tiresome, and you can get a name that another user has already taken. Fortunately, we have various TikTok Username Checkers to quickly help you get your desired username. These checkers will suggest an appealing username that you can use and stand out from the rest in the TikTok communities.

TikTok is an online platform where people create and share their stories with much shorter videos than other social media platforms such as Youtube. TikTok has become among the most loved social media networks, with over a billion daily active users. Users use the platform to express themselves through dancing, comedy, singing, cooking, etc. The site is mainly known for its trending challenges connecting people globally. TikTok is considered the most entertaining platform, as people of all races use the platform.

Like other platforms, a username on your TikTok account will help you grow your brand. One should also consider using one username for all their social media accounts for consistency and brand building. Considering the many people using the platform, creating a username that will help sell your brand is challenging. Instead of creating a TikTok account only to find out that the username is taken, you can use a TikTok name checker online tool to confirm if the username is available.

1. .inc Domains Username Checker

.inc Domains Username Checker

.inc DOMAINS is a free online tool that lets you check the availability of a username on different social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and Twitch. To use the platform, enter your preferred username in the search box and press the search button. It immediately tells you the availability of the username on the different social media platforms.

If the username is available, it displays the word ‘available' and allows you to go ahead and register. If it's not available, it says, ‘not available. Inc Domains name checker is easy to use, fast, and secure. No registration or sign-up is required to access the website, as one can access the site for free.

2. Media Mister Username Checker

Media Mister Username Checker

Media Mister is a TikTok username checker that helps new users to check for the availability of secure usernames that can be used on TikTok. This platform instantaneously checks the availability of a TikTok username in real time on a 24/7 basis. Checking the availability of a username on this site is very easy. First, enter the desired username to check the “Enter TikTok name idea” search box. Secondly, you tick the “I'm not a robot” verification to verify if you are a human or a robot so that they can eliminate any bots visiting this site. Lastly, press the “check availability” button and await the results.

If the TikTok username is available, you will be notified that the username is available for use in green. If it is unavailable, it will notify you that the username you entered is not in red. You can also press the “Monitor now” button to notify when the username is available. Media Mister is free to use with no ads and no registration required.

3. CheckUser


Checkuser is a tool that allows one to check the availability of a username on over 70 social media platforms. It is designed to help individuals or business people quickly check and find perfect usernames to grow their accounts, brands, or businesses.

To check a username availability, enter the username into the search bar and press the “check availability” button. If the username is available, it will simply display “available.” If not, it will prompt a message saying “unavailable” across multiple social media platforms. CheckUser provides detailed information about a username and gives you a register option. This site is easy to use and free without any registration or personal information required.

4. Brandsnag TikTok Username Checker

Brandsnag TikTok Username Checker

Brandsnag is a social media username checker that checks the availability of a username on different platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your social media username gives an impression about yourself or your brand, so you need a perfect username. Due to the high number of active users on the TikTok platform, getting an outstanding username for your TikTok account can be challenging and tiresome.

To make your work easier in looking for an ideal username, use the Brandsnag TikTok username checker, which can get you the perfect TikTok username. Using Brandsnag saves a lot of time by quickly finding available TikTok usernames based on your interests, eliminating the need for manual typing and avoiding potential rejection in TikTok.

5. Analyzeid


If you are seeking a perfect platform that can assist you in getting an ideal username, consider using an analyzed TikTok username checker. So, if you are planning to open a new TikTok account, you need to have a perfect name that is catchy and appealing to other TikTok users. To save time in coming up with an ideal TikTok username, you can input that desired username on the search bar and hit the button to check the available usernames on the TikTok database.

The best thing when using this site is that you can explore various creative usernames until you find the one that best represents your  TikTok account. Therefore to attract more followers, opt for a simple username that stands out from the rest of the users.

6. NameCheckup


Namecheckup is a standard ultimate tool for username handles across various social media platforms. When you use Namecheckup, you can quickly determine if your preferred username is available on TikTok. The platform has a simple user interface that is hassle-free for any user and can check the availability of your desired username and ensure consistency of the name across your online platforms.

So if you are new to TikTok or want to open a new account, consider Namecheckup, and you will only need to enter your desired username and hit the search button; within seconds, you will receive a comprehensive list of social media platforms where your username is available and those taken. To differentiate which username is available or taken, you will identify the username which is available by green while. For those taken, usernames will be dimmed. The good thing about using Namecheckup is that it is completely free, making it accessible to everyone seeking to establish a consistent online identity.

7. GitHub TikTok Username Checker

GitHub TikTok Username Checker

Another TikTok username checker we can use is a powerful TikTok username checker program hosted on github and designed by a talented programmer. If you are a tech person, you can easily understand this platform because it is an ingenious tool that allows users to verify the availability status of TikTok usernames effortlessly. The program generates two essential text files, “usernames.txt” and “available.txt'. Follow these straightforward steps to check for the availability of a username.

Step 1: List all the usernames you wish to check in the “usernames.txt” file, with each username on a separate line.

Step 2: Proceed to execute the program to initiate the comprehensive username-checking process.

Step 3: With some time, the program will display a clear list of all available and taken usernames directly in the console.

Step 4: The program will automatically save the usernames in the “available.txt” file for future reference.

One thing to note about this program is that it doesn't check usernames with more than 24 characters as they exceed TikTok character requirements.

Tips for Choosing a Cathy and Unique TikTok Username

Tips for Choosing a Cathy and Unique TikTok Username

Even though we have these several TikTok username checkers that ease our work in finding an awesome username available for use, we also need to come up with some suggestions to make the username we want. Here are some additional tips for choosing an excellent and unique TikTok username.

  • Make it short and memorable.
  • Ensure it is easy to remember.
  • Limit the use of unique numbers or letters.
  • Use an appropriate and non-offensive username.
  • Consider selecting a name that will describe more on your content or brand.
  • Do not rush picking a username.


Q. What is a TikTok username checker?

TikTok username checker is a tool that helps check whether a username is available on TikTok. One can use a TikTok username checker when they are trying to create a new TikTok account or when changing their current username on TikTok.

Q. How does a TikTok username checker work?

To understand how a TikTok username checker works, it queries the TikTok API to see if the username you have entered is available. If the username entered is available, the checker will automatically return a message saying so. If the username is not available, meaning it is taken, it will also return a message saying the username is taken.

Q. Why does the available username doesn't look the same as the name entered in the TikTok name Checker?

This often happens due to entering special characters in the usernames. Names that contain symbols are believed to be hard, and many social media platforms have strict rules about what characters are allowed. Therefore social media platforms will remove those characters before checking the availability of the username. This is why the available name may not look the same as what you have added.

Q. Are there any limitations to using a TikTok username checker?

Yes, they are several limitations you may encounter while using a TikTok username checker. Some limitations you may experience are that some checkers may not allow you to check a certain number of usernames daily. Also, some checkers may be unable to check the availability of all usernames since some may be reserved for TikTok celebrities or brands.

Q. Why should a user use the TikTok username checker?

It helps new and existing users to avoid the hassle and timewasting in a bid to search usernames manually and to find out the name is already taken. Using a TikTok username checker will be quick and easy to check your preferred name and get ideas of other names you can use.

Q. Should my TikTok username be the same for other social media platforms?

Using your TikTok username on other social media platforms is not compulsory, but some advantages come with it. These are some reasons you might want to use the same username on all your social media platforms.

  • It helps sell out your brand as it has become part of your company's identity and enables you to communicate online or offline on all marketing materials.
  • You look more professional. A client will be more convinced if you have the same username on social media platforms.
  • Saves your followers confusion. If your account is a business account, your customers will have easy access to you.
  • Protects your image. If a scammer pretends to be you, they cannot dupe your followers as your username is already taken, and your social media handles are safe.
  • Your followers expect it. When followers see your TikTok username, they will assume it is the same username on all your social media platforms. Using the same username on all your social media channels is good to avoid disappointing your followers and risking your brand.


For any new user who wants to create a new TikTok account, you must be strategic in creating a hot name that fits your profile. We have discussed some of the best TikTok username checkers that you can use to find if your desired username is available. These checkers are free for any user, and they are easy to use while operating. Therefore if you want to save time and have an effortless commitment to searching for a great name, consider using those checkers.