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Top 15 TikTokers with OnlyFans You Should Not Miss

OnlyFans and TickTok have become the biggest platforms of the new age. The new platforms have introduced us to a new wave of content creators challenging age-old entertainment conventions. But who are the top 15 TikTokers making the most waves on the subscription-based platform OnlyFans?  Read on to find out.

Nowadays, everyone is on TikTok. With TikTok, you get all the latest trends with musical dances, lip-syncing, and funny skits. One downside to TikTok is its strict policy on nudity and sexual-themed content. This is why some famous TikTokers have an OnlyFans account for fans who want to see their favorite  TikTokers in a more provocative light.

So, who are the top 15 TikTokers with an OnlyFans account? This post covers the 15 hottest, cutest, and funniest TikTokers with an  OnlyFans account. Learn who these influencers are — you won't be disappointed!

Name Tiktok homepage Onlyfans homepage
Paige Bauer Tiktok OnlyFans
Mia Khalifa Tiktok OnlyFans
Lauren Elizabeth Tiktok OnlyFans
Olivia Tiktok OnlyFans
Thewildwithyou! Tiktok OnlyFans
Kaya Tiktok OnlyFans
Jacki Tiktok OnlyFans
Strawberry Kisses Tiktok OnlyFans
Coconut Kitty Tiktok OnlyFans
Sedona Sky Tiktok OnlyFans
Bronte Tiktok OnlyFans
Summer Brookes Tiktok OnlyFans
Belle Delphine Tiktok OnlyFans
Corinna Kopf Tiktok OnlyFans
Tana Mongeau Tiktok OnlyFans

1. Paige Bauer (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Paige Bauer TIKTOK

Attribute Value
Age 30 years old
Location Birmingham, Alabama
Height 5 feet 3 inches

Paige Bauer has established herself as one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account. Hailing from Alabama, USA, Paige's popularity on TikTok is evident, with over 270K likes and 74K followers. Known for her tattooed skin, she captivates her audience with alluring content and diverse topics such as fishing and life discussions.

On OnlyFans, Paige treats her subscribers to a treasure trove of content, boasting approximately 190 videos and over 1.2K photos. While her profile is free to access, exclusive and often X-rated content is available for a fee ranging from $20 to $45. Follow and subscribe to Paige Bauer for an alluring blend of TikTok charisma and captivating OnlyFans content.

Key Stats:

  • 270K likes on TikTok
  • 74K followers on TikTok
  • Approximately 190 videos and over 1.2K photos on OnlyFans
  • Exclusive and X-rated content is available for a fee, ranging from $20 to $45

2. Mia Khalifa (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Mia Khalifa

Attribute Value
Age 30 years old
Nationality Lebanese-American
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 55 kg (121 lbs)
Measurements 40-26-36 inches
Bra Size 34E
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

Mia Khalifa stands as one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, capturing the attention of millions with her captivating content. Boasting an impressive following of over 32 million on TikTok, Khalifa distinguishes herself from other OnlyFans creators by offering a unique blend of tasteful and enticing material. While her former profession might suggest explicit content, her OnlyFans account focuses on safe and enticing work for loyal subscribers.

For a monthly fee of $11.99, users gain access to Khalifa's exclusive content, empowering her to reclaim control over her narrative. By sharing only photos and videos that bring her personal joy, Mia Khalifa offers an appealing and enticing experience worth following and subscribing to.

Key Stats:

  • 32 million followers on TikTok
  • OnlyFans account with exclusive content
  • Charges $11.99 per month for a subscription

3. Lauren Elizabeth (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Lauren Elizabeth

Attribute Value
Age 29 years old
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs)
Measurements 34-27-35 inches
Bra Size 34C
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown

Lauren Elizabeth has established herself as one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, captivating audiences with her British-bred charm and captivating blonde beauty. With 121K likes and 51K followers on TikTok, she showcases her alluring persona through countless winking and smiling posts while sharing her passion for fitness.

Her 3.9K posts and 1.47 million likes on OnlyFans exemplify her popularity in the exclusive content realm, where she offers subscribers unlimited access to her enticing profile for a subscription fee of $20, often accompanied by a generous 7-day trial period.

Key Stats:

  • Over 121K likes on TikTok
  • 51K followers on TikTok
  • Over 1.4 million likes on OnlyFans

4. Olivia (Tiktok, OnlyFans)


Attribute Value
Age 39 years old
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 52 kg (115 lbs)
Measurements 33-27-32 inches
Bra Size 32B
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dyed Brown

Olivia has emerged as one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, captivating audiences with her unique blend of fitness and explicit content. She has built a substantial fan base with 545K likes and 85K followers on TikTok.

Olivia's commitment to her followers is commendable, as she uploads three posts daily, ensuring a consistent stream of engaging content. Her willingness to push boundaries sets her apart, as she collaborates with other TikTokers to create X-rated content that adds an exciting twist to her profile.

On her OnlyFans account, Olivia entices subscribers with a 14-day trial period, followed by a $4.99 monthly subscription fee. With over 1,600 videos and 975K likes, her OnlyFans page offers a treasure trove of explicit content that is both delightful and awe-inspiring. Follow and subscribe to Olivia for an exhilarating journey blending fitness and sensuality.

Key Stats:

  • Over 545K likes, 85K followers, three daily posts on TikTok
  • Over 1,600+ videos on OnlyFans
  • Over 975K likes on OnlyFans

5. Thewildwithyou! (Tiktok, OnlyFans)


Thewildwithyou! has emerged as one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, captivating audiences with their unique blend of fitness, travel, and intimate content. Hailing from Mexico and with a military background, this adventurous couple has swiftly amassed a substantial following on TikTok, thanks to their captivating videos showcasing their love for fitness and their shared experiences while traveling.

Their OnlyFans account offers a tantalizing glimpse into their intimate moments, catering to those seeking explicit content. Moreover, the couple's podcast delves into various topics such as travel, marriage, and more. If you're drawn to content featuring individuals from different races, Thewildwithyou's OnlyFans page is an enticing choice.

Key Stats:

  • 7 K likes on TikTok
  • Over 5000 followers on TikTok
  • Over 49 K likes on OnlyFans

6. Kaya (Tiktok, OnlyFans)


Kaya has quickly risen to become one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, captivating her audience with her stunning beauty and magnetic presence. Despite being relatively new to TikTok, Kaya has amassed an impressive following of over 15K and garnered 65K likes on her account.

Notably, Kaya's TikTok account stands out due to her consistent engagement, as she diligently follows back her fans. While her TikTok content may feature seductive moves, her OnlyFans account truly offers a deeper connection.

By subscribing for a fee of $7.50, followers gain access to Kaya's latest exclusive content, including virtual sex chats, live chats, messaging, and intimate conversations, with Kaya's willingness to explore within her comfort zone, following and subscribing to her promises an engaging and personalized experience.

Key Stats:

  • Over 15K followers, 65K likes on TikTok
  • $7.50 subscription fee on OnlyFans
  • 9 billion views on TikTok

7. Jacki (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Jacki xoojacki

Jacki has earned her place among the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, boasting an impressive 3.8 million likes and 803K followers on TikTok. Her captivating content ranges from exploring stunning beaches to showcasing vibrant cities, all while flaunting her fashionista status with the latest top-notch bikinis.

For those seeking even more exclusive content, Jacki's OnlyFans account awaits, requiring a $10 monthly subscription fee. There, subscribers can access 50 enticing videos and over 250 tantalizing photos. With over 30K likes on her OnlyFans profile, Jacki's presence on both platforms promises a captivating experience worth following and subscribing to.

Key Stats:

  • Over 3.8 million likes and 803K followers on TikTok
  • Subscription fee: $10 per month on OnlyFans
  • Over 30K likes on her profile on OnlyFans

8. Strawberry Kisses (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Strawberry Kisses

Strawberry Kisses has quickly risen to become one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account. At just 22 years old, this student has already garnered over 40K fans on OnlyFans and 8K followers on TikTok within a span of only seven months. Her engaging and entertaining content on both platforms attracts fans who appreciate her great videos and images.

Beyond her gaming, hiking, and painting hobbies, Strawberry Kisses also displays her remarkable dance skills on TikTok. For those seeking a more intimate experience, her OnlyFans account offers the best choice for admirers of redheads and petite women.

Key Stats:

  • Over 40K fans on OnlyFans.
  • Roughly 8K followers on TikTok.
  • 4 million views on TikTok

9. Coconut Kitty (Tiktok,OnlyFans)

Coconut Kitty

Coconut Kitty has skyrocketed to the pinnacle of TikTok stardom while captivating audiences with her unique blend of artistry and tantalizing content. With over 1.3 million followers, this rising sensation has made a swift ascent to prominence despite her relatively short time on the platform. Beyond her captivating TikTok presence, Coconut Kitty showcases her talent as a photographer and weaves fascinating erotic tales on her renowned OnlyFans account.

With an impressive 1.66 million likes and 3.6K posts on OnlyFans, subscribing to Coconut Kitty's $10.99 monthly membership offers unlimited access to a world of provocative and artistic expression, making her a must-follow for those seeking an enticing escape.

Key Stats:

  • Over 1.3 million followers on TikTok
  • 66 million likes and 3.6K posts on OnlyFans
  • OnlyFans subscription fee: $10.99 per month

10. Sedona Sky (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Sedona Sky

Sedona Sky has quickly risen to become one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, and three key stats make following/subscribing to her a worthwhile choice. First, her TikTok content, although new, has already captivated a global audience with her fun-filled videos, attracting fans from far and wide. Second, Sedona's photos and videos on TikTok predominantly showcase her “mean” side, offering viewers a unique and engaging perspective.

Finally, her OnlyFans account presents a tantalizing array of mature content, including solo, girl-on-girl, and boy-on-girl scenes, ensuring subscribers' diverse and exciting experiences. With a modest monthly fee of $5, Sedona Sky's TikTok and OnlyFans accounts provide an enticing combination of entertainment and adult content worth exploring.

Key Stats:

  • Over 71,000 followers on TikTok
  • 1092 videos on TikTok
  • Over 400,000 likes on OnlyFans

11. Bronte (Tiktok, OnlyFans)


Bronte has risen to the top as one of the most popular TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, capturing the attention of many with her captivating personality and charm. With over 12.7K followers on TikTok, Bronte consistently shares entertaining content, ensuring her fans are always entertained.

On her OnlyFans account, she embraces her adventurous side, describing herself as someone with a high sex drive and an affinity for fetishes. Her 3.5K posts have amassed an impressive 639K likes, showcasing the enthusiasm her content generates. With a focus on solo acts, Bronte's OnlyFans offers a tantalizing glimpse into her world.

For the affordable price of $9 per month, subscribing to her OnlyFans unlocks a plethora of exclusive and enticing content. Whether you're drawn to her witty TikTok presence or intrigued by her provocative OnlyFans offerings, following and subscribing to Bronte is a choice that promises both amusement and titillation.

Key Stats:

  • Over 12.7K followers on TikTok
  • Over 639K likes on OnlyFans
  • OnlyFans monthly subscription fee of $9

12. Summer Brookes (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Summer Brookes

Summer Brookes is undeniably one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, and her popularity is well-deserved. With 245K likes and 43K followers on TikTok, she captivates her audience with enticing reviews of lingerie and beachwear.

However, it is on her OnlyFans account where Summer truly shines. With 507 posts and an impressive 348K likes, she offers diverse content, including girl-on-girl and solo performances.

For just $7.99 per month, subscribers gain unlimited access to this captivating world, and many attest that the price is well worth the exceptional experience. Follow and subscribe to Summer Brookes for a tantalizing journey that seamlessly combines the allure of TikTok with the captivating intimacy of OnlyFans.

Key Stats

  • Over 245K likes on TikTok
  • Over 500 Posts on OnlyFans
  • Over 300K likes on OnlyFans

13. Belle Delphine (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine has emerged as one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, captivating audiences with her seductive TikToks and igniting conversations with her provocative content. She has garnered a massive following on both platforms and has carved a niche for herself, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

Despite facing criticism, Belle Delphine's ability to monetize her distinctive entertainment brand has solidified her status as a symbol of the burgeoning trend of TikTokers embracing OnlyFans, while simultaneously captivating the internet with her unapologetic and controversial persona.

Key Stats:

  • Monthly subscription of $35 on OnlyFans
  • Over 4000 uploads on Images
  • Over 400,000 Likes on OnlyFans

14. Corinna Kopf (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf, a renowned American social media influencer, has secured her position as one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account. With a substantial following on both platforms, Corinna's rise to fame can be attributed to her mesmerizing presence. Her enticing TikToks, featuring seductive dance moves and captivating beauty, garnered instant attention and propelled her to stardom.

As her popularity soared, Corinna recognized the opportunity to expand her online presence and ventured into the realm of OnlyFans. Her alluring content attracted a large and devoted fanbase, eager to indulge in more of her captivating offerings.

Key Stats:

  • Over 4.7 million subscribers on TikTok
  • Over 130,000 totals subs on OnlyFans
  • Over 40 Million likes on TikTok

15. Tana Mongeau (Tiktok, OnlyFans)

Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau stands out as one of the top TikTok stars with an OnlyFans account, captivating audiences with her vibrant personality and boundary-pushing content. As a renowned American YouTuber and social media influencer, Tana has garnered a massive following, cementing her status as one of the internet's most captivating figures.

With millions of followers across various platforms, Tana's popularity thrives due to her cheerful demeanor and ability to challenge social norms on TikTok and entice subscribers on OnlyFans.

Key Stats:

  • Over 610 posts on OnlyFans
  • Over 530,000 likes on OnlyFans
  • Over 460 Million likes on TikTok

Bottom Line

There you go! Fifteen of the best  TikTokers with an OnlyFans account are waiting to be explored! All these stars offer different content and experiences, so make sure to take a look and find the account that fits your personal goals.

We recommend starting with the TikTok accounts and assessing what kind of content they offer, and if you like it, you might as well check out their OnlyFans account and see all the extra perks it provides.